The Sword Dynasty

545 Alive

This is swordsmanship.

However, many truths are easy to understand, but difficult to achieve.

The old monk seriously thought about it and asked, "How to do it?"

Ding Ning looked at him and said, "Chicheng."

The old monk pondered for a moment, nodded and said, "It's like everything in the world has its original face, and the practitioners also have the purest heart."

Ding Ning nodded, his eyes fell on the sword in his hand.

The sword is beginning to breathe freely at this moment, and the vitality of the world is inspired by the sword, pouring into the sword body as much as possible.

This is indeed a sword strong enough to command the world's ten thousand swords and punish the world.

The Nine Nether Hades sword in Changsun Qianxue's body was shocked again, as if he felt a fatal danger, but at this time, Changsun Qianxue's eyes did not fall on this sword, and her eyes fell everywhere. Cracked frozen lake surface.

A staggering figure was leaving, like a wall breaking through, struggling through layers of white heat.

"He was seriously injured." Chang Sun Qianxue looked at Bai Qi's figure and couldn't help but frown.

"Practitioners like him can lead such an army. Since he chooses to live, he will never die here." Ding Ning glanced at her and said.

A thin breath of life was then entangled from the palm of his fingers to the large penalty room in his hands.

This natal breath was slightly sentimental.

If many years ago, Wang Jingmeng, who was in the rise of the Bashan sword field, got this sword, then even if there is a change in Changling, the result may become different.

This sword was frozen at the bottom of the lake, and it has been waiting for many years to see it again.

Similarly, Ding Ning has been waiting for such a sword for many years.

This large sword seemed to clearly feel the sentiment in this breath of life, and it also began to emit a breath.

This breath is to know each other and keep one another.

This rock-solid solemn breath is like the breath of arrow shield on the battlefield, the thick shield in front of the ordinary sergeant.

The old monk bowed his head and once again admired in his heart.

This is the acceptance of mortal creatures, and is also known as confessing the Lord in the world of practitioners.

This process may take many years for ordinary practitioners.

However, Ding Ning only took a moment.

The pale sparks are still rolling up the sky.

Zheng Xiu in the palace of Changling's deep silence slowly raised his head and wiped a trace of blood from the corner of his jade-like mouth.

In her sea of ​​knowledge, the breath of the sword that the countless top practitioners of Changling had wanted to finally disappear completely.

Bashan Jianchang wanted the sword.

Wang Jing dreamed of getting the sword.

Yuan Wu also wanted the sword.

The entire Jiaodong County and she also wanted the sword.

But now she knows that the sword is eventually made into a life sword.

She knew that the nine dead silkworms that had been lurking in Changling had finally become stronger now.

There are many stars in the sky.

In the world of practitioners, there are countless practitioners. At every moment, there are people who are refining or refining their mortal creatures.

In the cave where the old monk had worked hard, Li Xi sat on the old monk's couch.

In front of him there was a crystal yellow brilliance, constantly changing various sword shapes.

However, no matter what kind of sword shape it is, it seems that it can't carry his sword intention, or that he or this natal sword is still a little bit hot.


These glaciers on the border of Donghu have remained unchanged for a long time, but with the passage of time, the chill in the Changling City has subsided.

The difference between a true wise man and a fool is only in time, only before and after.

The cold winter will be close to spring.

Before entering the winter, few people noticed that the Great Qin Dynasty will be choking Chu, but by this time, the atmosphere in the Changling City is becoming more and more dignified, and even the ordinary people in the streets of the city are beginning to be noticed by some of the weight and the frequent movement of the army. Familiar breath.

The familiar breath comes from the time when the Great Qin Dynasty destroyed Han Zhaowei before Yuanwu took the throne.

Two carriages will be on a residual bridge.

This residual bridge is in the shade of a street in Changling, and the snow has not melted.

One of the two carriages comes from Shendujian, and the other comes from Jiantiansi. In the carriage are Chen Jianshou and Ye Sishou.

In the eyes of almost everyone in Changling, these are two absolutely opposite people, and even two functions with the same structure are mutually supervising and competing against each other.

There are countless ways to avoid one person deliberately. Only these two people know why they are difficult to meet.

"Why don't you leave?"

In the chariot of the God Metropolis, Chen Jianshou, who was wearing a new crimson mantle, was still somewhat decadent and lonely. His eyes were only looking straight at the car curtain in front of him, and asked slowly.

Walking from another street to the side-by-side Jiantian Si carriage, Ye Ce frowned uncomfortably. "If you are only asking the questions you have already asked, there is no need to meet me here. "

"You don't like it, and I don't like it either. I wanted to leave many years ago, but you are here." In the dimly lit compartment, Chen Jianshou's eyes were lit with different lights deep in his eyes, " I hope you can go, and then I will go with you."

Ye Celen was silent for a moment.

Then she looked up and looked at the carriage next to her, saying, "Something, once explained, is like a layer of cloth. Once it is uncovered, it is meaningless, maybe it means a complete end."

Chen Jianshou slowly raised his head.

He also turned his head to look at Ye Celing's carriage.

It was just a short breathing time, but his eyes seemed to penetrate thousands of layers of curtains and penetrated a long time.

"I know."

He nodded slowly and said, "But this time I asked this question differently than before...because three people came from Jiaodong County."

Ye Celen was slightly startled.

Jiaodong County controlled the coastal area of ​​the Daqin dynasty and was the largest county of the Daqin dynasty. Its power was even greater than that of the Yueshi. It was more like a country than a county. Therefore, it was only because of this that a scary woman like Zheng Xiu was brought up.

Jiaodong County comes and goes. I don’t know how many people travel to Changjun in a year, but since he said three people in this tone, those three people are very different from ordinary Jiaodong County people.

"Who?" she frowned, asking.

"Three are enough to mobilize the entire Jiaodong County like her. The people in Jiaodong County have always been mysterious, especially her home. Over the years, in her home in Jiaodong County, she is the only one who really enters Changling, so neither do I. I may know the identity of these three people. If I have to use words to describe them, then these three people are all from her family and the elders of her family." Chen Jianshou looked at her across the double curtain and said slowly "You should understand that her family is not satisfied with many of her performances after the Nine Dead Silkworm appeared, so since she is the elder of her family, she may not act at all according to her wishes."

Ye Celen understands the meaning contained in these words.

She was silent for a moment, and then said: "Amour is a emotion that is difficult to describe in words. Those in Changling who speculate that I don’t like Changling, but must stay in Changling, think that I love to teach me sword skills in the past. Wang Jingmeng's dream. But compared with hatred, love like this emotion can be retreated second. Among the many people who died in Changling in the past, many were my friends. Some people who were originally my friends, but Betrayed those friends. This is the main reason why I want to stay in Changling."

"I want to get some revenge, I want to watch some people die, I think it is useful to stay in Changling. This is the most important reason for me to stay in Changling."

Ye Celen suddenly laughed, looking at Chen Jianshou behind the car curtain opposite, and laughed, "I promise you, if these hatreds disappear, you and I are alive and well, I will leave Changling with you. I Can take you to see the overseas scenery, those legendary fairy islands, beautiful scenery, compared to this horizontal and vertical Changling is indeed much more beautiful... So you have to promise me, you must at least ensure that you can live. "

After finishing these words, her carriage moved and left.

She doesn't need to hear each other's answer.

Chen Jianshou did not answer.

"It's difficult."

He said something softly, then dropped his head.

But in this remark, there was some joy, and it seemed that he seemed young.