The Sword Dynasty

525 Alive

This is true despair, or the biggest mockery.

The so-called joy is sad.

The fate of people is often like this. In the most beautiful time, hell is dropped inadvertently.

There was even a bright light in front of An Baoshi's eyes. It was no longer dark, and a particularly bright halo with real temperature landed on him from a high altitude.

He shook his head with all his strength, and finally saw some light and shadow of the mountain vaguely.

It seemed to be a big glacier, with blue and black colors nearby, and indistinct white above. The gullies blown by the gust of wind were like roads leading to the sky.

The place where he is located seems to be a huge lake, and the black water flows around him, flowing slowly.

Although the cultivation is exhausted, the perception that is very different from ordinary people still makes him feel that it is in a very high lake.

However, that is all.

The real is nothing more.

The real cold gradually consumed the vitality brought by the squeeze of vitality in the void. He clearly bet that he won, and his opponent like Qi Zong still escaped his life. However, at this point, he still could not get rid of the final death.

This is the biggest joke God gave him.

But he was helpless.

When the uncontrollable breathing was weak and he felt that the vitality he had finally radiated was completely gone, and he was about to usher in the final death, An Baoshi suddenly thought of that person.

The man with the Bashan sword field invincible all over the world.

The man finally stood on the corpse mountain in Changling, facing the practitioners from all over the world who wanted to put him to death, looking at the last moment of the Changling Palace but a dozen streets and lanes, he could not rush in. Is it also so helpless and desperate?

"It's really useless."

Finally, he suddenly thought of Jing Liuli, crying and laughing, "Living long is useful."

His body is really cold.

Looking down from a very high altitude.

The cold and frightening cloud cloud locked the huge snow mountain.

Among these huge snow-capped mountains, there are many blue mirror-like lakes, and one lake is black.

In the black lake, An Baoshi died quietly.

The stream of water pushed his body, slowly flowing down.

The water flow of this lake follows the mountain, and it does not seem to be any different from the mountain snow melting lakes elsewhere. However, the water of this black lake is with a unique force, a straight force, cutting along the way The riverbed is more eroded than other lakes.

After the mountain fell, I don't know how many feet there were, and there were no glaciers in the high mountains, but there were still large areas of frozen soil.

In the barren wasteland, occasionally see a little activity of white and black, that is a flock of sheep and black yak.

Occasionally, there are nomads walking, and seeing the snow-capped mountains where these gods and men live in the distance, they all look up devotedly.


On another mountain top separated by some unknown distance.

In the sapphire-colored robe, Jingliu did not fear the cold, and gazed quietly at the distant city.

She naturally did not know that the last despair of Amboshi was almost another world. This assassination occurred at the Spiritual Xujian Gate, and it was only at this time that it was introduced into Minshan Jianzong and Changling.

"It was an unexpected assassination."

She came to a high place on the top of the mountain and told Baixu Xuexue of this news. At this time, she couldn't help making such a comment when she gazed at Changling in the distance.

"I don’t know the mood of Zheng Xiu at this time, which just confirms that she wants to add it to Changling practitioners. Any genius means very little to Changling, but Anbao stone may be one of her most important chess pieces in the future. She may not have thought that Bashan Jianchang did nothing, but only some old things have made An Baoshi dead."

Baili Suxue smiled slightly, looking at Jing Liuli's eyes, but there was a strange look, "Changling has too many unexpected, but defeated in the hands of An Baoshi, don't you be too Sorry."

"Don't worry that I was defeated in his hands. Now that he is dead, I can't find him anymore. How this matter will affect my cultivation." Jing Liuli turned around and looked at Baili Suxue, Tao: "I never felt that he was invincible, or even regarded him as my opponent in Changling."

Baili Suxue was slightly startled.

Naturally, he is the person who knows Jing Liuli best, but Jing Liuli's attitude at this time makes him a little difficult to understand.

"My teacher is much more powerful than his teacher." Jing Liuli looked at him and said directly.

Baili Suxue smiled slightly, "When did you learn to flatter?"

Jing Liuli looked at him seriously and said, "I don't mean you."

Baili Suxue froze.

"I mean Ding Ning."

Jing Liuli looked at him, pretending not to see his embarrassment, and said slowly and earnestly, "He taught me too much, so even when he was just defeated by An Baoshi, I didn’t even think that An Baoshi had Too much."

After a pause, she turned to look at the sky in the distance, and then seriously said: "Perhaps there is a comparison, the intuition is clearer, and Ding Ning is too much, his pride and Zhang Kuang are too shallow to compare , So in my mind, the future opponent in Changling can only be Ding Ning, not him."

Baili Suxue nodded and said lightly: "Look high, and naturally stand tall."


Violet Town is a border town close to the border of Qin and Chu.

The closer to the border, the more stringent inspections of past business trips.

A train has stayed at the bay for a long time.

It's not that there is a problem with the customs clearance documents. It's just that Qin Junshou, who is in charge of inspection today, will be Yang Fan. Originally it was some famous lust among the frontiers. Among them, a young woman among a young couple is not only beautiful and tall, with skin as thick as fat, but also as magnificent as a distant mountain.

When Ze Leng returned to Changling in the storm and killed Zhao Jianlu and Zhao Zhan, he said, what kind of heart does a woman want? A chest is enough.

The person who supervised Tian Si naturally dared not pass it on, but afterwards, the dialogue between Shi Si and Zhao Chai had to be reported to the Imperial City without a word. This single sword's killing of Zhao Jianlu's Great Rebellion was Daqin itself. The pride of the dynasty, some things will naturally come out with strong colors, and this sentence will be widely spread.

The convoy was repeatedly interrogated, and all the garrisons at this level knew it, but the defender wanted to see the beautiful woman for a while.

It's just that the frontiers usually work hard, and such beautiful women are also extremely rare, so all the soldiers are also secret music, and no one went to play a round.

In the face of the guard’s gaze of Yang Fan’s unscrupulous look into the chest of Wei An, the beautiful woman was dignified and patient, but the guard would propose to carefully search her husband in the carriage again, the young man who seemed to be suffering from tuberculosis At that time, she was obviously a little impatient.

Her eyebrows were raised slightly, but she smiled instead of being angry, and the smile was like a peach blossoming, warm and bold.

"Or don't pretend."

She did not look at the general who was close to her, but looked at the sick man in the carriage, and said this softly.

Her voice was not loud, but she did not know why, not just the general, but all the people suddenly felt her body stiff.

Most of the time, this glance will subconsciously hold the sword handle on the waist by the side of her chest.

The man in the carriage did not answer, but sighed softly.

The beautiful woman seemed extremely satisfied and smiled sweeter.

"Why are you laughing?"

This side will step back unconsciously, coldly.

"I sang a song in your Changling before, and today you are reluctant to me, I will sing it to you again."

The tall woman said this and raised her head.

In the sky, a drop of crystal water drops fell silently.