The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 537

In Changling, it was already a dark night when you could not reach your fingers, but between these glaciers, the sun seemed to never set.

Being able to capture some of the breath left by the practitioner of the Spiritual Sword Gate does not mean that he can accurately grasp it at any time.

Long Sun Qian snowflakes for a long time, when the round of the sun that never seemed to set down was about to disappear on the horizon behind these ice peaks, she looked at the front and suddenly laughed.

She rarely laughs.

Although she smiled extremely restrained, her smile at this time was unusual.

Ding Ning had already felt like falling asleep several times.

Every time when extreme drowsiness strikes and the body is about to lose consciousness, the countless invisible silkworms in his body come alive, exhaling some vitality like silk, making him wake up again.

However, the nine dead silkworms hiding in his body cannot naturally release vitality endlessly. He has accumulated many years of vitality from Changling to the present, especially the extremely refined kind that was absorbed in the spiritual rain of Zudi. The pure aura was almost exhausted in the quiet breakthrough before him.

The most important thing is that the power of most of the nine dead silkworms in his body is suppressing the power of the immortal medicine, and because of the joining of the strange army, it is no longer an easy journey to get the sword.

So looking at Changsun Qianxue's smile at the moment, he let out a slight sigh of relief and asked softly, "Almost coming?"

Chang Sun Qianxue's eyes fell on the flat glacier in front of him, and nodded, the smile at the corner of his mouth bloomed a little more: "This predecessor of Lingxu Jianmen is too eager to cover up, looking for what he left behind After breathing for so long, he did not expect to cover the lake, he even sealed the lake into a glacier."

Ding Ning shuddered slightly, looking at the ice at his feet, "Is there a lake below?"

"The ice is a little thick, but below is a lake." Chang Sun Qianxue looked at him and said, "It's a hot lake."

The old monk walking ahead hesitated a little, and the wooden stick in his hand thrust a little bit hard on the ice, and it didn't seem to exert much force, but when the tip of his stick was lifted up, the ice was A thin hole vertically appeared, and a ray of white hot gas flowed out like a fountain, and then the heat quickly disappeared, and the small hole was naturally resealed by condensation and frozen water vapor.

This is indeed a hot lake below.

There is a hot lake at the height of this extremely cold glacier, which naturally shows that the terrain here, or the power contained in it, is very different from other places in this glacier.

The practitioner of the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate used powerful methods to directly seal the surface of this hot lake with extremely thick ice, but he did not want people to discover the differences in this place.

But for the elder Sun Qingxue who can track his legacy, this is a bit ironic.

He used this method to seal the lake. The breath he left behind on this lake surface was extremely heavy for Changsun Qianxue, and echoed with her natal sword, just like a huge fire pile was born here.

The three of them continued to walk along the frozen lake. At the other end of the lake, the air echoing faintly with Changsun Qianxue's natal sword seemed to be the end of the trip.

The tiny ice flakes cracked under the soles of the feet, making a creaking noise.

Although this sound is no different than when walking around elsewhere, but thinking of a hot lake with high water temperature at the foot, Ding Ning's heart still produces strange feelings.

The area of ​​the lake is very wide, when the light is dim, you can't even see the middle of the lake from one end.

When the figures of Ding Ning, Chang Sun Qianxue and the old monk disappeared in the dim light in the center of the lake, many tall black shadows appeared slowly on the edge of the lake on one side.

It's still Xue Zhi.

Even though the old monk had already killed more than fifty heads of snow, the rare and powerful snow beast still appeared secondarily. There were more than two hundred heads of snow, dragging various weights, and rushing across the edge of the lake like a tide. There is a thick ice surface that I don't know how many feet.

On these backs and on the load behind, there are practitioners wrapped in thick black cotton robes.But it is even more spectacular and terrifying, and even more incredible is that, behind these Xuefeng groups, there is an army farther away.

This army has more than three hundred people, all of them are walking, quietly and completely like ghosts.

Practitioners who can travel long distances in such places, and walk without relying on such rides, probably need at least six levels of cultivation.

However, there is absolutely no army in the world, and it is absolutely impossible for an army to have more than 300 practitioners above the six borders.

Even during the Bashan Jianchang period, there was absolutely no such army.

Since it is impossible to exist, there is only one explanation. These walking sergeants cannot be above the six realms.

It was not the Six Realms but the fact that they walked just like the Six Realms, which made this silent army look far more terrifying than the huge Xuezhi groups in front.


The real night on the glacier is coming.

Just as the sun never seemed to set before, the darkness in this place often gives people the feeling that it will never light up.

The old monk stopped.

Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qingxue also stopped.

They have not yet reached the opposite side of the lake, and there is a long distance near the edge of the lake.

But there was an icicle in front of them.

This icicle is only one or two feet high, and even on this flat lake, it does not feel particularly abrupt.

However, even Ding Ning and the old monk can clearly perceive it at this moment. This icicle took a long time to "grow".

It was originally flat here.

But the sword cut off a certain Qi machine below, and rigidly communicated here with the magic circle in the Spiritual Defence Sword Gate. The natural fluctuation of the vitality still made the ice surface here slowly drum up After rising up, such an icicle was eventually formed.

So here is the sight here.

The sword is the town here, just below the icicle.

Ding Ning slowly turned around and looked at the dark, dark lake behind him.

The ice layer shook slightly.

They found the sword, and the army followed, and apparently, without any concealment, they had already launched an attack.

After the initial temptation and consumption, the army did not take action, and it was only then that it began to make fierce shots. This shows that the goal of this army is probably the same as theirs. It is to find this sword.

The cold wind blowing in the sky suddenly began to collapse, and the extremely thin air began to tremble.

A dark green flame suddenly appeared in the dark night sky.

The green flame fell from a very high altitude, but the long flame tail dragged out because the air was too thin and quickly extinguished, so this group of green flames is like the vertical eyes of a devil moving in the sky. .

The green flames reflected the icy flakes across the lake as if they were emeralds.

Among the green flames, there are many golden rays of cold.

This is a "celestial killing", and it is still a powerful charm of the Dachu dynasty. It is powerful enough to cover hundreds of feet of the lake.

On the green lake, Xue Jin, who had already unloaded his weight, turned into a huge black shadow with a gust of wind and rushed.