The Sword Dynasty

526 Missing Sword

"My generation loves to learn swords and lives in Hantan for ten years..."

The crystal drops of water reflected the side's face that was frightened by the awakening.


The straight sharpness of the black lake was gradually weakened by the riverbed along the way, and the water flow of the lake formed by the glacier meltwater in the mountains became no different, even the strange black disappeared naturally and became absolutely pure. .

The terrain is getting smoother, the snow line disappears, and a large area of ​​frozen soil appears.

This is the pasture in the early summer, but at this time, the grass is not growing, and the cattle and sheep rely on the hay prepared in the summer.

The more difficult the living environment is, the simpler it is to meet the minimum needs for survival, and the more awe it is to the heavens and the earth, and the changes around it are also observed to be more nuanced.

The eyes of a herdsman on the edge of a flock stayed in the sky above a stream in the distance.

He is an ordinary herdsman, and his skin is like dried mulberry bark. Because of the high sun and severe cold on the plateau, it has become a unique sauce purple, accompanied by many traces of frostbite.

There was a group of vultures circling above the sky he looked at. Those vultures circled for a long time, but they never seemed to fall in fear.

Vultures are like gods to the herdsmen in these wastelands. When they appear in large numbers, they are accompanied by the aging and death of souls.

However, this picture is too unusual for him.

First of all, he can be sure that his sheep and herds have not lost any of the cattle and sheep. It is reasonable that in this season, there can be no place to attract a large number of vultures.

The most important thing is that the vultures will only appear quietly when the creatures are actually nearing death. They have a keen sense of death that surpasses all other creatures. When the vulture group arrives, the creatures on the verge of death will die quickly, and then the vultures will Will swarm and swallow the flesh and blood, and finally the bloody breath of these vultures when tearing their prey will attract distant jackals and eventually bite the bones into fragments.

The vulture hovered for a long time, but it never fell. This is out of phase.

The herdsman was a little nervous, piously twirling the rosary in his hand, yelling a few times, calling two sons who were turning the forage, and the three riders were heading towards that place.

They quickly screamed in horror.

The reason for the vulture's circling is that there is a body on the bank of the stream.

The corpse should be a young teenager, but it seems that they do not belong to their world at all. Some of the rags remaining on his body look extremely luxurious. The most terrifying thing is that this teenager has many red lines. Those lines It looks like a scar, but it is extremely straight, deep into the body, and even more terrifying, there seems to be some terrible breath remaining in those red lines.

This kind of breath makes those vultures hover all the time and dare not fall.

For these herdsmen, this is definitely a terrible omen, or a reminder that the gods have come down, so these three herdsmen panic extremely, two left behind to wait for the body, while the other herdsman Go to the distance as fast as possible to inform the tribal leaders and wizards.

Going further south, this wasteland is still wide and sparsely populated, but after all some cities have emerged.

One of the most majestic is the vacant area of ​​the entire mountain, densely packed with red and white palaces on the top of the mountain, and at the foot of the mountain are the bungalows built of loess.

This is the imperial city of Donghu.

Before this, Donghu's imperial city also experienced a drastic change.

An old monk who came with a staff and washed the imperial city with blood, went directly to the deepest part of the palace and killed Emperor Donghu.

Then the prince Yelu Cangwolf, who had been expelled from Donghu, was greeted from the border line, succeeding Donghu's throne, and triggered a more brutal bloodbath.

But the brutal bloodbath is only for those monks who were loyal to the emperor Donghu and the cruel slaves.

Among the monks, the highest group has been directly killed by the old monk, and the remaining monks have almost no resistance.

The new emperor Yelu Cangwolf almost adopted the reform of the Changling Mausoleum according to local conditions, and issued a royal order. As long as one of the serfs can be a warrior identified by the imperial city, all the serf owners can be reborn and free , Completely get rid of the serf status, and can own their own land.

To become a recognized warrior, it does not necessarily require enough force, but enough courage.

This is hope.

The situation of the serf of Donghu is much more difficult than that of the ordinary people in Changling. Not only his wife, children, and even his own life are not his own. They can be taken by the nobles at any time. On the head, the shadow of the old monk's direct killing was shrouded, so the reform of the East Hu New Emperor Yelu Cangwolf did not cause a strong rebound at all, but quickly gained the fanatical support of all serfs. This emotion was even like faith.

