The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 561: Ding Ning

The supreme commander of an army often plays a decisive role in the victory or defeat of war.

This is not only about cultivation, courage, but also temperament.

Sometimes a little hesitation and softness can affect the critical battle, and inspire morale, or even make an army die and forget its life, which depends more on the confidence and personal charm that the war will give to the subordinates.

Not only in the foreign dynasty, but even in the Dachu dynasty, many people have no confidence in Tang Mei who has been at home for many years.

The army of the Great Qin Dynasty was famous for its bravery many years ago, especially during the period of many generals in Bashan Jianchang. The Great Qin Dynasty was not as strong as it is now, without such a vast territory and abundant supplies, even if the population is relatively small. The dynasties of the world are not as good.This is reflected in the army, that is, the number of troops that can be fed by the power of nesting, including ordnance, is much worse than that of the three Han dynasties at that time.

Therefore, in many battles in the rise of Bashan, the Daqin army often relied on powerful practitioners, and the number of troops was often absolutely inferior. Classic battles with thousands of wins and tens of thousands have appeared many times.

In the thirteen years of Daqin and Yuanwu, although Bashan Jianchang had been annihilated for many years, the number of powerful practitioners in the Daqin dynasty was still stable and stable, especially Changling, as if they were lucky, and there are countless amazing practitioners with amazing talent. .

It is difficult for the world to imagine what kind of performance the Daqin army will have when the total number of powerful practitioners is already large, and when the total number of the Daqin army is no less than that of the other party.

At least in the battle with Wu's, even if Wu's attacked the army of the Great Qin Dynasty with a crazy full attack at first, he was caught by surprise and won a huge victory, but in the subsequent battle, a large number of practitioners in Changling rushed When it arrived, Wu's army soon couldn't bear it, and retreated into the depths of the wasteland by the cold.

Not many people are optimistic about the Great Chu Dynasty.

The most intuitive response is on the long border of Chu Qin.

Many border towns, bayonet, and some military and horse carriages on the side of the Great Qin Dynasty can not be reached. Only the horse gang knows some secret trails to reach the town. Every day, a large number of caravans returning from Chu are welcomed.

Very few caravans returned to Chu from the Qin Dynasty.

This most intuitively shows that, in the view of these caravans and some residents on the border, when the war begins, the war will spread towards Chu territory, and the army of the Great Chu Dynasty will inevitably resist the Qin army’s invasion, so take it for granted Moving back to the territory behind the army of the Great Qin Dynasty is relatively safe. Otherwise, when the two armies have been fighting, I am afraid that they will not be able to survive, and they will be affected.

Hongyan Town is one of the northernmost mountain towns of the Dachu Dynasty in the north of Yinshan Mountain.

As the name implies, this ordinary horse and horse can't reach it, and only the mountain towns that can be reached by the horse caravan that can be carved along the secret mountain road cut out from the cliff originated from Red Salt.

There is no good field for cultivation around this mountain town since ancient times, and the transportation is extremely inconvenient. Communicating with the outside world is only to abandon the horses and rely on manpower to turn the mountain, or to take the kind of dangling gut trail that was dug along the side of the mountain wall.The reason why it can become one of the settlements of the border people is because the underground contains a lot of red brine.

These red brines can be used to make salt.

Salt is extremely important for people and animals. There is no other place where salt can be produced in the surrounding area of ​​Hongyan Town. Therefore, Hongyan Town has been relying on women to pump, carry brine and make salt in the salt fields for thousands of years.

Herdsmen and farmers outside transported air-dried meat and food through the caravan to arrive here, in exchange for a large amount of red salt.

Naturally, Hongyan Town has become an extremely secret market place, even if it is difficult to reach, but because there is no better place within a hundred miles of the surrounding area, many caravans passing by here are very good even if there is no transaction completed here. You may come here to rest and replenish some materials. If you are underweight, you will naturally bring some red salt out.As long as the red salt is shipped out, it will be at least twice as expensive as here.

The war is coming, and even most herdsmen have drove their animals away from the mountain pastures in the hinterland of Yinshan, and the caravans here have become extremely scarce.

