The Sword Dynasty

538 The fastest in the world

"We need to destroy those charms."

The elder Sun Qingxue frowned, looking at the back of those huge black shadows.

Most of the weights that Xue Jian dragged have been unloaded and turned into a seat holder standing on the ice.

At this moment, it is just one of them that the whole lake surface is reflected in the green.

The threat of these instruments is far more than the huge black shadows surging from the ice.

"No. These people only have the ability to use these instruments once."

Ding Ning turned to look at her and shook her head. "They only want to use these charms once."

The old monk narrowed his eyes slightly and raised his head to look at the dark green flame. Even though his pupils were mapped into green, he still clearly judged which of these streams would cause him and Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qianxue. The real threat.

He raised the wooden stick in his hand and spurred it towards the sky above.

Yeah! Yeah!

Countless horrible dull impact sounds at the same time.

That piece of sky covered the sun, making it impossible for the Grand Master above the Seven Realms to flash out the faint green flame that enveloped it, and with his simple count of spikes, it turned into countless sparks rushing upwards. .

This spark that rushed upwards and the various flames hit by subsequent successors again hit a variety of explosions in the sky. In a flash, a terrible long river formed in the air, gathering countless people His body easily torn into shattered flames.

These flames are extinct, giving people the feeling of disillusionment.

The face of the old monk was like disillusionment in the flame.

At this moment his movement came to a short pause.

When Li Xixing brought a letter to him, his realm of hard work but stagnation was loosened, and every time he died was in a wonderful state of continuous breakthrough.At this time, he was infinitely close to the state when Wang Jingmeng was killed in Changling. The time and space in his mind was like being brought back to the former Changling. Many of the pictures that were difficult to recall even broke into his world. .

There are countless swords and sword intentions in these pictures, the clearest of which is naturally Wang Jingmeng's simple and powerful sword intentions that seem unreasonable.

At the moment when there was a short pause in his movements, a crimson flying sword had broken through, and the shadow of fireworks on the flying sword had been reflected on his forehead.

Ding Ning coughed softly, his eyes fell naturally on the crimson flying sword.

The wooden stick stuck in the air in the old monk's hand also naturally followed this cough and pierced Ding Ning's eyes.

The crimson flying sword does not know how many times it trembles in a very short time, and there are countless possibilities for thorns to fall. The light and shadow on the edge of the sword edge even rotate and twist together, just like a crimson clew.

However, the wooden stick of the old monk seemed to have foreseen the next action of this flying sword. Even the direction of the stick stick did not change, so he easily stabbed the crimson flying sword that came first.

With a puff, the real element on the crimson flying sword shot everywhere, and the true element of the master of the flying sword was forced out.

The flying sword flew out and pierced into the left shoulder of a rider rushing on Xue Xue's back.

The rider is throwing a spear with all his strength.

Flying sword pierced the rider's left shoulder. The rider fell backwards and fell to the ground. His body was instantly trampled into blood plasma by Xue Qian in the back, but the spear in his hand was thrown out and deflected. Deeply pierced a rider in front of him and Xue Xue under him and nailed it to the ice.

In the rear, Xue Qian couldn't close, and hit the Xue Na nailed on the ice hard, making a sour bone burst, and the rider above was suddenly stoned upward to the sky. Flying away, he encountered some flames falling in the sky, and his body burned out.

Ding Ning did not go to see these pictures, his eyes fell on an empty space in front of the old monk.

The tip of the old monk's staff also stabbed towards it naturally.

There was a thin gray flying sword in the place where there was nothing. Like a moth, it hit the tip of the old monk's stick.

The thin flying sword blade was broken from the middle, broken into two uneven pieces, and flew out diagonally, one of which fell on the neck of a rider, and easily cut off the rider's head.

Ding Ning still didn't look there.

His gaze continued to fall around the old monk's body, and the old monk's wooden staff fell as his gaze fell.

The movement of the wooden staff is smooth and natural, and the entire body of the old monk, including the perception of ideas, naturally becomes smoother than ever.

He grasped the swordsmanship used by the former king to enter Changling, the easiest and fastest way to kill people, but at this moment it was still a little difficult to understand, when his wooden staff fell with Ding Ning's eyes again As he fell around, he turned his head and asked in an extremely respectful tone: "How come this is so fast?"

"True fast is not only the ultimate fast that can be achieved by the coordination of the body and the true yuan. The fast movement of the body is also in accordance with the direction of the vitality of our whole world. Moving along the wind will always be faster than moving against the wind."

Ding Ning retracted his gaze and looked at his pupil for knowledge, saying, "And the real way to follow the trend is not only to follow the direction of the world's vitality, but also to follow the direction of the responding party. Your quickness plus the speed of the other side, Is the real fastest."

The old monk suddenly realized, and laughed, "It turns out this way."

Ding Ning also smiled. "The exercises you practice are different. Your cultivation method plus the sword scripture of Bashan Sword Field is that the former Wang Jingmeng is not as fast as you."

"Even if you are faster than you, you will never be taller than you. If this kind of swordsmanship is not at this level of cultivation, you will carry it like this... otherwise, even if you know this reason, who can learn it, Who can make such sword intentions again?"

The old monk bowed for a ceremony with Changling etiquette before turning around.

When he and Ding Ning finished this kind of conversation, and came to such a gift, Xue Zhi, who had approached, had fallen by half.

Ding Ning's eyes no longer fell around the old monk.

The old monk no longer needs his belt.

Although the stick of the old monk's stick looks clear and does not give a surprisingly fast feeling, in fact it has already achieved the fastest in the world.


The edge of the lake at the other end.

The ghostly army remained motionless.

Even when all Xuejian and the riders on Xuejian died and turned into sculptures on the ice, this army was always waiting quietly.

It wasn't until the light of all the charms was completely dimmed, and the frozen lake fell back into darkness. A lieutenant immediately behind the army's first general bowed down deeply to this general, and said softly: "No one can resist the blow of this ascetic monk, so many people will die tonight... but it doesn't matter, as long as you can live a general."