The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 586

"Who is this person?"

After the practitioner left the camp, an officer of the military and horse division could not help but whispered after Sima went wrong.

Judging from Tang Mi's performance, all of us have greatly underestimated Tang Mi's ability. Since Sima wronged the location of the decisive battle in Tianqi City, then Tang Mi may have included this possibility and would be powerful. Of practitioners rushed to Tianqi City for support.

It was the battle between these powerful practitioners that decided that the city belonged before dark.

Obviously, this savage military teacher looks like a monstrous ghost, and it is more difficult for a cultivator to achieve the Seven Realms than an ordinary cultivator, but once it is done, it is because of the strange means And it is more difficult to deal with.

Above the Lushan Alliance, the Yinyin Sect Yan Ying, who poses the greatest threat to Yuanwu, is the best example.

However, in a certain sense, the way of the evil spirits and ghosts belong to the outer path after all, and it is reassuring to put the key to determining the victory and defeat on people who are not familiar with the soldiers and horses.

"There are not many abandoned people at Bashan Jianchang. He is the one who kills the most."

Sima glanced at the soldier's official wrongly and said, "He didn't arrive here because of my face."

"Ghost..." Many of the officials around him changed their faces suddenly. The officer of the military and horses was very pale, but he only said a word. He was so shocked that he couldn't say the second word because he thought of who this person was. .


"What are these Chu people doing?"

Wei Wugui walked out of the camp and looked sullenly at the hustle and bustle of Chu Jing in the distance.

Yinshan and Yangshan County are far apart, which means that the two battlefields could not communicate with each other in a short time before.When the majority of the Chu army around Yinshan marched arrogantly at night and started a decisive battle, the Yangshan County area had not yet received a corresponding military report.

However, if someone can look at the whole situation in real time, it will be found that if the Chu troops on the border of Yangshan County have not changed at this time, the decisive battle between the Qin and Chu troops in Yangshan County will be more than that in Yinshan. Earlier.

In fact, most of the Qin army in Yangshan County is not far from the 70,000 exiled Chu people. The one who killed the Chu army that night was the vanguard of the main left wing of the Qin army. .

After that, the main force of the Chu army on the border of the Great Chu Dynasty was always slowly advancing towards the small lake where the Chu people were. It seemed that there was any intention to withdraw the Qin army into the depths of the Chu realm at any time, but in this Two days ago, Chu Jun officially crossed the border and entered Yangshan County, advancing several times in the past.

At the dawn of this morning, Wei Wugui had issued an order for the whole army to advance at full speed to meet the enemy.

If the Chu army does not retreat, then by noon at the latest, the decisive battle in Yangshan County will completely erupt.

The Qin army has long waited for many days, even if it is advancing forward to meet the enemy, it is like an open mouth. The strength in the force naturally forms a tendency to swallow the other side.

Therefore, even if Wei Wugui had more experience in the battle, it would be difficult to understand why Chu Jun did so.

In his view, the only possibility is that there is a big problem in the royal court of the Chu Dynasty or the military headquarters.

"Why is this happening?"

Not only Wei Wugui couldn't understand, but even Ji Xingbai couldn't understand it, but unlike Wei Wugui, he knew who to ask this question.

"No why."

Zhao Xiangfei looked at the hustle and bustle that seemed to be more and more magnificent, and responded with a voice that only he could hear: "This itself is something that is agreed."

"Why do you win the things you promise?"

Ji Xingbai is even more incomprehensible.

Zhao Xiangfei didn't answer, just as if she hadn't heard his words at all.

She silently looked at the Chujing sky she was facing.

The turbulent clouds accumulate and become heavy like a city, and then they are crushed into countless worlds by the air of countless worlds.

The world began to shake.

Whether it is understood or not, hundreds of thousands of Chu Jun and hundreds of thousands of Qin Jun hit her in the sight of these 70,000 Chu people.

The army of the Great Chu Dynasty pierced into the Qin army formation in an arrow shape, and the Qin army wanted to completely wrap up the Chu army in a goose shape.

Countless horseshoes trampled the ground, smoke and dust began to dance like dragons, countless swordsmen met, the dust was instantly filled with blood and residual limbs, in the wilderness, because of the too disordered heaven and earth, there were countless whirlpools, not just living horses. He and the sergeant flew up, even heavy tanks and runes, arrows and even flying swords flying in the air were not spared, and were thrown down after being rolled up to the sky.

This is an unimaginable war. Under such a turbulent turbulence, ordinary practitioners can’t even attract heaven and earth. They can only rely on their own true yuan to fight the heaven and earth vitality accumulated in their bodies. The strength corresponds to ordinary sergeants. Has been greatly reduced.

The intertwined army has become a truly huge grinding disc, a real Shura field.

The place where the two armies first collided was nearly thirty miles from the small lake where the more than 70,000 Chu people were originally. Even so, a series of hurricanes still brought a lot of metal debris and flesh and blood fragments scattered, and even complete The thin flying sword fell into the lake water.

With the passage of time, the main battlefield is getting closer and closer to this small lake. The small lake is facing the battlefield, and the clear lake water slowly seeps out many bloodlines.

The dirt on the battlefield was already soaked with blood and thick, and when a powerful force fell on the ground, it was no longer dust but blood waves.

The scorching sun hung in the air was entangled by the blood cloud, and was gradually stained with red, becoming a round of blood sun that has always been in the cloud.

The cavalry on both sides almost disappeared, and even the tanks lost their original purpose. It was extremely difficult to form any perfect position in the muddy pool of blood.

In countless battlefields with intertwined teeth, there is no longer an elaborate arrangement, only instinctive fighting.

Even if the light is dimmed and the chaotic world is still sweeping on the battlefield, most of the hustle and bustle are dissipated, but people can see the picture of such a huge war more clearly.

Ji Xingbai's body shook with the ground from the beginning, and now his soul seems to have been separated from the body, so that his body seems to have completely lost consciousness.

He was not a lieutenant general, but this spectator still made him vaguely see the direction of the war.

At the beginning of the battle between the two armies, the Chu army was still able to move forward and suppress the Qin army back and forth. This shows that the Chu army had the upper hand at the beginning of the war, but he saw many tower-like landmarks among the Chu army. The giant charm has fallen, but the army flanking the Qin army is still able to move forward.

Chu Jun’s superiority is disappearing, and it seems to be unable to stop Qin Jun’s siege.

If there is no miracle, the victory or defeat of this war will not be the loss of tens of thousands of military forces on the other side, but it must be the end of the Chu army being wiped out!

Where is the miracle?

He saw that Qin Jun seemed to have some reserve troops that were not actually put into the battlefield, and some of the light cavalry troops hidden behind were obviously used for the final pursuit and harvest.

Ji Xingbai couldn't help turning her head, looking at Zhao Xiangfei, hoping to get an answer from her eyes.

The moment he turned his head, he saw her eyes seem to be burning.

The burning sensation came from the extra bright light in her eyes.

She had been watching, but at this time, she started walking.