The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 543

Her brows were deeply frowned, and it seemed that she felt that the sword was falling on her brows, but somehow, even after being injured for the first time after she came out of Jiaodong County, there was no anger deep in her eyes. mood.

Bai Qi howled like a beast, and his fingers did not know how many times he tremble, forcibly controlled the power of this natal sword in his hand, and poured more power into the body, frantically poured into it.

The sword of Fang Cai was his defeat, but that came from the power of the mistress in the palace, not his power.

After all, he was also a powerful practitioner who stabbed the nearly invincible old monk with a sword.

Although the elder Sun Qingxue defeated the hostess in the palace with a sword, the spark of the spark, even if the old monk was full, could not retreat.

No one can overcome his joint with Zheng Xiu.

He thinks so.

Everyone in this army who died before him thought so.

As the lieutenant general said at the beginning.

Everyone here will die today, but he will live.

He controlled the power of the natal sword in his hand, and then swiped toward the front grandson Qianxue.

This is a thin sword.

Too thin does not seem to exist, but it feels like it can cut everything, even this world.

Long Sun Qianxue slowly closed the sword.

She really couldn't stop the sword.

But she knew she would not die because she was very familiar with this sword.

When she received the sword, a hand was stretched behind her body, catching her extremely fierce and extremely cold, even the strongest sword in the world before the Great Sword was born.

Then this hand did not cause her resistance to this natal sword in the slightest, and even took her natal strength to stab a sword towards the front.

The sound of the Nine Nether Hades sword buzzing with the deepest and darkest color in the world brought out an extremely bright sword light, illuminating this dark ice lake.

Bai Qi's breathing suddenly, the Nine Nether Hades sword is the most fierce and coldest sword in the world. It is impossible for ordinary Seven Realm practitioners to control the power of this sword, and it will be eroded by the cold when it is used. It’s not that Ding Ning, like the emperor’s own natal sword, is the master’s sword. The most important thing is that this unusually bright light from Ding Ning easily destroyed his sword. meaning.

There were many ice-glass fragments flying in front of him, and then he heard a crackling sound between his wrists.

This is the broken bone of his wrists.

Almost at the same time, with a loud bang, his body hit the frozen lake fiercely, sliding backwards like a plow.

In the hoarse friction between the body and the cracked ice, Bai Qi raised his head, and the blood spilled from his throat stained his thick face towel.There was still no fear of death in his eyes, because he knew very well that if the sword of the other party wanted him to die, then he would have died now.

Ding Ning calmly collected the sword and returned the sword of Nine Nether Hades to Changsun Qianxue.

He looked at the white Qi embedded in the ice but raised his head to stare at him, and said slowly: "You may be interested in telling the past to the enemy now."

"So you are the heir to the nine dead silkworms."

Bai Qi suddenly laughed, "My sword is Wang Jingmeng's sword intention. You can crack it so easily, you can only understand the sword intention better than me... It turned out that the whole Changling was suspicious and fearful. Nine dead silkworms are so young."

Ding Ning did not respond, he just looked at Bai Qi in silence.

Bai Qi stopped laughing, he looked at Ding Ning mockingly and said, "Does it make sense?"

Ding Ning looked at him and said, "Not necessarily, but it may make sense."

"What's the point?" Bai Qi sneered. "How can you add more innocent corpses to your bastards when the former army of Bashan Jianchang passes through the border?"

Ding Ning frowned slightly, "Innocent body?"

Bai Qi looked at him and said indifferently: "When you Bashan Jianchang leads an army to attack the city, will you care about the life and death of ordinary people in the city?"

Ding Ning understands slightly, looking up slightly at the bodies of the practitioners on the ice, and asked, "All of your army have become war orphans because of the battle between Bashan Jianchang and the three dynasties?"

Bai Qi sneered but said nothing.

Ding Ning thought for a while, without talking, Chang Sun Qingxue couldn't bear it, and sneered. "If so, then you should go to kill Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu. Isn't Bashan Jianchang got the world now? If it's yours It is said that Bashan Jianchang is only used by Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu, and the real culprit that caused your family to die should be Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu, but you are counted as the head of Bashan Jianchang, don’t you find it ridiculous? "

"Is it?"

Bai Qi's voice did not fluctuate, and indifferently sounded: "In the battle of Changping in the old days, the Qin army had an amazing soldier, circumvented the water to the rear of Zhao Jun in the Changping countryside. On the way, he encountered a caravan from Luzhong. Among them, some of Zhao’s practitioners, in order to avoid leaking news, the Qin army soldier killed all the 300-odd members of the caravan. The strange soldier was the leader of Bashan Jianchang Wang Jingmeng, the military division Lin. Cooking wine."

