The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 571 Return

The weather was fine, the sun warmed through the curtain and fell on Mo Ying's face in the camp.

Mo Ying has a very strong face, and his temperament is actually very similar to Liang Lian.He and Liang Lian, a group of generals who belonged to the young in the army, have a lot in common. In the final analysis, they all grew up in the era of Bashan Jianchang.

At that time, the generals of the Bashan Jianchang were not as dead as those of Zhao Jianlu's practitioners, but they had a firm belief that the generals of the other dynasties could not match.Coldness, fortitude, bravery, fearlessness... These are the temperaments that were common to those who were born in the practice of Bashan Jianchang.

In terms of growth experience, Mo Ying and Liang Lian have very similar experiences.

Liang Lian used to be a very ordinary driver, but Mo Ying was a very ordinary pharmacist. He didn't even count the pharmacist on the battlefield, but was responsible for preparing some basic hemostatic agents.

Both of them finally became powerful practitioners because they contacted the strong men of Bashan Jianchang.

The most similar is that both of them betrayed Bashan Jianchang, and they soon had a very high status.

Liang Lian is in charge of about half of the military forces around Changling, and is only one step away from Feng Hou. As for Mo Ying, he follows Wei Hou, the most reliant general under Wei Hou, and his power is second only to Wei Hou.

The only difference is that Liang Lian has been in Changling before, and Mo Ying has been leading the border, and Mo Ying has really been able to pass the personal biography of Bashan Jianchang, whether it is combat experience or personal cultivation, it must be high. Out of Lianglian.

Even Liang Lian is seeking to become the 14th prince of the Great Qin Dynasty. Such a powerful military leader who is even stronger than Liang Lian may naturally be a lord.Over the years, Mo Ying has been willing to succumb to Wei Hou and lead Wei Hou. The real reason is only known to him.

Although the sun is warm, the wind is cold.

Mo Ying put down the military briefing that he had seen several times, sipped the tea on the side charcoal stove, and saw a few yellow on the ground in the corner of the camp between the heads, but it had grown out unconsciously. After seeing several yellow wildflowers, he really felt a little warm.

A person's spirit is easily fatigued after a little loosening.

He felt tired, sighed softly, and rubbed his swollen temple.

After all, he was a bit old and lost his energy more than ten years ago.

But these tiredness and exclamation lasted only a short moment.

The yellowness in his vision disappeared, and the few yellow flowers that were still alive before several breaths turned into a pale white, like the sideburns of a person dyeing frost.

The chill that suddenly increased in the cold wind not only quickly condensed the water vapor in the air into frost, but even squeezed out the water in the green grass and flowers with a strange smell, freezing on the surface.

Such a domineering and violent attack can only come from the murderous intentions of powerful practitioners.

There were more wrinkles on Mo Yinggang's face, and he put down the slightly hot tea cup, and when he reached out and raised it again, he already had a short sword on the case in front of him.

This short sword is only one-third of the length of the ordinary big Qin-style long sword. The entire blade body is very similar to the green of the green grass shoots. There are fine white runes everywhere from the blade body to the handle, just like the tender green. Clusters of white flowers growing out of the grass.

This sword has been sealed a lot. At this moment, no vitality is injected, and the color becomes particularly bleak.

Mo Ying looked at the sword for a while and raised his head.

A sharp sword was formed in the air in front of him. With a clatter, the thick curtain was cut neatly on the upper edge and fell to the ground.

While a large area of ​​sunlight broke into his eyes, a pair of men and women came outside the camp.

The camp where he is located is where the command center of the Qin army is located. It is not known how many sentry dark cards are placed around it, but it is surprising that until this pair of men and women appeared in the sun without any cover up Coming towards the main entrance of the camp, the practitioners in the camp discovered the figures of the two.

The woman is slender and dressed in a plain blue coarse robe. Her face seems to be haunted by snow and wind, making her unable to see her appearance.

The man walking side by side with her in the ordinary black robe of Changling, but with a black scarf on his face.

The short sword in Mo Ying's case gave a slight shock, and at the same time when he saw the nun, he had already confirmed the identity of the other party.

As the commander of the army, there are unexpected guests. At this time, it should be the time when he issued the order, but he was motionless, but he remained silent.


A loud threat filled with threats sounded in the barracks.

Even though most of the people in the barracks at this time could not know the origin of the coming people, but the two dynasties were fighting, and suddenly two strange practitioners came straight towards the entrance of the camp. Anyone would feel inexplicably strange. .

One man, one woman, and two practitioners didn't seem to hear the sound of the gold crack stone in the hole, and they just walked forward at the original pace.


Without any hesitation, another scream was accompanied by many bleak sounds.

The arrows with ghost flames on hundreds of clusters of arrows fell like rain, burning the world's vitality around the camp door, but the most threatening thing was a flying sword hidden behind one of these arrows.

The flying sword used an extremely insidious and stable attitude to fly in the vortex behind an arrow, without making any extraneous noise, or even causing any impact on the arrow in front.

This is extremely powerful flying sword control, and even beyond the limits of Zhenyuan Xiuwei, in many cases it is enough to kill the practitioner who is stronger than Zhenyuan Xiuxi, the master of this flying sword.

When the flying sword quietly fell with these arrows, approaching a few feet above the two practitioners' heads, the two practitioners still had no reaction.

However, at the next moment, there were more boulders flying around the woman's body.These boulders shone in the sun with a deep gray and blue-black color.

Puff Puff Puff Puff...

There was a dense bang.

The arrows that really fell on the body of this woman and the practitioners beside her shattered, and even with that handle hidden behind the arrows, it seemed to be silent, but in fact it was hidden and contained a powerful flying sword of heaven and earth. At the same time broken.

For ordinary practitioners, the powerful flying sword and these arrows seem to make no difference to this woman.

In the thinking of normal people, if such an arrow is a falling stone, then such a flying sword should be a hill.

Why is there no difference between a falling rock and a hill hitting a person?

At this moment, time is like a pause, and there is silence in the barracks.

There was a loud click.

The camp door, made of heavy and thick wood, broke open, and pieces of wood fell like cracked ice.

The man and the woman walked into the camp through the big hole.

In the next moment, an angry voice sounded.Any sergeant is well aware that as long as they are penetrated by the powerful practitioners into the camp, because of the accidental injury, some powerful magical instruments can no longer function.

Five practitioners greeted him for the first time, pressing out the unreserved amounts of the true elements in his body without any backhand.

Five different energies, such as the five waterfalls gushing, hit the two of them.

The woman did not look around, but simply extended her hand and made a slash with a sword.

The wind stopped suddenly, everything was frozen.

The entire barracks fell silent again.

Everyone saw a deep and unimaginable blue and black fill the eyes, like an abyss pulled out from the ground and thrown into the bright sky at the moment.

This deep color came from a natal sword born in the hands of women.

In the following moment, all the five practitioners were cut from their waists into two pieces, and the sound of ice and snow falling when they landed.