The Sword Dynasty

520 Killing the Stone

The Lingxu Mountain in the morning light seemed to be completely unaffected by the outside winter, and even occasionally sounded several insects.

This mountain is also peculiar. Before several dynasties, it was a jade mountain producing jade.

After several generations of carving, the jade was hollowed out, and there should have been barren pits everywhere, as desolate as many quarries.

However, due to chance, the mountain became the gate of Jianzong Mountain after barrenness. Some craftsmen guided by the situation and carefully arranged it, but the mountain was changed because of this, and the winding path was quiet, like the exquisite garden of the southern gate valve.

An Baoshi walked across a cliff with a particularly satisfied look on his face.

Below this cliff is a red maple forest, and the cliff is covered with yellow vines. Between the vines, you can clearly see that the color of the rock is gray and white, with a layer of water-like fluorescence .

There are many holes left by the mining on the cliff. After years, even the hole is covered with vines, like the intestines of giant monsters.

Turning over this cliff, there is a quiet valley.

The ordinary green pine grows in the valley. Among the huge green pine that can be held by several people, a stone temple is built in the lower part of the valley.

The stone hall is much lower than the green pine, and the appearance looks ordinary except for tranquility. However, even if you have entered the stone hall once, when you think of the decoration and layout in the stone hall and the outside are very different. Bouldering is still heartbeat, unable to maintain calm.

This seemingly ordinary stone temple has no holes in it. Every piece of wall is inlaid with countless beautiful jade and treasures. The natural bright colors are beyond the scope of any word in the world.

Even every step and walkway inside is filled with all kinds of gold iron and spirit bones, without any extra accessories, it is extremely complicated and expensive.

When wealth accumulates to a certain degree, it will naturally have a vision.

Even the sudden outbreak of rich and rival merchants in Guanzhong, it is absolutely impossible to make treasures into walls, into walkways, and inlaid in every corner.

Lingxu Jianmen is naturally impossible to do such a vulgar thing.

For the Lingxu sword gate, this stone temple is just a warehouse.

It can be used to refine jade and fine gold of mortal objects or swords, can be used to refine the spirit bones of immortality, cherish medicinal materials... This is randomly embedded on the walls and roads, just to show that the spirit of the sword Sex.

The only thing in this stone temple that really makes the most important people in the highest position of the Spiritual Sword Gate is the void.

The Void Realm is just a vague name. The specific description is that there is a strange mirror-like light in the depth of this stone temple.

This light is not formed by the refraction of any light source, but the distortion of many channels of heaven and earth vitality, like a gap in the void, and also like a gate to an unknown place.

Standing inside this piece of light and looking inward, you can see a long black river inside.

Occasionally, water splashed out of this light, forming a pool below.

The water in this pool is also black, which has an amazing effect on Pei Yuan of the mortal creature.

This pool is the sword washing pool of the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate.

In countless years in the past, only the Sovereign of the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate was qualified to enter the depths of this stone temple and use the power of this sword-washing pool.

The main skill of the Spiritual Void Sword Gate was originally the Void Dharma. The Void Dharma could not get a glimpse of the path. It is simply unimaginable for ordinary practitioners. However, for An Baoshi, the basic truth is studied. But it is extremely simple, but it is just the predecessor of the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate, forcibly opened up a passage to somewhere with an amazing sword, and then used the formation method to lead the world and maintain its vitality.

So the Heihe River seems to be right behind that piece of light, but in reality it may be in the infinite distance, it may be in the cold starry sky that the world can't reach at all, or it may be deep in the earth's center.

There is a circulation channel for heaven and earth vitality. The predecessors of Lingxu Jianmen only forcibly reversed and established a passageway for Yuanqi flow, so that the heaven and earth vitality in the space where the Heihe River is located can flow directly into the sword wash pool.

The basic truth is not difficult to understand, but the difficulty is to understand the means of forming the bright sword and guiding the world to maintain the general void of this door.

