The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 521 Qi Zong

At this time, An Baoshi's emotion was dazed for the first time.

Even though he knew the other party’s identity and how powerful the other party was at this time, it was extremely simple to kill himself, but the emotion that occupied his heart for the first time at this moment was very dazed.

His emotions at this time are difficult to describe in words.

In the past, Gu Huai entered the Confucian Sword Gate as a practitioner of the Bashan Sword Field and became the lord of the Confucian Sword Gate. There are six people in the Confucian Sword Gate who have the opportunity to become the lord of the Confucian Sword Gate regardless of their cultivation or reputation. .

Except that one of them followed Wang Jingmeng and died in Changling, the other five people had supreme status in Lingxu Jianmen even after Gu Huai became the suzerain. "To call it.

This is the five cases of Lingxu Jianmen.

Compared with the suzerain, there is only one less main word, which means that although it does not control the specific affairs of the sect, it has an infinitely close status to the sect.

For example, in Qi Jinshan, the rest of the disciples of Lingxu Jianmen need to call him Qi Zong.

An Baoshi only called him a teacher because of his special status as a teacher of Gu Huai.

However, most of the five cases were originally hidden, especially the Qi Zong, who practiced overseas before the Changling Rebellion. After Gu Huai became the suzerain, he returned to the mountain, but he could not close the door, let alone he, Even the last generation of practitioners who have practiced for more than ten years in the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate have never seen this "Qi Zong".

With his talents, An Baoshi confessed that he has become the next generation suzerain of Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate. He even believes that in the future, Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate will be moved to a higher position in the world. proud.

Before breathing a few times, he was still full of enthusiasm, intuition that he reached the highest end, but now, this never-before-born Qi Zong came to him, but said he would kill him.

The confusion caused by this extreme drop made his daze even more than fear.


He looked at the wound at Qi Zong's heart and the blood on his shirt that had not dried up completely, and began to understand that the other party could come here, which meant that no one could stop the other party from killing himself, but his heart was more at a loss. "How could this be?" He said subconsciously again.

"In the past few decades, you have not seen me, but I have seen you many times."

Qi Jinshan looked at him quietly and said: "You are too close to her, too similar, you can't be the master of the Spiritual Sword Gate, but I know she will not give up, and you will never give up."

"Why should I give up?"

An Baoshi suddenly understood and became angry, "This is just a dispute between you and her, why should it be imposed on me? And is it not my gift to be the master of the Spiritual Sword Gate?"

He actually didn't finish this sentence.

His next sentence is, "Anyone besides me, who enters the country faster than my practice, who is higher than my future cultivation, and who is more worthy of me than the spiritual sword sword metropolitan?"

"Whether you can become a suzerain has nothing to do with the future, it is about the present." The reason why he didn't finish it is because Qi Jinshan has said such a thing calmly, just as he predicted his next sentence directly in advance.

"If you are too confident, you will be proud and too stubborn." Qi Jinshan glanced at the trembling nervous Xujian disciple beside An Baoshi, and said lightly: "Whether you can become a suzerain is about virtue and human nature. "

"What are your qualifications to judge my virtue?"

An Baoshi's hands clenched fists tightly. He felt humiliated and yelled like this, but his body was quickly cold because he responded that the other party did have such qualifications.

The other party was originally Qi Zong, and his identity and suzerain were almost the same. Now that Gu Huai is dead, he hasn't really taken the throne, then the other party is now one of the highest-ranking people in the Spiritual Void Sword Gate.

The most important thing is that the opponent can formally appear here and calmly say that he will kill him. This represents the will of the opponent and has won the battle with the rest.

"Am I really going to die like this?"

An Baoshi raised his head and looked at Qi Jinshan's calm eyes, but his eyes suddenly became very fanatical. "I'm not reconciled. The wine shop boy who won the first place with Minshan Jian will be dead. Liuli was also defeated by me. In the future, I will be the first person in Changling and the first person in the entire Great Qin Dynasty. How can I be willing to die like this?"

Qi Jinshan waited for him to finish.

When the last sound of An Baoshi was exported, he gave him a serious look.

Just at a glance, a pure and magnificent breath rolled the countless heaven and earth vitality in the void, turned into a sword intention, and pierced the chest of An Baoshi.

People like him can't understand what ordinary people do, and they don't need to explain anything to others.

Such a dialogue with An Baoshi is actually only the final confirmation, and see if the mind of An Baoshi will change.

In a sense, this is the last chance he gave Ambrosia.

Especially at this time, after he felt the killing intention of An Baoshi, he no longer hesitated.

Relative to the realm of An Bao Shi, he is like a real fairy demon, and fast track can even predict what An Bao Shi will do in the next moment.

An Baoshi's killing intention did not fall on him, but instead fell on the disciple of the Spiritual Xujianmen beside him who was holding a medicine bowl and didn't know what to do with himself.

An Baoshi's hand fell on the waist of the disciples of the spirit Xujianmen.

A sword intention has been generated since then.

The disciples of the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate hadn’t reacted yet, and they felt that an overbearing true element poured into the body, and then the next moment, he became a sword, a sword in the hands of An Baoshi, toward Qi Jinshan.” "Thorn" in the past.

Looking at this disciple of Lingxu Jianmen flying towards him, Qi Jinshan's face did not change.

He knew that An Baoshi naturally did not dare to expect this sword to pose any threat to him, but just wanted to delay the moment with the life and death of this disciple.

But since he had a hunch, it was naturally impossible for An Baoshi to succeed.

He stretched out his hand slowly and put his palm up in front of him.

The head of the disciples of Lingxu Jianmen, whose body was full of violent real elements, hit his palm, but did not feel any impact of power, as if he had fallen into a soft, cotton-like void.

In the next moment, he realized that he had stood well in front of Qi Jinshan, and the violent real element in his body disappeared, and Qi Jinshan's palm was just a fairy touched on the top of his head, and had not been retracted.

The sword, which spawned out of thin air and pierced the chest of Ambassador, fell on Ambassador's chest without any delay.

An Baoshi's body flew frantically towards the rear.

His body had knocked open the door of the false cover, and flew into the luxurious and aristocratic passage at the rear, feeling the presence of the sword of Perran Moyu. His eyes were full of horror, and his face was completely white.

The moment the sword intention penetrated into his body, the sea of ​​gas inside him exploded, pushing the life sword at a speed that he could never reach on weekdays.

A pale white jade sword appeared on his chest.

A crackling sound.

This beautiful jade sword was smashed directly.

An Baoshi felt that his chest was hit by countless boulders and vomited a large amount of blood. His eyes were filled with a terrified expression, and his entire body suddenly accelerated like a projectile and flew deep into the rear stone temple.

Even the most talented practitioner in Changling, the realm between him and Qi Zong is still unimaginable.

The other party just arbitrarily hit him, and he completely destroyed his just-born sword, and destroyed most of his vitality, causing unimaginable heavy damage.

Even if the opponent no longer shoots, such injuries can't be treated, he will probably die.

However, he was still unwilling.

Between flicking backwards, he still stubbornly and almost violently reached out, grabbing two pieces of extremely violent elixir on the ground twice, and then shot it in his mouth. The clump of elixir shot into the belly, and then accompanied by a howling of pain like a beast, he forcibly twisted his body and rushed towards the inside of the sword pool.