The Sword Dynasty

583 Gold Wind

"The success of a strategy depends not only on whether it is exquisite, but also on whether it is predictable and to what extent the person who executes the strategy can be thorough." The woman no longer looked at Ji Xingbai, but looked at Chu On the horizon of the world, he said quietly: "Tens of thousands of troops escort tens of thousands of expelled people. As practitioners, it is easy to find time to leave, and it is also easy to find opportunities to enter these people. The most important thing is that no one will think of me. Come inside these people."

Ji Xingbai inhaled deeply, his heart was beating violently, and the pathological flushing gradually appeared on the pale face.

No one really thought she would mix into these expelled people.

The current Chu Emperor is Liling King, but everyone knows that the most powerful ruler of the Great Chu Dynasty was the Empress Dowager who was once called Zhao Yaofei.

Now the legendary ruler of the Great Chu Dynasty is in front of him.

This is definitely an extreme risk.

In a sense, as long as she was killed, the outcome of this war was already doomed.

The Dachu dynasty disappeared without her, and then quickly fell apart and collapsed.

The practitioners in Changling will pay attention to the movements of any powerful practitioners in the military of the Dachu Dynasty, but I am afraid that no one can really understand her, and no one can know her movements.

Here she is an impossible miracle in itself.

The woman, the concubine Zhao Xiang in the past, the empress dowager Chu now looked at the horizon, and sat down like the lonely and helpless women in this team.

Even the posture and appearance are very similar.

She sat on the ground with her arms around her knees, her chin hanging on her knees.

In fact, sometimes the loneliness and sadness are not deliberately pretended.

Even in the palace of the Great Chu Dynasty, she is very lonely. There are many bloody things happening every day for the position where she sits. Some people who hate her are dying, and some people who are loyal to her are also dying.

Just as Qin Jun evacuated, she also learned of the death of the Master who was far away in Changling.

She also thought that her master died as early as the years before Yuanwu's enthronement, and now she knows that her master has been hiding in the palace of Changling for many years, but she only knew her master these years Still alive, her master is now dead again.

So she is really sad now.

Her master died for these Chu people in Yangshan County, so the preservation of the lives of these 70,000 Chu people is equivalent to the death of her master.

There is heaven in heaven.

"If you want to fight me here, I will fight you here." She looked at the setting sun and said to the hostess in Changling Palace who didn't know if she would be sad because of her.

Twilight is coming.

The light will bring warmth, and the darkness will make people panic and lost. If the emotions of these more than 70,000 Chu people cannot be settled, when the night is over, despair will spread completely.

Fortunately, she has no problems with her observations these days. The true element of Ji Xingbai's practice also has the function of temporarily getting rid of the torture caused by hunger and illness.

Even though Ji Xingbai is just a six-level practitioner, a practitioner like him who has been the backbone of many people in the team has stood up, but it is more effective than the encouragement of any seven-state from outside. .

Before the last afterglow of the setting sun disappeared, he successfully made the team trek again, to the little lake she said.

The sound of water rose.

With the light of the fire, some middle-aged adults began to try to fish under the guidance of some people with fishing experience.

This is a shallow lake, and most of the water surface is only to the depth of a person's chest. I am afraid that when the dry season comes, it will dry up and become a pasture.

The exhausted Ji Xingbai walked to the bank of her head and sat down silently.

There are things to do that can distract some people’s attention and bring hope, but after tomorrow morning, these 70,000 people will not follow his advice, it is just whether Chu Jun can send some food tonight And drugs.

But even with her promise, how can Chu Jun do it?

The food ration required by more than 70,000 people is not a minority. Even if arrangements have been made for a long time, how can a corresponding number of Chu troops escape the eyes and ears of Qin Jun and be able to get here safely?

He couldn't help but doubt, but he didn't dare to question, even dare to see the woman and talk to the woman, so as not to make her look special.

Like ordinary women and children, Zhao Xiangfei chose to sit on a piece of dry grass. Her eyes seemed to stay on those fishing people in the shallow lake, but in fact it fell to the opposite side of the lake.

Without any warning, Ji Xingbai's breathing suddenly became difficult.

