The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 558

Zheng Husha lowered his head, his legs gradually could not bear the weight of himself, and slowly knelt on the ground.

The thin and light sword passed through his heart, no matter what level of practitioners, it should be dead by then.

However, at this time, Zheng Hu Sha was not yet dead.

Even in this street, it was completely quiet, when all the turbulence of the world's vitality completely disappeared, the pattering rain completely ruled here, he was not dead.

This battle did not know how many people were disturbed, but when the battle ended, no one dared to walk into this alley.

The rain washed away the blood.

The blood on the headless corpse opposite him was also thoroughly washed away, and the flesh became pale as catkins.

Footsteps were finally heard in the lonely lane.

A butter paper umbrella bypassed the headless corpse and floated up.

Holding an umbrella is a boy in a yellow robe. This boy is holding an umbrella to help a very old man with rain.

This old old man was a practitioner who had previously released a Buddha and jumped from the sky, but was caught by Zheng Husha with a sword.

At this time, he lost his prestige, and his spirit was weak. He coughed with a Jinpa covering his mouth.

Accompanied by coughing, patients with blood follicles are often released from his lips and teeth.

"Is it hard to hang in one breath?"

The old man walked to Zheng Hu Sha, whose head was hanging down, had just been able to see the position of his toes, with a touch of real emotion, said softly.


Zheng Husha couldn't lift his head. He looked at the old man's toes and said bitterly: "But Uncle Si, some words don't make sense, but they are really dead."

The old man was silent for a few moments and said, "The people who died in Changling don't know how many people are there, and you are the only one. You should understand that I am here to talk to you just because I know that you just cut me Keep your hand."

"But other than that, we are still a family. You are the principal in the family, and the person I have followed for a long time in my childhood." The light in Zheng Hu Sha's eyes was dimmed again, "Zheng Xiu's layout is very clever, It only wastes the lives of two practitioners, but in the end it is possible to form such a killing game, also because of the timing of your attraction to my sword and the control of the sword that stabbed me. If it were you who saw me against you, My mind won’t be so shocked, and if it weren’t for her sword, I wouldn’t feel it in time.

The old man's eyebrows flickered slightly and bowed his head: "You are telling the truth, I admit that it was a coincidence, and some are not very glorious."

Zheng Husha did not care about his sentence, and then said: "Zheng Xiu can use such a sword, presumably she has finally got the continuation of God's tactics... But Sishu, you should understand that no matter how, I never I thought about killing her."

The old man in Huangpao was silent for a moment, and then said: "You are too strong. If you don't die, many things will not succeed as long as you don't agree."

Zheng Husha didn't argue anything, but just had a hard time and then whispered: "But I died, and Zheng Bainiao and Zheng Jingcheng also died. This is what you want to see? The originally powerful Jiaodong County became Weakened."

The old man in yellow robe shook his head.

This time he did not hesitate, his expression was very firm and certain.

"Jiaodong County has not become weak, but will be stronger."

He looked at Zheng Husha and said: "To make Zheng Xiu and Jiaodong County truly connected, there are two options, one is your choice and the other is our choice. All the power of Jiaodong County and her The will blends together and moves towards one place. The most important thing is that our people have different views from you, and we think she will be stronger than you."

After he paused, he continued: "There will be no Zheng Xiu and Jiaodong County, only Zheng Xiu."

"A group of lunatics."

Zheng Hu Sha laughed, "She is a lunatic, and you are also lunatics, if in the end you are all dead, and she is sitting alone and enjoying her success, don't you care?"

The old man in Huangpao nodded his head and replied seriously: "People who want to achieve some great achievements are all insane."

"In a sense, although our Jiaodong County has lost many powerful practitioners this time, all its strength has been regrouped into one point. There are no other opinions. This is the strongest in our history in Jiaodong County. time."

He looked at Zheng Hu Sha, who was bleeding from his mouth and nose with a smile, and his last breath completely dissipated.


"You are finally dead."

"Death is in my hands, death is in the hands of the people you teach. You should not be angry, but be proud."

In the depths of the cold palace, the queen Zheng Xiu, who always stood behind the Lingquan, looked at the street where Zheng Husha's breath was cut off, and slowly muttered to herself.

Her face was still cold, but her eyes were rippling with colors.

This color is full of brilliance because of real joy.

Since she began to practice, there were countless shadows over her head.

These shadows planned her life, overriding her will, and these shadow-bearers destroyed what they did not want to see.

Until she entered Changling and became the queen, these shadows gradually decreased. However, Zheng Hu Shao, who had more vigor and combat power than her, and had a great voice in Jiaodong County, was still the biggest shadow over her head.

Now, at last, even the last biggest shadow has disappeared.

Starting today, she is Jiaodong County, and Jiaodong County is her.

Her will is the will of Jiaodong County!


Huang Zhenwei stood at the highest point of the turret and looked at Zheng Hu Sha's death from afar.

After he watched the whole process, there were those cold guards of the turret.

Except for the new giant who prevented Zheng Bainiao from killing Shen Xuan, there is no fourth new giant in Changling City.

The death of Zheng Hu Sha is just a family change.

Such a powerful cultivator was killed on the street at such a small cost. Anyone who sees and will be aware of this family change in the future will probably not feel that the strength of Jiaodong County is greatly weakened. I think the hostess of Changling is powerful.

This is her demonstration.

Once again remind everyone how cold and powerful she is.

Huang Zhenwei knew that in the past winter, she suffered a lot of blows, but everyone did not see her move and counterattack. Some people may think that she has no ability to counterattack except useless madness.

However, her counterattack had already begun.

First inside.

Before the spring cutting began, she completely mastered Jiaodong County with one hand!

Huang Zhenwei remained silent.

But his breathing was unconsciously disordered.

He seemed to feel a giant beast completely freed from the cage.