The Sword Dynasty

555 Question

Zheng Jingcheng and Pan Ruoye's battle took place far away from Changling, but not all practitioners cannot perceive it.

Because the Zhenyuan exercises were the same and the cultivation practices were strong enough, the man in the yellow robe sitting in the carriage and walking in the drizzle of Changling felt the result of the battle between Zheng Jingcheng and Pan Ruoye.

He could not know the process of the confrontation between the two, but he could perceive that Zheng Jingcheng's gas engine finally disappeared.

Jiaodong County pays close attention to well-known practitioners and even the rising stars of those practice sites in Changling, including some students who have just started to engage in practice but have performed well.

There are several warehouses in Jiaodong County, and there are detailed information about many practitioners who are closely watching them.

Especially for the masters above the Seven Realms, Jiaodong County has a detailed assessment.

The assessment of Jiaodong County is probably the most authoritative assessment in the entire world of practitioners, because many years ago, when Zheng Xiu entered Changling, Jiaodong County did a job for the young talents of the same era as Zheng Xiu. The evaluation, the development trajectory of these young talents, and the entry of the cultivation base were mostly in accordance with the evaluation of Jiaodong County.

In the assessment of Jiaodong County, Zheng Bainiao killed Shen Xuan and Zheng Jingcheng killed Pan Ruoye.

From any point of view, Shen Xuan and Pan Ruoye are not practitioners on the same level as Zheng Bainiao and Zheng Jingcheng.

Jiaodong County designated Shen Xuan as the first target to be killed. The biggest reason was to exchange for the silent chips of the powerful in Changling.

This is the balance between power and wealth.

Shen Xuan is a newly born giant, which has harmed the interests of many people in Changling. However, he is the arm of the Queen. Apart from his own people in Jiaodong County, the rest of the Changling dignitaries dare not move Shen Xuan.

Jiaodong County originally didn't want the queen Zheng Xiu to be too strong, and killing Shen Xuan had a double benefit for Jiaodong County and Changling's elite.

Pan Ruo Ye was designated as the second target to be killed, first because Pan Ruo Ye used to be the confidant of the Queen, knowing too many secrets in Jiaodong County, and after leaving the Queen, she also became an unowned duckweed Even Moshoucheng, who has some roots with her, is dead, and killing her will not cause dissatisfaction on either side.

From a certain height, Shen Xuan and Pan Ruoye are mortal.

However, now that Shen Xuan and Pan Ruoye are still alive, Zheng Bainiao and Zheng Jingcheng are dead.

In the secret conversation between Chen Jianshou and Ye Célén, Chen Jianshou came to Ye Célé to raise three people in Jiaodong County. However, Jiaodong County began to formally step on the stage of Changling. .

The reason for the three is just to show that the weight of these three people is enough to affect the pattern of Changling.

Now there is only one man in the yellow robe in the carriage.

The battle between Pan Ruoye and Zheng Jingcheng is just a one-to-one duel between practitioners. Jiaodong County is only based on absolute confidence in Zheng Jingcheng, but killing Shen Xuan in Changling, Jiaodong County has made countless arrangements that can be cracked The person who killed the game secretly did not know how much power was mobilized.

Because many aspects of Zheng Xiu's strength coincided with Jiaodong County, it was impossible for her actions to hide from Jiaodong County, so the person who secretly cracked this killing was not Zheng Xiu, but a giant not aware of Jiaodong County.

When did Changling add another giant with such a powerful force, and it was unknown to Jiaodong County?

This is a terrible thing at the strategic level, but at this time the man in yellow robe was not panicked because of it, he was still thinking quietly.

What he thought about was still murder.

What he is thinking now is whether he should kill someone in order to completely change the current situation.

His thoughts at this time may only be understood by people in Jiaodong County and Zheng Xiu.

Because he is not only the most senior and oldest practitioner among the three, but he is also the most terrifying practitioner in these three people and the entire Jiaodong County.

He has a very powerful and domineering name, Zheng Hu Sha.

Jiaodong County faces the sea and lives on the sea.

In the sea, the fierce tiger shark is the overlord and is synonymous with killing.

Who is to kill, this is a problem.


The carriage is still moving slowly in the drizzle of Changling, and Zheng Hu Sha is quietly and seriously considering this issue.

However, in his keenly perceptive world, a murmur appeared.

For a practitioner like him, even if he is thinking about important issues, he can clearly perceive any subtle changes of hundreds of square meters around his body at any time, and can perceive any shape of a drop of water splashing on the ground. You can perceive the activity of any wormwood, or even the grass roots in the soil, how they absorb rainwater, and how that water flows in the root system.

When this murmur sounded, he had "seen" the source of the murmur.

It was a swordsman who relied on a teahouse window outside Baizhang.

A thin flying sword without a handle dropped from the sleeve of the swordsman and fell into the ditch under the window. Then the sword was like a fast fish swimming through the water sharply. He pointed directly to the carriage where he was.

Zheng Hu Sha frowned.

This kind of cultivation sword attack made him even less interested.

He stretched out his hand in the dark carriage of the carriage and made a very simple movement-like a fist.

A whirlpool suddenly appeared in the air in front of the sword master in the window far from Baizhang.

The rain swirled in this vortex, making the vortex extremely visible.

When the sword master who made the flying sword saw the vortex, he only felt that the force of the vortex rotation had penetrated into his heart.

He didn't even have time to change his face, and his whole heart had been tangled up with a powerful force.

He lowered his head helplessly and died.

Blood spurted from his mouth and fell into the ditch below along the wall of the teahouse.

The flying sword was still dozens of feet away from the carriage. At the moment, it lost its support. Like a leaf, it still floated in the water for a while, and then it sank silently into the mud of the ditch.

An assassin's assassination has not yet taken shape, but he has been killed by him, but Zheng Hu Sha at this time has no complacent emotion.

He slowly withdrew his hands and raised his head.

He was thinking about killing people, but now someone has to kill him.

This seems ridiculous, but absolutely not ridiculous.

Several exclamations sounded, and the carriage, which had been walking in a hurry, stopped abruptly.

On the road in front of the carriage, stood a tower-like man in common.

His hands were holding a black iron pillar that was about the size of a few people. In a thunderous thunder, he threw this black iron pillar directly into the carriage!