The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 584

Whether it is from the riding of the four thousand cavalry, the speed of the sprint and the fearless momentum, Ji Xingbai can conclude that this cavalry is one of the elite cavalry of the Dachu Dynasty.

According to normal equipment, such a cavalry is not capable of wearing tens of thousands of ordinary people without wearing light armor like today. Even if it cannot kill more than 70,000 ordinary people, there should not be a complete collapse. Any problems.

However, if it is purely on combat power, the old maidservant who dies herself in the remote Changling Palace, the life and death of a grand master like her is better than these 70,000 people.

Some things cannot be so easily measured.

Ji Xingbai looked at the lake stained with blood, and he saw many young people who had gone ashore before re-launching.

He hadn't said anything. The young men had spontaneously salvaged the cavalry sergeant's body.

More and more people are going into the water, including many people who were crying because of despair.

The sergeant's body was first dragged from the water near the opposite shore to the shore, followed by food and horses. This was a difficult trek through most of the lake, but no one seemed tired anymore this night.

In order to allow these people to follow him to this lake, Ji Xingbai used all available methods, but this night, he did not need to say anything, just stood and looked at such a picture, see It became a statue.

Many women and children are cleaning the remains of these sergeants. In addition to starting to process food, medicine and those horses, many people silently put some weapons carried by these sergeants, including arrows and other sharp objects that pierced them. .

There are still many suppressed cries in the team, but there is a great power that spreads among the crowd.

Ji Xingbai knew that after this night, such power spread not only in the hearts of these people on the shore of the lake, but also in more places in Chujing.


"Tang Zhefeng, seeing the mountains in the dark at night is a dark mass. Is it too boring to see something?"

"Running out at night to see anything is far from clear, and it is boring in itself, and it's not just boring when looking at the mountains."

"That's right, it's boring anyway, it's better to accompany your brother to get some air."

On the battlefield of Yinshan, far away from Yangshan County, countless Chu army camps were wrapped in the night, and on one of these camps stood seven figures quietly, six of them did not speak, only one People are bored and weirdly talking to themselves.

The people around him are already accustomed to the quirks of talking to themselves when they are excited.

Following Tang Mei's seclusion for many years, they knew each other well.

Even tonight, even the military masters and strategists around the famous generals of Dachu didn't realize what kind of intentions were contained in some military orders issued by Tang Mei, but these people standing around Tang Mei at this time could not Based on the profound analysis of the military order and only a few subtle changes in Tang Mu's expression, he can understand what Tang Mi is going to do next.

"Will it be too risky?"

A cold, long-haired fluttering Zhao Jianlu practitioner Zhao Ce did not care about Tang Zhefeng's self-talk, turned his head to look at Tang Mei, and asked.

When asked this sentence, the breath outside him suddenly burned a little, and his skin even turned red.

This means that his emotions are different from usual, and his calm face is actually agitated.

"Everyone thinks that the style of my army is too conservative, not only the enemy thinks it, but also our own people think so." Tang Mei smiled, he was very relaxed, once the most important decision has been made Make it, then the burden in my heart will be off already.

He smiled and looked at some of the fire in the Qin army barracks on the distant hillside that could be seen in the night, and then said: "However, for the march to fight, it is naturally possible for the other party to make a wrong judgment by the sum of their actions. Bring victory."

"So many forwarding soldiers and so many battles in front of me made me feel that you have to be conservative like this. It turns out that you deliberately misread Sima this way." This time Tang Zhefeng did not speak to himself. Instead, he looked at Tang Mei and said.

Tang Mei smiled faintly and said, "The most important thing is that even the people at Bashan Jianchang judge me to slow down. Even if they judge like this, then Sima Cuo and Wei Wugui must also judge like this. No one will know. I will start a decisive battle immediately. And we actually don’t have much choice. Although we haven’t had any problems with our military food delivery, only the empress dowager and I know that there are a few uncleared granaries that were actually in the time of the Emperor. empty."

"But even if we can win a lot on this side, the key to the victory is still in Yangshan County. There is a fatal flaw in your plan." A low voice sounded.

The person who made the noise was one of the most reticent among Tang Mei’s people. He usually did nothing in Tang Mei’s retreat, but he reclaimed and loosened the soil daily.

However, he was Jinliufeng, one of the best military divisions of the Dachu military.

"Even if we have a big victory here, even if we eat 300,000 of the main force of the Qin army in one bite, the key lies in whether the Yangshan County side can block Qin's counterattack.

He lowered his head and looked at the mud under his feet, saying one word at a time: "As long as we wage a decisive battle, they will wake up quickly and you will find that you have mobilized most of your power here. The Qin Army in Yangshan County, The whole army has been prepared for a raid. Since the Yangshan Army entered Chu, dozens of cities and counties were lost along the way, and there is no way to fight this battle."

"You're right. As long as I launch a decisive battle between the armies in Yinshan, the Qin army in Yangshan County will attack across the board. But Yangshan County will definitely block Qin's counterattack." Tang Mu said slowly. This sentence.

He didn't explain the reason. This sentence is overbearing and a little rude, because since Jin Liufeng is said to be a loophole, there must be a gap in strength.

But these people, who are very familiar with Tang Mei, heard some extraordinary flavors from this sentence.


In the same night, in the depths of the Imperial Palace of the Chu Palace, Liling Jun could not sleep at night. As a practitioner, he night sweats because his emotions were too tense, and the sweat often wet the bedding.

Because he hadn't slept well in a long time, his eyes were deeper, and he even appeared dark and pale.

He knew that Zhao Xiangfei was no longer in the palace.

Because the real Zhao Xiangfei has not been close to him for many days, he does not know where she went, but he has not disclosed this information to anyone.

He strictly guarded this secret.

So he is very clear that Zheng Xiu’s move is not his own, then it is not him, what is Zheng Xiu’s strongest move?

It was precisely because he couldn't think of it, so he had inexplicable fear every day.

On this same night, a man who rarely sleeps at night is walking on a mountain in the battlefield of Yinshan. He looks like an eagle falcon overlooking the joint camp of the two dynasties of Qin and Chu.