The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 585

The stars disappeared at sunrise, and the night disappeared.

A Qin Jun sentinel woke up in the early morning and got out of the camp. He took the vegetable soup with minced meat from the hot pot on the stove not far from the camp and broke some dried buns. A meal.

As he climbed the arrow tower and took over the sentry in front of him to look at Tianqi City, he even had a trace of sympathy in his contented eyes.

Tianqi City was one of the important border cities of the Great Chu Dynasty on the border of Yinshan. However, when the 200,000 troops led by Sima's relatives slowly advanced, several raids under the wave of raids have been cut off. Chu Biancheng's connection.

Now Tianqi City has completely transformed into a lonely city surrounded by groups, and even when many Qin Jun was joking, this city has been called "Tian Abandoned City".

The Chu army was crushed and retreated, and the border city seemed destined to be abandoned.

After being besieged for many days, the Chu army in this border town suffered heavy casualties, and not only grain and grass, but also the water source was nearly cut off.

The military strength of the Great Qin Dynasty is completely different from the past, not only in the number of practitioners in the army, but even the food can make ordinary Qin sergeants have obvious feelings.

Thinking that he could eat so rich in the first meal in the early morning, and the Chu people in the ruined border town may only use the bark and grass roots to bear the belly, this Qin army sentry was unconsciously sympathetic.

But even so, the Chu army in this abandoned border town still behaved to the extreme.

In the past few days, Qin Jun, which is three times as large as this border town, has launched more than a dozen offensives, and even some powerful practitioners have entered the streets of the city. However, relying on some charms, this inner The Chu army, or the Chu people, still kept the city.

The thought of this Qin Jun sentry sentiment disappeared, and the sympathy in his eyes disappeared, which had just turned into dignity. However, in the next moment, his face suddenly became stiff, and his eyes were filled with shock.

A lot of strange reflections and smoke appeared on the horizon in the distance.

Some golden reflections and soaring smoke pillars are Qin's means of communication, and they should come from some of the Qin's pioneers.

And more reflections come from armor clothing and soldier blades, and the flames refracted when the charms converge the vitality of the world!

The black cavalry began to flood his eyes.

At least tens of thousands of elite riders walked towards this border town like waves.

With the help of a talisman on the corner tower that can improve eyesight, this Qin Jun sentry post saw the thousands of Chu Chu Jing Jing, and there were almost endless chariots.

He was even more shocked that many chariots dragged extremely rare large instruments behind the tanks, or stood like hills, or walked on the ground like ships and palaces.

The duty of an outpost like him is naturally to find the enemy’s presence and warn the first time, but now he is no longer used to warn him, because he is not the most cutting-edge sentry, and the most important thing is that the gold that has surged in the distance The yellow reflection and wolf smoke have clearly informed all the Qin army here that this is not a small-scale Chu army, but a real army!

The height of the corner tower in the border city of Tianqi City is far higher than that of the temporary tower built by the Qin army. The Chu army above can see more clearly than these Qin army.

At this moment, when looking at these self-defense forces spreading all over the world, especially when they saw seven metal statues up to six feet high, these Chu troops couldn't help but fall into deep shock.

These tall metal statues are the appearance of a goddess, a bronze carcass, all with dense blue lines on the body.

Each of these metal statues is surrounded by nine chariots, each of which has several practitioners, and one of these practitioners is each holding a short stick-shaped bronze note .

This is the most powerful rune of the Chu army known in the world, "Flying Sky." Every rune of this kind needs nine nine-sector practitioners to inspire. Each blow is much more powerful than the usual seven realms.

There are only sixteen such charms, which only exist in the main army of the Great Chu Dynasty.

So this is not a strategic counterattack, but a decisive battle with a crazy army!

Looking down from the sky, Tianqi City is already a nail in the Qin Army Front.

Qin Jun is mostly Xuanyi Xuanjia, a black ocean, while the other Chu army, mostly green armor, spread like a river of spring.

In the wilderness far away from the Tianqi City, the places where the beams of light were blazed and many smokes were ignited.

Countless arrows and runes of flame, flesh and blood fragments and metal fragments flying in the air.

The clearly unprepared Qin Jun was defeated by the Chu Army’s crazy offensive.

In the sand table of the military camp account of Qin Jun, Tianqi City is only a slightly larger banner.

In the camp that seemed a little empty in the past, it was almost full of high-ranking generals and counselors of the Qin army at this time, waiting for the order of Sima Cuo, who was as heavy as water.

Sima Cuo's gaze swept through many places, and he pulled up many flags, and finally stopped gazing at Tianqi City.

"Before dark, I want our military camp account to move to this city."

Then he had been silent for a long time and gave the order.

A Qin army general's breathing was sudden, he followed Sima Cuo for many years, so it is clear that Sima Cuo's order meant that those troops facing the 300,000 Chu Army's Central Army would be deadly resisted, and their rear army would Push in across the board, breaking Tianqi City before dark.


Although it was impossible to defy Sima's wrong military order, he couldn't help asking.

"The Chu army's military food is insufficient, so the lunatics are advancing, and the subsequent grain and grass supplies are less likely to keep up."

Sima raised his head and looked at him coldly, and then said: "But we never expected Tang Da dare to do this, as long as the Chu army is like a broken bamboo, and Lien Chan and Lian Jie along the way, our grains and runes will become Their supply. From the current form, we are already in a losing position, and only when we can contain the advancement of the Chu army can the army elsewhere have the time to dispatch, otherwise we will be defeated by his superior military strength. Apocalypse City is the most defensive place in this radius. You should understand what this Apocalypse City used to resist our army. As long as we break the Apocalypse City before dark, we can defend in the Apocalypse City, Stop the advance of the Chu army. Those troops along the way will naturally be annihilated by the Chu army, but compared with the only victory, this sacrifice is worth it."

Sima Cuo only spoke a lot when he taught Fusu alone. He usually had very few words when he arranged the battle situation and faced his subordinates. His abnormality at this time also made all Qin generals in this camp accountable. Even Sima wrong... has been extremely nervous.

"I go."

A long-haired shawl, a military-like practitioner, made a sound from the corner of the camp.

He was wearing a black robe, but the collar was extremely high, and the shadow covered his face.

At the time of his voice, a lot of dark air suddenly appeared in the dark corners of this camp, and many black flowers emerged for no reason, so that some of the seven realm practitioners in this camp who did not know him were also unconscious of the pupils. Shrink.

Sima didn't look at him by mistake, just nodded and said, "Mr. Lao."