The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 527: Punishing the World

There are countless famous swords in the world, right in the Minshan Sword Society. In that sword valley, there are countless famous swords of the former Great Yan Dynasty, the Great Wei Dynasty and the Zhao Dynasty.

However, the enemies in his eyes were always Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu.

Compared with such enemies, the famous swords of that level are not enough.

Even the strong sword of Bashan Jianchang like Lian Jianshan sword is not enough for Ding Ning.

Like the old woman in charge of Wu's country, he was most different from other practitioners' unimaginable knowledge.

However, in fact, only he knows that what he is most different from all other practitioners in this world is the experience of spiritual practice.

Many of his practice experiences are not available to practitioners in the whole world.

Experience, or lessons tell him, to ensure a foolproof victory over someone, not only to cultivate into a realm, but to surpass all aspects of the understanding of heaven and earth and the use of sword scriptures, even the device itself, Have to exceed.

Before Gu Huai's death, as a secret exchange, he once asked Gu Huai a sentence, "Where is the big punishment sword?"

This is actually an amazing secret, and even concerns the trajectory of Gu Huai's life.

In the past, Gu Huai finally became the master of the Spiritual Defence Sword Gate, naturally because of his own cultivation and the influence of the Changling Imperial Palace, but more importantly, he concealed the identity of the Bashan Sword Field very early and entered the Spiritual Deficiency. Jianmen.

The real reason why he entered the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate was to seek the whereabouts of the Great Sword.

Almost all practitioners in Changling have never heard the name of this sword, because that sword itself is a legendary sword.

This is the sword of the strongest swordsman in the history of Lingxu Jianmen.

The description of this sword in the classics is to punish the world and open up the void.

This means that the rest of the swords in the world can be disposed of at will, and the strength is large enough to open up the void.

In the past, the Bashan Sword Field wanted to conquer the six dynasties in the world. To unify the world, the most powerful sword was needed.

It was just that the Great Sword had not been obtained, Yuan Wu had been mutiny, and the man died. After that, Bashan Sword Field was destroyed by the army, and fewer people in the world would remember to find this sword again.

Before Gu Huai's death, he determined that this sword did not exist in the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate, and now the body of An Baoshi appeared at the most marginal place of Donghu. .

The body of An Baoshi can appear intact at that end, which shows that the void is firmly stabilized.

It is possible to communicate with the magic circle in the Spiritual Void Sword Gate only by the traction of the Life Vitality, to build such a solid void realm. It is most likely that the Lifelong Sword left by the Grand Master of the Spirit Void Sword Gate Big Sword.

If not, it's just a difference in name, not in power. That should be a sword enough to punish the world.

Ding Ning calculated the time in silence. When the snow melted in spring, he should be able to return to the border of Qin and Chu. He raised his head and said to the old woman who was waiting for him to say, "How long has she arrived ?"

The old woman heard his voice at this time not as calm as usual, a little surprised, saying: "The day after tomorrow should be able to arrive."

Ding Ning nodded and said, "The day after tomorrow, we will arrange for us to go to Donghu."

The old lady is most distinguished, but like Jing Liuli, she treats Ding Ning as a teacher, knowing that Ding Ning has a deep meaning in every move, at this time Ding Ning said this, she turned her head to look at the wind and snow outside the account, but in her heart was It's incomprehensible, that is, to hide the message that he is still alive, why should he spend so much effort to get the woman to her side, and go around the Chu Kingdom.

No matter how you look at it, the woman is the only flaw in Ding Ning's detailed plan. Although Zhao Xiangfei is much stronger than she thought, and this Donghu is a piece of iron bucket, it is under her control, but the flaw is a flaw after all.

What's more, now that Ding Ning is clearly anxious to go to Donghu, why must he wait until the woman arrives?

In a snowstorm, it is extremely difficult to distinguish the direction of the wasteland, not to mention the heavy snow, the ordinary horses and horses are difficult to perform, the extreme cold and the long journey, it is extremely difficult for practitioners to resist.

At this time, in the snow field that was not far from Wu's camp, a group of blue wolves dragged several tent-like prying cars and went through the snow.

In one of the tents, there was a woman waiting for Ding Ning.

This woman has a beautiful face that is unforgettable at first sight, and naturally it is Changsun Qianxue.

Ding Ning calmed down and watched the snow with the old woman.

She is coming from the snow.

He is waiting for her.


A man in a yellow robe stands at the end of a white spiritual spring.

He was nervous.

The tension comes from the first time he stood in the queen's study.

It is also because the one in front of him died of misfortune in just over ten days.


A cold and simple voice sounded from the other end of Lingquan.

The sound shocked him, even raising his head almost subconsciously, looking directly at the face of the queen.


He thought he heard it wrong.

He is a person who can talk directly with Zheng Xiu at this time, and he knows more than most of the powerful people in Changling.

Since the Minshan Sword Society, Jiaodong County has suffered heavy losses, especially the big floating water prison was robbed, Lin Bojiu escaped successfully, and after mixing with Baishanshui and other big inversions, Jiaodong County has some fears. Needless to say the next change of the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate.

Now it is difficult to find out the whereabouts of the orphan girl who is related to the robbery of the big floating water prison. In his opinion, there is much to do, maybe he can use this as a breakthrough point to start a counterattack, but the meaning of the queen is Not difficult?

He was difficult to understand, but the Queen's meaning was quite certain.


Another equally cold voice came into his pinna.

The yellow-robed cultivator dared not have any words, bowed his body, and watched the ground retreating away.

"Tell the family that even though Bashan Jianchang has done so many things in secret, they are still just ants who dare not see the light."

At this moment, a cold and majestic voice sounded again, "Even if it is afraid, it is too early, so there is no need to doubt and question my decision."

"Don't do anything against my will. Otherwise, no matter who it is, I will kill him."

After a pause, the hostess in Changling said slowly and clearly, "You tell them, they should understand that I am not the one who has not killed Jiaodong County, nor the person in his own family."

The footsteps of the yellow robe practitioners retreated with a fearful tremolo.

The Yongdao connected to this study is like a Shinto, and the lying beasts and bronze statues on both sides of the road are buzzing and trembling.

Obviously, the woman who came out of Jiaodong County is now not only suppressing Changling, but is also beginning to suppress Jiaodong County.

But can she win?

This yellow-robed practitioner has no confidence in her or the battle she decided this spring.