The Sword Dynasty

563 Who will pick this sword?

He was facing the wind, and a smoky stream of cold air flowing from the scale armor runes flew behind him like a long tail.

Tang Mei first saw the scale armor of this person, and then saw the face of this person, could not help but startled slightly, "Is it you?"

"I can't think of you."

When all the petals on the originally bright wild flowers withered and withered, the flower branch in the general's hands shattered like frost and flew from his fingers. He and Qian Qi stopped behind him, and he slowly raised his head and looked at Tang Mei without expression. Tao: "There were 17 battles last night, and the area around Yangshan County remained untouched. The battles were all concentrated in the middle section of Yinshan to the northern section of Yinshan. The deepest group was the vanguard of Wei Xiaowu, under the command of Xiao Yan. About 3,000 to 5,000, broke the Yutian Pass, and General Che Chi died."

"Besides that, the Shilin area was lost. The Chenjiazhai granary was taken."

"The large army on Sima's side has entered our border and traveled twenty miles. The army is around 200,000."

"Wei Wugui himself appeared in the valley not far from Yutianguan, and is expected to seize the Luhezi meadow and control the wild horses and tribes in that area."


The general did not care about Tang Mei's expression and even said many sentences, but was reporting the latest military situation.

The news spread to Changling and Yanqi, and it may take decades for the world to know.The transmission of news is always separated by time, and while the outside world is still waiting for the first to send the trouble, the war between the Great Qin Dynasty and the Great Chu Dynasty has quietly begun.

After the general had stated these military conditions, he stopped talking and looked at Tang Mei silently.

Tang Mei was not in a hurry, he thought about it for a moment, and then looked at the general, and said very simply: "Then what?"

"You are the one who led the commander-in-chief to be the commander-in-chief, and my military report is over, and the commander is empty, but it depends on whether you can sit on that commander." The general looked at Tang Mei, indifferently Tao: "Many people don't believe you."

Listening to this sentence, the six riders in front of and behind Tang Mei shed some coldness, but Tang Mei smiled faintly, "Xi Fenghe, many people don't believe me, but you still believe me, otherwise Now that you know my true whereabouts, it will not be you who brought these people, but directly arranged the killing bureau against us and wiped us out as soon as possible."


Hearing this name, the six riders before and after Tang Mei were all somewhat surprised and shocked.

Xifeng River is one of the most important generals in the North, and they have all heard of this person, but what really shocked them at this time is that, in a strict sense, this Xifeng River was once a subordinate of Tang Dynasty. Human boss.

It was only when the six of them followed Tang Mei successively that Xifenghe had been demoted to the frontier.

Xifenghe looked at the faint smile on Tang Mei's face and didn't answer immediately. After a moment of silence, he nodded: "You said it well, although I didn't agree with you in the early years, I was flattered by you, but I ruled you There is no objection to the capabilities of the army."

Tang Mei narrowed his smile and looked at him, saying: "I have no objection to your ability to lead the army, but just to use the army under my men, I need to follow my military orders and rules thoroughly. The same is true. It’s not just you, even those with a higher position than you, must follow my military orders and rules."

"In a strict sense, I have been a general under General Li Mu. I know more about General Li Mu. I believe his vision will not be a problem, but the position of the commander of the whole army is too important. You After sitting in that position, he died, and you are now dead, which has a completely different meaning to the battle situation."Xi Fenghe greeted his eyes, said coldly: "You must at least show the ability to live well."

"Unfortunately, a friend is not an enemy, or he can't sharpen his knife with blood."

"Tang Zhefeng, anyway, on the battlefield, still afraid that there will be no flesh and blood?

When the aftertones of Xifeng River's voice were still lingering in the air, the practitioner behind Tang Mei who liked to talk to himself said two more words.

This time Xifenghe and Qianqi behind him heard his conversation clearly, and many people's faces changed slightly.

A powerful rune has flowed out of the fingertips of Xifeng River at this time.

There are a lot of gray and strong true air blooming in the air, and there are many small flying debris that fly up along these gray runes and fall to the fingertips of Xifeng River.

As if time had flowed back, the flower that had withered and disappeared at his fingertips reappeared, and all the frozen air in the scales of his body poured into the flower, as if a new life was injected into it.

This originally withered flower turned into a crystal grey ice flower.

Perceiving the powerful breath of this ice flower, even the tang feng who has been saying to use the blood to sharpen the knife, his face was completely clear, and the cloth bag behind him burst silently.

There was nothing left in the very large cloth bag, only a knife, a knife that seemed a little too wide.

This knife didn't even open, like some of the door panels that were removed when some shops opened the door, and it really felt old.

"I know you should be the legendary clever knife." Xifenghe glanced at Tang Zhefeng, his eyes converging on Tang Mei's face, "I didn't expect you to have such a master, but I don't want him to Handle knife to pick me this flower, I want to see you pick it."

"It's not fair."

A rider in front of Tang Mei said coldly, "You have a scaled snake snake armor, a charm used by Emperor Xian, you borrowed its power."

Xifenghe gave him a mocking look, but did not respond.

But everyone understood what he meant.

Where is fairness on the battlefield, those who may appear in front of Tang Mei to assassinate him will definitely not pursue fairness in shots, and may carry more deadly and powerful charms on their bodies.

Tang Zhefeng exhaled for a long time, but touched the back of the knife with his back, but his body shrank back.

Tang Mei raised his head and said very simply, "I take it."

There was no nonsense in Xifenghe, and he released his fingers.

The roar was muffled, as if the Tianmen hole had opened.

The vitality of heaven and earth moving in all directions at a terrifying speed gathered the vitality inside the ice flower flying out of the hands of Xifeng River, and immediately formed above the top of Tang Mei's head.

A gray beam of light, like the eyes of a giant in the star sea, calmed down towards Tang Mei's body instantly.

Tang Mei dismounted.

As his feet landed on the ground, the soil on the ground undulated like ripples spreading outward.

All horses are too late to fear, because the speed of this moment exceeds the limit of their reaction.

Tang Mei's palms turned upwards.The palm print on his palm lightened up.

It is very strange that ordinary people's palms have several clear palm lines, but his palms have only one clear palm line.

The two bright palmprints seemed to be free from his palms, like two lightning bolts flying upwards, crashing into the calm gray beam of light in the sky.

The air was full of burnt smell.

No sound sounded, the two lightning lights and the gray beam disappeared at the same time, a circle of air was squeezed into a variety of crystal patterns by the powerful force, and spread in the sky.

Then countless crystal ice beads fell from the sky, reflecting the sunlight, shining this wilderness in all colors.

At that moment, the chirping sound continued to burst, and the ice beads all bloomed into a gray frozen air, like countless flowers blooming in the air.

Xifeng River dismounted.

He bowed his head silently, bowed, and saluted Tang Tang.

Many years ago, Tang Mei was stronger than him, and after many years, he became very powerful, but Tang Mei was still stronger than him.

His salute represents the recognition of Tang Mei's strength.

Just being alone is not enough for many people.

"I want to see if there is anyone except General Tang and himself."

An overbearing voice rang from Qianqi behind Xifeng River: "Who will pick me this sword."

When this sound sounded, a sword light had already poured out.

This tremendous blaze of swords is like a volcano bursting out suddenly.

Everyone only felt dazzling and hot, and felt terrible, but it was difficult to see the sword clearly, and it was not clear where the murderous intention of this sword finally converged.