The Sword Dynasty

522 Fifteen years

It was just a random blow that shattered his natal sword and caused him a fatal blow. Naturally, An Baoshi knew that his only hope was in the void behind the sword pool.

For normal practitioners, the void is full of countless terrible unknowns.

Whatever the unknown place of the Heihe River in the void territory is not counted, it is the seemingly simple mirror-like light and shadow, which contains the danger that the seven realms will not dare to try, and no one knows to contact that After the mirror-like light and shadow, will it easily pass through, or will it be torn into countless flesh and blood by the terrifying strength contained in it, and then fly to many corners of this heaven and earth with various passages of heaven and earth vitality inside.

This is a real broken body, not complete, and this possibility is far more than a safe passage, An Baoshi understood this truth from the beginning, but for him, Qi Zong is too terrible, has caused this It is his only hope of survival.

Qi Jinshan frowned slightly.

The moment his hand left above the head of the disciples of Lingxian Jianmen, his entire person had floated into the front hall like a ray of heaven and earth without any weight.

The gems and elixir inlaid on the walls of the hall, the gold iron and spirit bones on the ground, were shredded by the sharpness he brought up, and then turned into a layer of crystal haze mixed with countless colors, towards the front and died inside. The fleeing ampoule stabbed in the past.

For An Baoshi, it is a random blow. However, for his grandmaster, the real killing intention is full strength, and the sense of randomness can only explain the harmony of the sword.He is more than one big distance away from him but able to resist his sword, not only because of his severely damaged relationship, but also because the strength of An Baoshi has exceeded his expectations.

He naturally understands what Ambrosian wants to do. In these crystal hazes, there is a ray that does not capture the status of Ambrosoid, but purely pursues speed, and his perception is directly separated from it, just according to the position in his memory. Fall in front of the void.

The Void Realm is just a dim and translucent light standing upright out of the sky, without any color, but in the light, there is a big black river flowing vaguely.

However, as this crystal haze landed, this dim and translucent bright front suddenly had hundreds of crystal lines criss-crossing. Each crystal line felt sharp to the extreme, better than the world. The lines carefully crafted by the artisans of the craftsman are still straight.

An Baoshi already smelled the unique breath of the sword wash pool.

He even felt that the real water was about to ripple on his back, but at the same time, there was despair in his eyes.

As the crystal haze flew over his side, his shirt cracked open.

He knew that the other party had sealed his retreat, and the power of this crystal haze was definitely not something he could resist.

A wailing wailing burst out of his mouth.

The moment his body hit the hundreds of crisscross crystal lines, he reversed it forcibly, with his feet as the tip of the sword, and his entire body hit the crystal line like a sword, and at the same time he All the real elements in the body poured out from his hands, and in an instant, his ten fingertips also cracked, the real element was mixed with blood, and his hands were like ten bloody streamers.

These ten bloody streamers flew out actively, crashing into the crystal haze behind them, and at the same time they broke apart, a few pieces of crystal dust were rolled out, hitting those with his toes Above the crystal line.

A loud noise.

The few pieces of crystal dust collided with those thin crystal lines, but they made a roar like a giant ship hitting head-on.

The stone temple shook violently, and the water in the sword-washing pool spattered into the air. The treasures embedded in the stone temple wall fell like rain, and most of them were shattered by powerful forces.

Most of the finely woven crystal threads shattered, but they were not completely broken.

Tens of silks firmly fixed in front of the Nether Realm cut through the soles of Amboshi, and then went up, cut through his qi sea, cut through his body.

An Baoshi's clothes had already shattered, and blood-stained lines suddenly appeared on his fair-skinned skin.

He screamed in pain, and his blood-lined body rushed into the void.

He originally wanted to fight with his feet and even his legs crippled, only to be able to leave half of his life and rush into the void, but his realm is really far away from the other side, even if he uses all means, he can’t break it. The other party's sword gas.

At this time, the sword silk cut through his body from the foot to the head, because it was too slender, too sharp and too fast, so that his physical body did not have real pain at all, but his heart was very clear, these The sword silk cut through his qi sea, cut through his body, and in the next moment, the blood lines on his body would break into terrible wounds, and then his whole person would become a piece of flesh and blood. Come apart.

For him, Ding Ning is dead, and Jing Liuli is defeated in his hands. There is no young talent in the world to resist. Especially under the will of the queen, he is about to succeed the suzerain of the Spiritual Sword Gate.

Falling from this supreme high, and even losing his life in an instant, how can he not hurt?

Amidst the painful screams, his body passed through the dim light.

A few unspeakable forces instantly rolled on his body. In the next moment, he heard numerous sounds of broken glass in his body. When real fear filled his heart, he only felt that his body was elevated. Tossed high, it was like a rock was instantly thrown into the cloud, and then did not fall, and continued to climb up at an alarming speed.

In the next moment, all his consciousness had disappeared.

There was a ripple on the faint light.

Qi Jinshan's tiptoe tapped Jianchi water, already standing in front of this void.

The dozens of silk swords still exist tenaciously, and the scarlet blood flows slowly up the sword silk.

Qi Jinshan was silent.

After this faint light, it was a completely unknown world for him.

After passing through this piece of light, An Baoshi's body disappeared into his field of vision, and after this piece of light, the picture of the Heihe River seemed to be eternal, without any change.

Although these ten silk swords are extremely fine, they contain amazing power. There is no difference between the body being cut by such swords and being cut by dozens of large swords.

The body becomes dozens of segments, and no practitioner can live anymore.

Only failed to see the last body of An Baoshi, but it also made a ripple in his heart.

This is a bad feeling, but a character like him is only a flash like Baiju, not entangled.

At the mountain gate of Lingxu Jianmen, a golden flame was burning in the white mist.

Inside the golden flame was a long sword like a dead wood, the sword of the long sword was held in the woman's hand.

A practitioner wearing a purple robe covered his abdomen and slowly sat down in the pool of blood. He wore a purple jade crown. The purple robe on his body was also a kind of noble purple in the world, like the starlight flowing.

He raised his head hard, and blood continued to fall between his lips and teeth. He smiled bitterly: "I can defeat you at will fifteen years ago, but I can't think you are so strong after fifteen years."

Ji Qingqing, who had a violent breath on his body, lowered his eyelids, listening to the last breath in the throat of this practitioner, and slowly said: "Five years ago, my face was not blooming, you will not use a sword on me, but fifteen Years later? Just because of this bad breath, it's hard to be famous. How can you beat me?"