The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 591

Jian Qi was vertical and horizontal, cutting the long wind.

Several Qin masters urged the true Yuan to the extreme, and moved a large amount of heaven and earth vitality from the Sifang Heaven and Earth to their swordsmanship.

The turbulent turbulence in front of them was completely cut, almost forming a real vacuum, and even the dozens of practitioners who followed them behind lost their resistance, and the sword light was even faster.

From a distance, it looks like a few large meteor-like swords dragging dozens of meteor-like small swords, dancing wildly in the asura field full of magic flames and blood, it is even more spectacular.

"General, thank you for your teaching over the years, and you will not be able to serve in the future."

In the oncoming gusty wind, a Jin Ge general who followed Xiang Yan said respectfully to Xiang Yan.

His hair band was cut off by the wind like a knife in front of him, and even blood marks appeared on his face.

"All Chu people will remember this battle."

Nodded to Yan, and said.


A cold scream was heard again in his body.

Dozens of Sergeant Jin Ge, including that general, suddenly accelerated, turned into dozens of golden lights, broke away from the large array, and first greeted the foremost Qin masters.

Suddenly a dragon chanted in the sky.

When this Dragon Yin sounded in the extremely high void, among the several masters of Qin, and the wide sleeves of a qingsword sword master, countless harsh sounds like the broken gold chain broke at the same time.

It was like a huge beast that broke free from the chains and was released.

The blue-sworded swordsman's face was white as jade, and he stared quietly at Xiang Yan who walked solemnly.

He was the fastest figure among several masters of Qin, just in time to the Jin Ge general who had previously said to Xiang Yan.

However, in his field of vision, there have never been dozens of golden lights.

A desperate breath of destiny spewed out with the high-pitched dragon Yin and the piercing crackle in his sleeve.

A yellow natal sword appeared in his hand, the color was like a random color on a weathered city wall in the desert.

His natal sword seemed to swing towards the front casually, but the scattered light of the sword produced many mysterious changes. The sky above seemed to be missing a piece, and it suddenly fit into his natal sword.

An extremely dry breath followed as before. In the sword path in front of him, the ground soaked with blood directly lost the water, dried and cracked, and then turned into red sand.

This is an extremely powerful and unique sword intention, so when the sword intention started, many practitioners on the battlefield could already be sure that this was the master from Xinyang Sect.

In the history of Changling, the Xinyang Sect was once the enemy of the Tianyi Pavilion. It was one of the most arrogant places to practice like the Xinjian Sect in Changling.

Ye Celian majored in Tianyi Pavilion's swordsmanship, the strongest of which was "Tian Yi Sheng Shui", and Xin Yang Sect's "Fire-Bearing Earth" sword scripture was opposed to Tian Yi Pavilion. The Jianjing has a strong restraint.

To the outside world, the Xinyang Sect has long fallen in Changling. There has been no sound in the past ten years. There has been no guru above the seven realms. However, at this time, the Qingshui guru is the most pure "fire-bearing earth" As soon as the destiny came out, all the practitioners on the battlefield who thought that way knew that they were wrong.

A once-strong Zongmen did not appear as a master for many years without losing the Jian Jing. The key issue was only the chance, only the talent and comprehension of the disciples in the Zongmen, only when some people could not break through.

Such a sect does not appear in the seven realm masters, as long as the seven realm masters appear, it will certainly leave a pen in the practitioner's history.

Facing these Sergeant Jin Ge who did not reach the Seven Realms, this master of Xinyang Sect naturally had his own pride, so he just made a sword towards Xiang Yan.

As for those practitioners who came from their own sword paths, in his view, they would naturally die in their sword paths, even if they were only affected.

The ground is dry and cracked.

The skin of the Jin Ge general in front of his natal sword was rapidly dehydrated and cracked, and the skin had turned into a dry dark red powder before the blood oozed out, and flew out finely with the wind.

However, the hands of the Jin Ge general were exceptionally stable. Jin Ge, with the golden light shining in his hand, beheaded the life-sword of the Master Xinyang in the dull sigh.

For the Qin people, the Jin Ge used by most people of the Jin Ge Army is a weird sword. Ge is like a sword, but Ge also has a curved curved blade, which can be snapped under a buckle. Hold the enemy's edge.

This is the general of the Golden Army.

When Jin Ge struck the maiden sword of the Xinyang Grandmaster, he instantly twisted and suppressed the sword body.

At this time, the master Yang Xinzong had a clear heart and was not moved by it. The sword intention just continued to move forward.

The majestic power rolled out along Jin Ge, and the hands of this Jin Ge general turned flesh and blood into burning ashes, and then the power spread to his arms and rippled to his whole body.

His arms and entire body seemed to be flying away at this moment.

However, at this moment, the guru of Xinyang Sect suddenly felt restless.

The Jin Ge in the hands of the four sergeants behind the General Jin Ge penetrated into the body of the General Jin Ge at the same moment. The true nature and vitality of the same nature, like the river that broke the embankment in that moment Jin Gejun passed through the meridian inside the general, and instantly slammed into Jin Ge who was buckling his life sword.

The five forces combined into one, rushed to his natal sword.

His natal sword buzzed for a moment!

Only at this momentary pause, his body seemed to hit a wall straight in a rush, with a bang, a violent shock.

The body of the General Jin Ge and the four sergeants in the rear collapsed momentarily in the tearing of power, but it was only at this moment that he saw a golden light enough to rival himself from the collapse of the five General Sergeants. Flew behind him and fell towards his body.

It was only at this moment that his sword stopped, and when he was the weakest, he sensed what would happen next, and grieved in his heart.


He heard the sound of flesh and blood separating from his neck.

In the next moment, he saw Xiang Yan with a solemn face and his own wrong voice.

The Master Xinyang felt his body became lighter, but his head was already flying upwards.

At the moment when he still had consciousness, a scene appeared in his perception that he could not imagine.

Around him, three heads were flying like him.

Xiang Yan's Jin Ge Ru Hong swept through the space of dozens of feet, but his blow was not just to cut off his head, but even the heads of the three masters!

The three masters had the same experience as him, and were blocked by several Sergeant Jin Ge soldiers!

What kind of tactics is this?

What kind of army is this?

How could these teams of people temporarily trap the master's sword?

Until all his consciousness disappeared, he was only shocked and puzzled.

However, the entire battlefield at this time seems to have solidified.

Everyone couldn't carefully but recall the flashing moments of the electric light flint, and the more shocking pictures had flooded their pupils and burned their hearts.

Xiang Yan's figure stopped, and the long Jin Ge in his hand was flat in the air, catching the four falling heads.

The four heads of Grand Master Qin were placed firmly on top of Jin Ge in his hand, and they protruded forward.