The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 548

The man in yellow robe who had an unpleasant conversation with Zheng Xiu walked out of the palace.

His walking pace is very slow. In addition to his constant thinking, what happened in Changling today is destined to happen, and he does not need to intervene.

Regardless of Zheng Xiu's opinion, today Jiaodong County officially set foot on the stage of Changling.

Yuan Wu and Liang Xiang will not refuse.

In a sense, the interests of Jiaodong County and Yuanwu and the two phases are the same.

So in his opinion, some people are destined to die today.

The life and death of some people depend on the choices they make.


In the morning light, a young and energetic spiritual practitioner walked into a courtyard in Fanghou Mansion.

This remote and cold courtyard was originally the closed retreat for Fang Xiu Curtain, but now it is Fang Shi's nursing home.

Strangely, the face of this young practitioner is somewhat similar to Fang Shi, but Fang Shi has never seen this young practitioner.

Sitting on the wicker chair, covered in thick blankets, Fang's eyes moved away from the fish in the pond who had not moved to the bottom of the pond because of the cold, and slowly raised his head.

Without his answer, no one can enter this courtyard.

Although his cultivation was exhausted and the hidden injuries were hard to heal on the Lushan Association, he was, after all, a general who beheaded countless counties and had countless loyal men.

Being able to walk here in such a breeze is not much different from breaking into the depths of the big floating water cellar.

He narrowed his eyes slightly in the morning light, and the sun shone his half of his face golden. He didn't make a sound, but looked silently at the young practitioner who was somewhat similar to his face.

The young practitioner who had never seen him walked up to him, then bowed down directly and said, "Father."

This young practitioner has been extremely respectful since entering the courtyard. In any respect, he is like a returning wanderer to meet his father.

However, Fang naturally knew that he could not have such a son.

"Changling is really a wonderful city, anything can happen, anything can be seen."

Fang Shi smiled bitterly, and then looked at the young practitioner who still knelt down and asked, "Who made you come?"

"My name is Li Xin." The young practitioner did not look up, saying: "From today, I am called Fang Xin."

"It was Li Xiang's person."

Fang Shi frowned, not covering up his contempt. "There are still people in our family, is he afraid that my brother will come back and kill him?"

This young practitioner named Li Xin seems to have long known that Fang Shi would say this. He still said politely: "This is the situation, in return for not interfering with Jiaodong County."

Fang Shi was silent.

"If I don't agree, don't you want a son like you?" After a long time, he looked at Li Xin who was still kneeling on the ground.

"Then I will kill you. Then I will tell you that your injuries are too serious and incurable, and I will still be your illegitimate child, and become the heir and principal of the Fanghou House. The result will not change." Li Xin Said without hesitation.

"Of course I don't want to see such a thing happen, which is of no benefit to us." After a pause, he raised his head, looked at Fang Shi earnestly, and then said: "If you disagree, a lot of you The same person who disagrees will die, and many people in Fanghou who do not recognize my identity will also die. Since the result will not change in any way, it makes no sense. Not to mention I am your son, you will live well, Fanghou The government will inherit it well."

Fang Shi smiled: "Doesn't you have to worry about other Houfu's ideas?"

Li Xin replied seriously: "You are here to recuperate and you will no longer be outside the lead, so your news is not coming fast enough. Spring will be slashing Chu, there will be enough warfare, and there will be new heroes born, Thirteen Hou Daqin It is a natural replacement for the lips to die cold, the weak to disappear, and the strong to stand. For most Houfu, it is more important to ensure that these princes of Daqin have enough power to go to one or two more families than the replacement of one family."

Fang Shi no longer looked at him, and his eyes fell on the pond fish that were dormant and frozen like frozen fish in the bottom of the pond, and said slowly: "Since you have all considered it well, what can I have to say."

Li Xin knocked his head again, no longer saying much, just saying: "Father."

Since ancient times, only confessed thieves as fathers, but today there are things forced to confess their sons.It's just that Fang Shi didn't think about this ridiculous thing. When Li Xin got up, he asked, "What does Jiaodong County want to do?"

Li Xin did not hesitate and said, "Shen Xuan will die today."

Fang Shi sighed softly.

The owner of the big floating water prison is optional for the entire Changling.

However, the punishment order for convicting a hundred officials is a new giant.

No matter which side seems to be, when the people around Zheng Xiu die one by one, Zheng Xiu, who is unavailable, uses Shen Xuan. Shen Xuan is naturally the heart of Zheng Xiu and one of the most important pieces.

Jiaodong County did not want Zheng Xiu's wings to be too full.

The two phases do not want to see such a new giant.

The royal family did not want to see a criminal law that could implicitly restrain the kingship.

Even the Li family at that time could not bear so much dislike and unwillingness, not to mention Shen Xuan today.

Shen Xuan is a great master of the Seven Realms, and his cultivation is very high.

However, this has nothing to do with Xiu Wei, because the entire Changling Mausoleum seems to be Shen Xuan's death.

