The Sword Dynasty

572 Successor

This sword is too random, and the process of killing is too fast. All the people in this army who have seen this scene do not even have time to fear. They just subconsciously understand that the other party is too strong. It seems that it is impossible to prevent the other party from entering the depth of the barracks. The whole barracks Then there was another violent cold wind.

The violent cold wind prevented all the sergeants close to the gate of the camp from standing upright, and even the camps that were firmly fixed to the ground with iron brazing were lifted and flew back.

The woman holding the natal sword, whose soul seems to be frozen and crushed, wrapped in the wind and frost, has advanced dozens of feet in this breath!

The ordnance and charms that fell towards her body fell behind her, and the sergeants who were close to her on both sides still maintained the action of shooting, but they were covered with ice crystals and were covered with ice crystals. Frozen to the ground.

With the cold wind moving forward, Jianyi pointed directly at the Chinese military camp where Mo Ying was located. On this route, few people could stand firm, but not everyone.

More than ten practitioners appeared from all corners of the camp, standing in the cold wind in front of her.

The positions of these practitioners seem to be scattered, but the power surging from them cuts the vitality of the surrounding heaven and earth, forming a special situation.

Some armies and sects have some formations jointly practiced by practitioners, which can combine the strength of some practitioners into lower ones and fight against powerful practitioners.

At this time, the more than ten practitioners who formed the position are not weak. The most important thing is that in this army, as long as they can entangle each other and confine the other party to a certain area, the army will have more The tactics to deal with such invading practitioners

Most of these more than ten practitioners come from different sects. At this time, looking at the sword with a deep color that is unimaginable, they all understand that the convenience is the legendary Gongsun family lady, and this sword is the most in the world. The violent famous sword Nine Nether Hades sword, so they have urged their true yuan to the extreme.

The strength of this position made Chang Sun Qianxue feel strong, his steps slightly paused, and the road ahead became long in sight.

A practitioner is not among the more than a dozen practitioners. He stands behind a charm and feels that he has firmly locked his slow-paced Chang Sun Qianxue.

The charm in front of him had the height of two adults. On the base of the bronze cylinder with many mysterious runes was a standing metal figure.The metal figure stretched out the index finger of his right hand and went forward, as if he was pointing the way.

"do not move."

The real element in his body had flowed violently, and when he wanted to stimulate the power of this large instrument, he heard a very earnest voice.

The practitioner who had previously entered the camp alongside Miss Gongsun's family did not know when he had arrived not far behind him.

This young practitioner wearing a black shirt is naturally Ding Ning.

Looking at the military practitioner who had already heard his voice and turned his body slightly, Ding Ning shook his head again and said softly, "Don't move."

The body of this military practitioner is slightly stiff. He knows clearly that what the other party said is not to move, so that he does not excite this powerful Chinese weapon, and he really feels the strong warning in the other party’s sentence. However, he did not give up his intention to shoot, and after a moment of hesitation, the real element that had flowed violently in his body poured out frantically from the sleeve of his right hand, and did not fall into the base rune of that instrument. It was injected into a flying sword in the sleeve.

With a loud bang, the sleeves of this military practitioner shattered.

A gray sword shadow fell to Ding Ning's chest like a lightning in the flying rags.

Ding Ning frowned slightly, he raised his right arm and pointed at the flying sword that struck like lightning.

There was another bleak noise in the deafening thunder, a sword gas shot from his fingertips, penetrating the air that was momentarily pressed to become layers of crystal shadows, and it was exactly the same as the flying sword hit.

Just a sword spirit, with some breath of life.

To be precise, it was just a sword qi flowing from the natal sword.

The tense face of the practitioners in the army was black for a moment, because of the unique connection with his own flying sword, the skin on the face was violently oscillating, and the folds were rippling like water waves on the face.

His pupils contracted violently, filled with unbelievable emotions.

It was just a sword qi flowing from the opponent's natal sword, but the moment the sword qi appeared, it gave his body an instinctive shudder.This has nothing to do with cultivation, but lies in the instantaneous perception of the opponent's natal sword.

What kind of sword is so strong that the breath alone is enough to make his body instinctively tremble?

In the following moment, more shock came from his inability to control his flying sword!

Although that sword spirit originated from a sword that was so powerful as to exceed his imagination, in terms of its own strength, it was impossible to completely suppress his flying sword.

However, his flying sword was blown up by that sword qi, and he could not control it in the tremor.

Ding Ning's body was slightly arched, avoiding the three arrows shot from behind. The body carried heavy afterimages and passed through the cold wind to the military practitioner.

The practitioner in the army took a breath, snorted, and the two fingers of his right hand brought out a flower-like sword and fell to Ding Ning's eyes.

Ding Ning's brow was still slightly curled, but his face was so calm that he didn't even blink his eyes, flicked his right hand, and a sword whizzed through the flower.

The flakes of flowers flew apart, and a sharp sword like substance was like a broken porcelain texture, bringing out a white air flow, flying across the cheeks of Ding Ning.

Ding Ning's sword spurs pierced the chest of this military practitioner. The chest of this military practitioner seemed to be hit by a wooden stake, and the whole body flew backwards.

A cloud of blood mist poured out from the chest of this army practitioner.

However, when he fell hard and felt the power flowing out of his body, the practitioner in the army also found himself alive.

He was just seriously injured, but not dead.


Mo Ying's eyes fell on the wounded but undead military practitioner.

In the battle with the more than ten strong men to form a joint battle against Chang Sun Qianxue, the battle seemed insignificant at this time, but when Ding Ning struck the flying sword of the army practitioner, his attention was Instead, they have concentrated on this battle.

Only a practitioner of his level can accurately perceive what happened in that very short time.

Deciding the victory or defeat lies in breaking the trick.

The young practitioner who wore the most common black robe of Changling, one sword broke the flying sword, and the other broke the opponent's finger.

Both swords found the flaws of the other sword's style in seemingly no flaws.

All kinds of swords are hidden in the chest, and there are no tricks. Such practitioners have only appeared on one person in the Bashan Jianchang many years ago.

Now, he saw the shadow of the young man from the black man.

So now, this young man who defeated the opponent easily, but only hit hard without killing the opponent, should be the heir of that person.

The descendants of the nine dead silkworms finally appeared.

"It turns out to be true."

He smiled bitterly, stood up, raised the sword in the case in front of him, looked at Ding Ning in the distance, and said to himself: "After all, it should come."