It's just that it's too far for An Baoshi.

If you can understand that mysterious, it is a sword to bring out a small world, at least eight realms, or close to the legendary nine realms.

Being able to use the sword wash pool, he was already extremely satisfied.

When he entered the stone temple last time, with the talents far exceeding those of Changling's other talents, he had already selected a beautiful jade as a sword in the stone temple where the treasures accumulated, and he became a mortal creature.

This beautiful jade was produced in the former Lingxu Mountain and is the most central chalcedony in this mountain.

The most powerful mortal object is not the amazing material itself, but the most consistent.

His sect was here, and the exercises he practiced were derived from it, which was most consistent with the vitality of this chalcedony.

After only one time of hardening in the sword-washing pool, the jade sword exuding pale fluorescence that quietly rested in his qi sea at this moment has overcome the hardships of ordinary practitioners for several years.

Gu Huai is his master.

Gu Huai himself taught him the amazing talents of self-cultivation, and Jing Liuli is also known as the two monsters of the generation of practitioners in Changling.He also respected Gu Huai naturally.

However, at this time Gu Huai was dead, but he couldn't help but think that maybe Gu Huai became the master of the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate at the cost of betraying that man, also because of this void realm and the sword wash pool.

The Nether Realm represents the supreme means of the Eight Realms, and it allows practitioners like Gu Huai to perceive the possibility of breaking through the situation and ascending the Eight Realms.

Sword pond water smelting once is equivalent to several years of hard work for ordinary practitioners to refine their mortal creatures. The sword mountain sword is so huge, I am afraid that it can only use the sword pond to achieve amazing achievements.

Even a person like Gu Huai had to pay a lot of money to enter this place in order to use the sword wash pool, but he could only get here by virtue of his talent.

An Baoshi thought so.

He is very young.

Young and extremely talented, especially in Changling, he surpassed Jingliu. The Ding Ning, who faintly made him feel dangerous, was dead again. He was naturally proud and naturally satisfied.

He walked through the pine forest to the gate of the stone palace.

A disciple of Lingxu Jianmen, who is about his age, is already waiting in front of the door.

This disciple of Lingxian Jianmen was also a teenager, looking a little thin, and looked at An Baoshi with awe and respect.

His hands were cautiously carrying a medicine bowl.

An Baoshi did not say anything. He took the medicine bowl from his hand and drank it, but his brows were wrinkled.

"Senior Brother Zeng, this kind of medicinal soup must be slightly scalded in order to have the maximum medicinal power. This requires you to be brought to me within thirty-seven breaths. What you need to control is that this medicine is taken out and delivered By the time in front of me. Your spiritual talent is already very poor. Even simple things like this can't be done well. What can you achieve?"

He looked down at this disciple of Lingxu Jianmen, sneered and said mercilessly.

The boy, whom he called Brother Zeng, shook his hands when his eyebrows were frowning. At this time, the blood on his face faded suddenly and his face became snow-white.

An Baoshi didn't care about his emotions, and threw the medicine bowl back into his hands coldly, and was ready to enter the hall.

At this moment, he smelled a clear bloody gas.

Huo Ran turned around and saw a middle-aged man walking in the pine forest behind him that he had never seen before.

The robe in front of the dispersing man has been stained with blood, and there is a terrible wound near the left chest and heart. The wound is bound by the dispersing man with his own vitality.The flesh shrinks slowly, and even the blood no longer flows.

Having suffered such a terrible injury, he can heal itself in real terms, which represents a terrible state.

An Baoshi froze and could not help but salute and asked, "Sir, are you?"

Distributing the men's first bow ceremony, said lightly: "Qi Jinshan."

This is a very common name.

However, it fell like thunder to the ears of An Baoshi and the other disciples of Lingxu Jianmen.

"Uncle Qi?"

An Baoshi made an incredible sound.

The distributing man nodded and said, "Yes, I will kill you."