It’s hard to explain the beliefs. The area of ​​Donghu is sparsely populated. The spread of information is more difficult than any dynasty outside. However, at this time in any remote corner of Donghu, among the herdsmen and serfs, the old monk and the new Emperor Yelu Cangwolf has long become a god Buddha sent by the gods to save them.

But at the same time, it is also the faith that deals with the faith. Those oppressed nobles have also fabricated many ominous signs to spread the change of the new emperor Yelv's wolf and angered the gods.

Out of true love for the new emperor and fanatical beliefs, I was worried that this strange body was an ominous sign brought by God. This body was more properly taken care of by the nomads of the most marginal tribe of Donghu The news arrived at Donghu Palace at an unimaginable speed.

A dozen or so practitioners rushed to the place quickly, including some of Yelu's cronies, his lieutenant general in the army, and a master practitioner in the seven realms.

These practitioners easily judged the death time of the corpse and the identity of the practitioner, and saw that the red lines on the body were a shocking sword left after cutting through the body, just for why this corpse There will be there, and why the sword in the body has not been broken, etc., but it is simply impossible to understand.

Even the guru of the Seven Realms is difficult to understand, this matter is even more unusual.


"The alien boy, who has just died shortly, has a fine and straight sword thread that runs through his body..."

The military situation was extremely detailed, and even the physical characteristics of the teenager were described, and even drawings were used.

It's just still difficult to understand.

"As far as this piece of clothing is concerned, this should be related to your Daqin, but how can the Qin people go to that kind of wasteland?"

In Wu's camp, the old woman looked at this military sentiment from Donghu, frowned, and asked Ding Ning.

With the passage of time, more and more accurate clues prove that Ding Ning's inference is correct. When the snow and ice melt in the spring, Qin will use troops against Chu.So for her, it is natural to link these two things together.

It's just that there doesn't seem to have any influence on the situation of Donghu. There can't be any conspiracy that can absolutely fight Qin and Chu.

"Some things are not so complicated, especially after a breakthrough, you will not start other associations."

Ding Ning looked at her and said: "Although the news of Changling has not been passed yet, the old things that had been turned up before the thought have come into effect, and An Baoshi is dead."

"An Bao Shi?" The old lady thought she had heard it wrong.

"This military portrait is very similar to An Baoshi. I have seen An Baoshi." Ding Ning said directly.

The old woman said startled, "Ran'an Bouldering is in Changling, a thousand miles away from that place."

"There is a sword-washing pond in the Spiritual Void Sword Gate. The water in the sword-washing pool comes from the sword tempering of the Nether Realm. The Nether Void Realm was left by a great master when the Spiritual Void Sword Gate was built. Shengsheng opened up a passage to heaven and earth with a sword intention."

Ding Ning looked at the old woman and slowly said: "No one knew where the void communicated before."

The old lady finally understood and was shocked: "You mean, the void of the Spiritual Void Sword Gate communicates with the land of Donghu?"

Ding Ning nodded and said, "As long as the news from Changling Mausoleum comes, if An Baoshi finally throws himself into the void, and wants to escape from the void, there will be no doubt."

The old woman calmed down with emotion and silence.

Some things will become eternal puzzles, but just do not happen to meet the kind of people with terrible insights.

In her view, Ding Ning can easily deduce that this seemingly completely unconnected, even impossible thing, is not because he has seen An Baoshi, but because he has such terrible knowledge.

Ding Ning also fell silent.

His breath was slightly heavier than usual.

It is because very few people really know that the Void Realm can be achieved because the Grand Master of the Spiritual Sword Gate has been to that mysterious place, and left his own natal sword there.

His natal sword and the magic circle in the sword hall of the Spiritual Deficiency Gate echoed each other, and finally a stable void realm was formed.

Now, Ding Ning just misses a sword.

The end of the end of the sword is more because of nostalgia.

He eventually faces Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu, but he must have a sword strong enough to carry and bear his future sword intentions.

He has not been easy to choose a sword that will serve as the sword of life in the future, because he must be extremely cautious, and there is no possibility of failure.

After the celestial tactics continued, in his plan, it was Chun Zhi Chu, to find a sword that was strong enough.

Chu Qi is the first in the world.

Only now, this sword appeared outside of his plan.

Some things are accidents and accidents.

It may just be one of the countless possibilities that has been hovering in my mind for a long time.