Chang Sun Qingxue's face suddenly paled.

She couldn't help turning to look at Ding Ning.

Ding Ning's face looked strange.

"That caravan was completely killed?" He looked at Bai Qi and asked strangely.

"Occasionally there will be accidents, such as an extra fish in the net." Bai Qi lowered his eyelid slightly. "If you want to listen to the past, this is my past."

Ding Ning looked at him calmly, "So you are the fish that missed the net?"

Bai Qi did not answer, he thought he no longer needed to answer.

"So your army is more or less like this?"

Ding Ning laughed, "What a coincidence."

Bai Qi's eyebrows snapped, "What do you mean?"

"It's really coincidence." Ding Ning looked at Bai Qi and said slowly and seriously: "I don't know the past of other people in your army, but your past...I mention this caravan, but I'm really coincidental Yes. You think Wang Jingmeng ordered the caravan to be killed?"

Bai Yun looked at Ding Ning with an idiot, "You know, will it be more real than my personal experience?"

"What you experience and see and hear are just untrue stories."

Ding Ning’s expression did not change, he just stated that he was very peaceful: “The real past is that Wang Jingmeng only ordered to surround the caravan and let the caravan stay there. The real past is sleepy. After living in that caravan, the strange army led by Wang Jingmeng and those from Bashan Jianchang hurried to the battlefield as quickly as possible. While staying in the last place, the only one with the ability to change some orders was the other. Never appear directly on the battlefield."

"Is Zheng Xiu?" Chang Sun Qianxue Huo Ran understands, can't help but speak out.

Bai Qi's body was inexplicably shocked, but Ding Ning had no words, just looked at him calmly.

"How do you know what happened then?" Bai Qi thought for a while, then looked at Ding Ning and said, "You are too young, so you are even less persuasive."

Ding Ning smiled faintly, with a somewhat sentimental smile. "The persuasiveness lies only in the facts. Since you have memories, you should remember that the army then hurriedly continued to march after encountering you. And the little boy who surrounded you at that time. The army should do it a long time after most of the army has left. If you want to kill this caravan directly, then you don’t have to be so troublesome. If the army is over, this caravan will have nothing left."

Bai Qi sat up from the broken ice, his body shivering inexplicably.

"Knowing is knowing." Ding Ning looked at him, and then said: "If you have a memory, you may remember that the army you left may have a dispute between the hands. Because there are two Bashan Jianchang The person died, and the people who stayed there said that the two Bashan Jianchang met Zhao Guo’s practitioners, but now they want to come, and those two people will definitely oppose Zheng Xiu’s approach. And there is one thing I’m afraid you don’t know that most of the supporters who stayed there were originally from Jiaodong County, and most of them are her generals.”

"Too many coincidences are not coincidences."

After he paused, he looked at Bai Qi and said, "You have a mistake first. Bashan Jianchang is not indifferent to the life and death of ordinary people who pass by the army. The administration of the Bashan Jianchang is extremely harsh and extremely likely. By plan or assassination, the vast majority of battles will lead the way, and the two armies will face each other in the wild. Millions of troops will win and lose, and it will be finalized. Accidental injuries and accidental killing are inevitable, but it is necessary to put together such an army... Individuals are for various reasons, and the army with a bitter hatred of Wang Jingmeng and Bashan Jianchang, in just a few years, is really a coincidence."

"Even if you only have hundreds of people."

Ding Ning shook his head with emotion, "It’s only been a few years since he led, and it takes an average of a few days to do something like this? Even the horse thieves who specialize in looting the caravan have no such frequency and can’t do it. There are so many evil things. The people at Bashan Jianchang are not thieves."

Bai Qi's breathing seemed to stop.

There was silence on the lake.

The elder Sun Qingxue sneered: "Even if I understand, do you still understand?"

Her voice is full of ridicule, but naturally not ridicule herself.

She said that even she understood it, only because she usually only considers practice, and does not waste energy to think about other issues.

But what Ding Ning said now does not seem to require much consideration at all.

She added sarcastically, "Planting stolen goods and pretending to be innocent, changing the military order, is in itself what Zheng Xiu is best at doing."

"What is the real past?"

Ding Ning no longer looks at Bai Qi, but just turns around and walks towards the icicle erected because of the sword's intention under the lake. His voice sounded faintly in the cold air, "This is in your own judgment, you My life is now with me. How you use it is up to you."