Coming along the border of Donghu, Ding Ning, Chang Sun Qingxue, and the old monk who are suffering hardship are naturally absolutely different.

However, in this extremely difficult and difficult life zone in the extreme north of Chu, the transaction was originally interlinked with Donghu and Wu's, and the customs were mostly similar.In the eyes of ordinary people in these areas, the vast majority of ascetic monks have extraordinary mana because of their practice. Especially in the practice of these ascetic monks, when they meet the requirements of the border people, they will use precious energy to remove these border people. Sickness, so the ascetic monks are extremely respected dharma kings in the eyes of these frontiers.Some frontiers will spontaneously support these ascetic monks with their best things.

The older one is, the more ascetic monk who feels the extraordinary weather. It seems to these people that he has a higher merit. Therefore, when this ascetic monk led Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qingxue to this place, Received the highest courtesy.

The people in Hongyan Town not only presented snow salt, a crystal of extremely pure salt frost, condensed on the top wooden strip deep in the salt well. This kind of snow salt naturally condenses some vitality that is useful to practitioners. There are amazing prices in capitals like Changling.In addition, I heard that the old monks are only here, these people also offered some of the best horses, enough water and food.

As for the guide, it was rejected by the old monk.

Because the old monk himself is the best guide, when he practiced in his early years, his footsteps once traveled across most parts of Yinshan, and entered Chu or Qin from this area.

The horses selected by these devout frontiers are common to the intestinal trails on the cliffs, and they walk extremely stable, but most places are extremely dangerous. A few inches beside them are hundreds of feet in the air. Jianshui rapids.

Ding Ning's body waved up and down with the bumps of the horse, but his hands were extremely stable and opened a large carved silver box containing snow salt.

His right index finger and middle finger reached into the middle of Xueyan, and then twisted a piece of paper out of it, and looked at it.

Hongyan Town is a must-have for him. One is that this is a shortcut to quickly enter Chu Realm. The other is that it is actually a military intelligence center in Wu's. There are Wu's in the caravans gathered from all over. People, gather some key military intelligence here.

To make the most accurate judgment on the situation, you need to have the most complete and fastest source of information, and you must count the time it takes for this information to pass here, and estimate the possible changes.

Ding Ning carefully read the dense handwriting on this page, then turned and handed it to Changsun Qianxue.

The grandson Qianxue scanned it roughly and nodded while looking at his back. "The more superiors, the more you know, the less you are optimistic about the Dachu Dynasty. In just a few days, Yan and Qi There have been several unrests. Although the previous unrest and the unclimate unrest are just deliberately displayed by Zheng Xiu for people to show, but it has let everyone know that she has a long-term layout in Yan and Qi. Although Chu and Yan The Qi three dynasties have a covenant to advance and retreat, but I am afraid that Yan Qi will be afraid. Even if a large number of practitioners are sent, some of the most powerful practitioners, Emperor Yan and Qi Emperor, will also stay with them."

"Zheng Xiu is indeed very good at assassination, but this is not the most critical factor in this situation." Ding Ning turned to look at her and said, "I also think that Yan and Qi will not send strong aid, but only the most critical. The reason is that the Dachu dynasty is also very strong. From their point of view, this battle is naturally unbeatable, but such a strength of the two sides, no one can swallow each other completely, so they feel that In the end, both sides damaged a large number of troops, but the Da Chu dynasty could not afford it, but ultimately it was to cede the land to sum up. The cession of several counties would naturally injure the Da Chu dynasty, but the Da Qin would also consume a lot of energy. This is the opportunity for Yan and Qi to rise."

Chang Sun Qianxue frowned, and said directly: "If everything is as you expect now, even if Jin Gejun arrives on schedule, it is very dangerous, because now Daqin invests too much power than you thought before."

Ding Ning naturally understood that what she said was that even if he tried his best, it might not help Da Chu win the war, but he didn't think so.

He shook his head and said, "Sihou, the general who has been idle for many years, seems to have too much advantage, but in fact we have a chance."