The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 559

Spring is coming.

When the Great Qin Dynasty ceased to deliberately cover up the frequent movement of the army, in fact the war between the Great Qin Dynasty and the Great Chu Dynasty had already begun.

"Don't let Zhao Mu lead the army hard to convince the crowd."

In the depths of the Imperial Palace of Chu, Zhao Xiangfei looked at Lin Boojiji sitting quietly in front of her, and said, "I understand that the rear is more important than the front line, but he is after all the most handsome and suitable for commanding the army. The power of the country cannot be given to the hands of others, nor can it be led by you."

Lin Zhuojiu was no longer in the water cellar. At this time, he was wearing a green shirt and seemed inexplicably clean and refreshing.

"Of course we will not be led by us."

He looked at Zhao Xiangfei and smiled slightly, saying, "Because the leader will be you."

Zhao Xiangfei was stunned and frowned slightly, "I am personally recruited, and Zhao Mu stabilizes the rear, but before Xiang Yan Jin Gejun returns, according to your plan, there will be a lot of defeats, the military is difficult to stabilize, and it will be more chaotic. ."

Lin Zhijiu said: "No matter what the process is, as long as you are in a decisive battle to win a big victory by yourself, you will have the highest prestige."

Zhao Xiangfei thought for a while, "Since this is the case, it would be better to do it more thoroughly."

Lin Zhuojiu looked at her curiously, "I don't understand what it means more thoroughly."

Zhao Xiangfei said: "If some battles are doomed to a great possibility of failure, then let those who have always opposed me appear in those battles."

Lin Zhuojiu was stunned for a while, and sighed: "It is undeniable that women are more determined to do things than men."


"Don't let me lead, let me stay behind to help her kill, why?"

In a large military camp account of the Great Chu Dynasty, the general wearing the black armor sneered. "Even if I agree, even if I am at ease, will others be at ease?"

The general with a cold face, a slender figure, and two beautiful and narrow eyebrows was recognized by the Da Chu Dynasty as the most proficient in fighting, especially Zhao Mu, who ruled the army.

His surname is Zhao, but he is a native of Yuanyang County who was born and raised in the Great Chu Dynasty, and has nothing to do with Zhao Xiangfei.

For many years in the past, he has been the source of confidence for many top generals of the Da Chu Dynasty.

In a sense, Zhao Xiangfei's order also requires his consent.

Now he obviously disagreed.

However, just when he sneered at the belly of several famous hearts, he felt a familiar breath approaching.

He smiled in consternation, stood up, and bowed deeply to the man who lifted the curtain, saying, "Teacher."

This is a very old man with hair as white as snow.

Watching the appearance of the old man, several senior military generals in the camp were shocked to speak.

The reason why Zhao Mu quickly entered the military's top level is the most critical reason, because he is the most proud disciple of the former Chu army "military god" Li Bian.

At this time, the old man was Li Bin, who had been hiding for many years.

What shocked these people even more was that the old man was not wearing casual clothes at the moment, but he was wearing heavy armor.

"If you are the leader of the teacher, the disciples will naturally be convinced."

"It will not be me who leads the front, I will stay with you in the rear to help her kill."


Hearing the unexpected answer, Zhao Mu Huo Ran looked up and looked at his teacher puzzled.

Li Jie looked at him and grinned, as rough as he used to be when he was in the army. "Why?"

Zhao Mu hesitated slightly and straightened his body without concealing, "The disciple is not at ease."

"It's not the battlefield itself... The people in Bashan Jianchang were originally the most war-fighting people in the world." He didn't wait for Li Jie's reply, looked at Li Jie's eyes, and then said: "But the Dachu at the moment, in the end Who is it?"

Li Li looked at his most proud disciple, slowly condensing his smile, and remarked extremely simply: "Fool!"

Zhao Mu froze.

Several generals in this camp also froze.

"Even you know her relationship with Bashan Jianchang, knowing that she is a person in Bashan Jianchang in a sense, wouldn't the first emperor know?" Li Jie looked at Zhao Mu with an idiot's gaze, his voice Slightly cold, "You haven't figured it out yet, the first emperor passed the position to Liling Jun, not because he believed in Liling Jun, but because he believed in Princess Zhao Xiang?"

Zhao Mu was shocked, unable to speak for a while.

"Since Emperor Xian assured her that Da Chu was in her hands, what are you worried about?"

Li Jie sneered and said, "There is no female color that can confuse Xiandi, and what can make Xiandi truly at ease is only true love."

"Xiandi loves her, and she also loves Xiandi. Only the most sincere emotions in the world can make Xiandi let her sit in that position. Not her origin, her cultivation, her strength."

Li Fu narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at Zhao Mu, and then slowly said: "She will never pay less than you for the first emperor and this dynasty, so you can... rest assured."



"Never have only forced prostitutes to be prostitutes, and have never heard of forcing a leader to fight!"

"I will only watch the fish and watch the flowers. I will go shopping in Yanxiang Street and Yanxiang Street. It is my greatest skill to be idle."

"I want to see Princess Zhao Xiang!"

"Concubine Zhao... How dare you treat me like this!"

In a deep mansion compound surrounded by heavy soldiers, a loud roar continued to sound, and gradually turned into a sad scream.

A white fat middle-aged man in a Jin suit was flying around with more than ten handles and swords. His white face was full of scars from the slapping, full of blood, and he kept screaming.

"Stop calling."

A soft voice rang outside this hall.

The white fat middle-aged man's cry came to an abrupt halt. He widened his eyes and looked at Zhao Mo who appeared in front of him in surprise, "Zhao Mo, just come here, help me..."

"I won't help you."

Zhao Mo shook his head and interrupted his words, "It's not just you who will go to the border, many people in the capital will go to the border like you."

"What do you mean?"

The white fat middle-aged man was dumbfounded and reacted. He was furious and called out, "Zhao Mo, you actually fell on your knees under Zhao Yaofei's skirt."

Zhao Mo turned around and ignored it.

The white fat middle-aged man was even more angry and scolded: "Zhao Mo, your mother is a maidservant, and the sister in the kiln of the demon's mother, no wonder you are embarrassed."


Zhao Mo made a noise.

When his two words were spoken, a senior general who followed him turned around.

With a snort, a red line appeared on the white fat middle-aged man's neck.

All the voice of the white fat middle-aged man paused. He raised his hand to touch his neck, but he had lost all his strength and could not touch it at all.

"How could... how dare you kill me..."

The white fat middle-aged man stared at Zhao Mo's back with wide eyes, and his head fell with a grunt in his throat.

"The harsher the method at the beginning, the more able to convince the crowd, but unfortunately being the object of killing chickens and monkeys, but not knowing it."

Zhao Mo didn't turn around to look, but said softly to the general who was beside him, "If anyone moves, kill him directly."