The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 562

Long Sun Qianxue couldn't understand.

Ding Ning turned her head and looked at her, saying: "The 13th Daqin of the Qin Dynasty, each of which is an imperial giant, is different from the time when Bashan Jianchang leads. Most leaders in Bashan Jianchang are brothers, and they have a complete relationship between life and death. Common, even beyond the goal of life and death, this is a heart-to-heart battle, but these princes are different, they have their own ideas, and the alliance between them is like the alliance between Chu, Yan, and Qi."

Long Sun Qianxue thought for a while and said, "It is this possibility alone, the chance is too slim, especially Yuan Wu has demonstrated the power of the military weapon in the Lushan Association, and the advantage of Chu is most reflected in ordinary practitioners. In terms of use, it can only make up for the insufficient number of practitioners relative to the Qin army."

"Zhao Mu and Tang Mu are both good commanders. Zhao Mu is stronger than Tang Mu because he can ignore life and death. Sometimes some deaths and sacrifices on the battlefield are things that cannot be avoided. Ignore and forget these. The death that can't be avoided can give the subordinates blood and a strong feeling, so that the commander does not hesitate and tie his hands." Ding Ning twisted some snow salt into the portable kettle, shook it and drank, and then said: " The best thing about Zhao Mu is that he knows how to make good use of it. According to this Wu's information, he sacrificed a subordinate army of Tang Mei, which made Tang Mei angry and retired. He knew Tang Mei’s ability to control the army, Know more about Tang Mi's temperament. Tang Mi is very focused on the life and death of one soldier and one soldier, so Tang Mi's leader will never have a wide open battle, but will be more delicate, and is destined to drag the duration of this war. very long."

"Fast battles and quick battles, hard-to-fight battles, are completely crushing each other in strength, and it is difficult to find opportunities, but they last for a long time, and there are many wars where many battles converge. The possibility of finding a chance to win is greatly increased. "

Ding Ning smiled with some admiration and said, "The most important thing is that Zhao Mu is very aware that they rely heavily on external forces in this war, such as the Bashan Sword Field. And now the most worried inside the Dachu dynasty is It is Bashan Jianchang that controls the dynasty itself. If the war is only completed by one or two large-scale battles, then if Bashan Jianchang appears in these two battles, it will play a leading role, even if Lin Bojiu stands out to be a military division, but instead It will definitely cause a rebound, and the people of the Great Chu Dynasty will never agree."

"If one or two large-scale battles become entangled in hundreds of battles, even if Lin Zhuojiu appears in a certain battle, it will not cause a strong rebound inside Dachu." Chang Sun Qianxue understood, slowly said , "And to find a winning opportunity from the complicated situation, this is what you are good at."

Ding Ning glanced at the old monk in the front and said, "We still have a key to winning. We have a powerful practitioner after Yuan Wu. Although he shot in Donghu Palace, the people in Changling are not Knowing that he will follow us like a waiter. Zheng Xiu is good at assassination, but we can also become very good."



Many places on the Qin and Chu borders were originally barren areas unsuitable for human survival.

Natural conditions are too difficult, and production is too scarce, so only a few people can survive, and those aquatic plants have been abundant, and since ancient times there have been a large number of people gathering places, it has naturally become a city, becoming a center of wealth and power.

However, when the troops of both Qin and Chu began to move along this border line, this extremely barren area naturally attracted the attention of the whole world this spring.The result of this war will completely change the pattern of the entire world.

Many people are rushing like Ding Ning.

A group of seven rides galloping in the wilderness of Dalyang County.

Dalyang County is one of the northernmost guards of the Dachu Dynasty and belongs to the hills and valleys at the foot of Yinshan Mountain.

A few decades ago, Daliang County did not belong to the Dachu Dynasty, but there was an independent dynasty, Liang.

It's just that this dynasty is too weak and originally survived in the cracks, seeking refuge in Chu. Chu originally coveted this area, but it was difficult to start with face.When the Daqin dynasty and Han, Zhao, and Wei started fighting, the Dachu dynasty almost took the boat and put this area in its pocket.

The Dachu dynasty only let a Qin army pass by from here. The Qin army stepped over Liang with no effort, and then Dachu sent troops to recover the lost land and took over Liang.All of Liang's royal family had disappeared when the Qin army conquered, and Dachu simply arranged a distant relative of King Liang to be the county king here.