He felt the ground suddenly tremble, and the tremor came from the other side of the shallow lake.

At this time, apart from his practitioners, the Chu people gathered on the shore of the lake could not feel the tremor from the distant ground.

But just a few breathing times in normal times, he was sure that this was the vibration from countless iron hooves hitting the ground with extremely fast frequency.

This is an army running, and it is far beyond the usual limit of a cavalry.

The countless speed and frequency of the iron hoof hitting the ground made him feel a desperate atmosphere.

He suddenly understood what was happening, and he stood up, choking sorely in his throat, but his eyes were filled with tears.

Extremely fast!

Even if you disregard the safety of the mount under you and squeeze the vitality of the mount beyond the limit, the speed can be achieved.

During the ten-odd rest time after he stood up, the strong men who were standing in the lake fishing felt the same thing first. They saw the peculiar ripples on the water surface, and then heard the murmur of Shino in the darkness.

It was another army running violently, the iron hooves pounded the ground violently, but it was still not as fast as the previous army.

The army at all costs, like a gust of wind, came crazy towards the shallow lake.

Ji Xingbai couldn't control his emotions, so he turned his head in the dark and glanced at Princess Xiang on the lake bank behind him.

He saw that Concubine Zheng was still sitting, seeming to be integrated with those ordinary women and children, but his face was full of unspeakable solemnity.


Thunderous hoofs were suddenly covered by countless violent sounds of breaking the sky.

There are countless flashes of fire in the air, which are accompanied by more small black shadows, which are arrows, charms, and may also be the flying swords of practitioners.

Countless roars rang out in the wind-like army that was rushing towards the shallow lake. However, no one was in charge of the arrows or flying swords that harvested life. The huge continuous shouts and roars What sound exchanged was just another acceleration.

The air was instantly filled with bloody smells and crackles.

The trees and reeds on the shore of the lake were smashed by a rushing black shadow. The crackling sound of the dead branches and the crackling sound of the bones were intertwined, making all the Chu people across the lake open their mouths and could not breathe, as if they were petrified. I usually look at this picture that I have never seen or imagined.

The galloping horses rushed violently from the shore of the lake, smashed forward like a meteorite, knocked off the trees and reeds, and then smashed into the lake in front.

Numerous gold and iron rays fell with it, and more gold and iron rays had penetrated them when they rushed down.

All the air flowing in the air opposite the lake is the wind of gold and iron, fire and killing intentions, and death.

The cavalry were so unimaginable that they rushed forward, rushed forward, killed, and rushed into the lake.

Such a picture does not only exist for a moment, but lasts for a long time.

Soon, the water of the entire shallow lake was stained with blood. Even in the night, a deep blood color could be seen.

When all the shouts and roars finally disappeared, no more violent horses rushed into the lake with their riders, and the gold iron flowing in the air finally disappeared, only some clearer horseshoes were irritable. Knocked on the ground as usual, patrolling around.

At this time, many Chu people began to breathe, and many people cried with wow.

Some people looked at the horses and the bodies of the sergeants floating on the lake, and began to understand what was happening, and their bodies began to tremble.

Ji Xingbai's hands were trembling non-stop, he was not a general, but even a general, he had not necessarily seen thousands of cavalry dies in this way in his life, and died in front of him.

He looked across the lake, and some of the remaining fire reflected the figure of some cavalry wearing black armor when they evacuated.

His hands were cold but his body was hot and panicked, his blood seemed to be gone, burning inside.

"People salvage these horses and bodies. The bodies need to be disposed of as soon as possible, otherwise they will pollute the water."

However, at this moment, a cold voice came into his pinna, he knew that this was the voice that Zheng Xiangfei passed into his ear, and he understood that this cold was not due to coldness and ruthlessness, but against their enemies.

"The food they carry with them does not last long enough, and the horse meat of these war horses needs to be smoked as soon as possible."

"Try to give up the useless sorrow. If the lives of these four thousand people, the strength of the more than 70,000 people in exchange is not as good as these four thousand people, then the Great Chu Dynasty will really die."

On the shore of the lake, she dangled her head, word by word, and introduced such a voice into Ji Xingbai's ears.