So who can keep him from dying?


In the morning light, Shen Xuan was drinking in the yard.

Most people in Changling drink tea in the morning, and only drunkards can't wait to pour a glass of wine at the beginning of the morning.

Shen Xuan is not a drunkard.

He drank in the early morning, just because he was deep in the big floating water all the year round, and there was too much cold and dampness in his body.And the right amount of wine can make qi and blood flow faster and make his mind more clear.

He never drank much when he was in a large floating water cell, let alone after he became a middling order.

The mansion of Zhong Zhong was very close to the imperial city, but the house where he lived was slightly remote.

After the queen gave him enough power, the living and living were naturally equipped with Changling giants. At this time, his house was not as worried as the prime minister.

However, since he was in charge of the big floating water cell, he has not been pleased by the Changling dignitaries and became even worse after the mid-term decree. Therefore, although the house and horses are fully equipped, in terms of employment, all aspects are intentionally or unintentionally made trouble.Arrangements are available to him, almost all the mediocrity that the divisions do not choose, even dislike.

This is the case, and his staff are still understaffed and are not fully equipped.

At this time, outside his house, it was deserted, only a carriage was waiting, and an official yawning was standing beside the carriage.

Lack of people's deliberate welcome and arrangements, although his house occupies an extremely large area, but after a winter, it seems a little decadent, especially not many fresh flowers and grass, the color of yellow and gray.

Shen Xuan, who just drinks his own wine at his own discretion, doesn't care.

For him, the poor scenery outside is much stronger than the dark water cellar in the big floating water cellar.

People who often deal with death have a sharper sense of death than ordinary people. In this morning, which seems to be no different from the past, Shen Xuan suddenly smelled the breath of death.

There was a drop of blood in the eyebrows of the official who was yawning beside the carriage, as if he had grown a rich red mole.

Then the official's breath stopped, holding a yawning posture, and died.

A man in a yellow robe appeared in front of him, then pushed open the door of the courtyard and walked into Shen Xuan's mansion.

The man in yellow robe has a gentle face, slightly fat but not too fat, and looks very friendly.

It's just that he came to kill Shen Xuan, but he killed an official who had almost no relationship, and any truly friendly cultivator would never do such a thing.

Shen Xuan drank all the wine left in the pot.

When the unique yellow robe appeared in his sight, he had stood up and took a deep breath. His chest and abdomen bulged high, as if to draw all the air and morning light from this courtyard into his chest and lungs.

Shen Xuan absolutely doesn't like nonsense, but his identity at this time is a punishment order.

So after taking a deep breath, he looked at the yellow-robed man who appeared in his sight and said: "I can be sure that the official was mediocre, but he never committed any guilt, nor did you kill him. His power, assassination of Chao Tang officials, is a capital crime."

Hearing his words, the man in yellow robe smiled with interest, "So you mean you can convict me, and you have a reason to kill me, but I was here to kill you, who Who kills depends only on who can kill who."

"This is important."

Listening to his arrogant words, Shen Xuan said indifferently: "The important thing is that as long as the laws and laws are on this side, as long as you can't kill me, I will still be the penalty."

The man in yellow robe smiled.

The morning light between him and Shen Xuan seemed to dim.

Shen Xuan snorted loudly, his figure drifted sharply to the left, a sword gas flew close to his right neck, and a shallow red line was cut out.

This is a truly invisible sword spirit, born with thought.

"Heart Sect!"

Shen Xuan's figure still brought a residual image in the morning light, but the sound had already sounded.

There was an uncovered shock in his voice.

This man in yellow robe is clearly a powerful practitioner in Jiaodong County, but he is showing the mind-sword of the heart sect!

The yellow robe man's face is all cat-and-mouse-like jokes, and Shen Xuan can avoid this sword, making him feel more interesting.

"Good vision."

He smiled playfully and did not rush to shoot. He said: "I am Zheng Bainiao, the second uncle of Queen Zheng Xiu. Seventeen years ago, my identity was a true disciple of the Heart Sect. Among the disciples of that generation , I ranked ninth in the order of entry, but most of the spiritual records of the Sect of Heart are still left by me."

Shen Xuan's figure stopped at this time, the residual image around him disappeared, but the wind that was brought up was still flowing sharply, making his body slowly precipitate out in a layer of transparent mist.

His face was much paler.

He didn't have any interest in the history of Zheng Bainiao's practice. However, he knew very well that in the past few decades, there were only a few practitioners who could understand the sword of mind and use it perfectly.

These practitioners are all geniuses like Yi Xin who participated in the Minshan Sword Society.

The strongest strength of the Xinjianzong lies in the mind-sword.

The most terrifying and hardest defense of Xin Nian Jian is that it is born with thought, and it is born directly in the world outside the opponent's body. There is no distance from the opponent's body.

Just like the sword that just crossed his neck, it was a sword directly generated against his right neck and cut into his body.

Without distance, there is no time for reaction.