This kind of clever story often appears in the long river of history, and it can't turn over the waves.

However, the strategic significance of the Daliang County to the Dachu Dynasty is very important. A third of the horses and beasts used for fighting in the Dachu Dynasty come from here. The most important thing is that the Daliang County is full of dense river valleys and hills. , Can be used to set up a fortress, or arrange a lot of elaborate battles, large-scale army can not be launched here, but after this Liang County, it is the Shuanghe Plain of the Dachu Dynasty, a large smooth road, whether it is dry road or waterway, It is like a avenue under the sun, which leads directly to the hinterland of the Dachu Dynasty.

Therefore, on the border line where both sides have invested millions of troops, the most important place for competition on the western side is naturally Yangshan County, and the most important place for competition on the northern side is this Liangyang County.

Daliang County was the central station of the Chinese army stationed and commanded by the northern army of the Dachu Dynasty.

In the area of ​​Razor Bluff and Boulder Forest in the center of Dalyang County, more than 200,000 elite troops are stationed.

At this time, these seven rides are still located on the southern edge of Dalyang County, two days away from Razor Cliff.

Among the seven riders, three riders are in the front, one rider is in the middle, and the third rider is in the middle. The middle rider has a quiet face and sometimes a pensive look. It is the commander of the unprecedented battle of the Dachu Dynasty, Tang Mu.

The southern wilderness has no fields and no roads, and all are natural grasslands.

Therefore, there is no need to restrain the horse racing, just let these horses run freely forward.

With the ups and downs, the spring light is bright again, and the scent of the green grass that just appeared is constantly pouring into the nasal cavity, which makes people feel a little bit deep and sleepy.

At this time, there was still a full hour before the evening, but the low-lying riverside in front of it, there was a plume of smoke.

After a ray, there are many ray, such as a piece of cyan ribbon slowly sky, covering the world in front of the seven Qiqi.

Tang Mei raised her head slowly.

The ground shook slightly.

A cavalry rushed up from the low-lying place, just like drilling out of the mud, and appeared neatly on the wilderness in front of them.

"Although it is already the nominal commander, in the final analysis, it is to go to the Chinese commander's battalion and sit in that commander position to be the real commander. It seems that some people do not want us to get there."

"Tang Zhefeng, no wonder your knife is unsatisfactory. It seems that the grindstone grinding alone will not work. You need to grind the flesh."

"That's right, the timing is not bad, so you can hurry up before going to Razor Hill Camp."

"Tang Zhefeng, can you not split up like this and keep playing such self-talk."

There was a cold and helpless yell.

The last sentence spoke out was a rider right behind Tang Mei. That day, when Zhao Mu's men arrived at Tang Mei's reclusive small courtyard, the man was carrying water in the backyard.When he bowed his head to do farm work, this man was no different from ordinary farmers.At this time, he scattered his tangled hair, and his long black hair was a mysterious waist, and his face was very beautiful, his chin was thin, his skin was extremely white, and if he was not tall, he was tall and slender. I'm afraid it will make people think he is a woman.

The first three sentences were loud, but a man who was a little too hot, with a beard and weed-like hair, tied up casually with a cloth belt.The most striking thing is that he is carrying a large, flat cloth bag.

The previous three sentences sounded like three people were talking, but in fact they were all spoken by him alone.

Hearing this cold, long-haired man beside him at this moment, he squeezed his eyes and said, "Tang Zhefeng, after so many years, I can't get rid of this problem even after being excited."

"But if it can be changed, is it still a problem?"

"Yeah, just be happy, if you change it, you won't be happy."

Next, he said two more words, and then he laughed again.

Between his speeches, neither the Qiqi on his side nor the oncoming cavalry stopped, and the two soon got closer.

Thousands of cavalry troops came out of the low-lying areas of the river valley, and the generals led by them were thirty, and they wore black armor like snake scales. The fine runes on the armor pieces naturally attracted the spirit of heaven and earth, and a trace of it continued to flow. Cold cold air.

The general’s facial features have no special features, but his appearance is extremely cold, like the texture of gold and iron carvings. His hands and fingers are also covered by thin scales, and his left hand carries a purple that seems to have just been picked. Wildflowers, however, with the passage of time, this bright wildflower was quickly tarnished by the frozen air flowing out of the scales of his fingers, withering away.