The Sword Dynasty

595 One of the betrayals

The master is called the master because it is through countless battles that he will deeply realize the subtleties of the flow of heaven and earth, and then he will break through the six realms and become the existence of the seven realms.

Zhang Kuangdao is one of the most unobtrusive among these gurus, but at this time some of his subtle anomalies were immediately perceptively felt by these gurus around him.

Wei Wugui turned his head and narrowed his eyes slightly.

He saw a copper box appear in Zhang Kuangdao's hands.

At the bottom of this copper box is a silver-white spar. Inside the copper box, there are dozens of extremely thin silver-white swords like cast iron.

Only in this eye, the real element in Zhang Kuangdao has surged out and poured into this copper box madly.

These dozens of small silver swords exude a heavy and majestic breath.

A silver sword with a handle, in the eyes of these practitioners, flew like a mountain of tin.

The air, or more precisely, the flowing heaven and earth vitality, is full of a tin lump.

The masters in these vital forces seem to be filled with countless tins in their bodies, especially their chests and abdomen.

Dozens of small silver swords fell like a hill, locking the retreat of these guru scattered.

Including Wei Wugui, all these masters Qin, shrouded in these swords, fell into extreme anger.

They finally understood what Zhao Xiangfei really relied on.

What made them extremely angry was not that Zhao Xiangfei's way of cracking this killing game was to have a stronger Chu, but from his own betrayal.

In Zhang Kuangdao's hands is the "Xishan Sword Pan".

The practitioners in this world are not strangers, because just before the Lushan Alliance, in the killing bureau against Zhao Si and Bai Shanshui on the Weihe River, this charm appeared in order to block the Bai Shanshui The way to go.

Although Baishanshui was blocked for a moment, it still broke the Xishan sword plate. At this time, if the Xishan sword plate blocked many opponents like Baishanshui for a moment, it was naturally impossible.

However, in addition to this Xishan sword plate, there was a magnificent sword-style calm down.

This sword's meaning comes from the rapid wave of swept back.

His dark green sword was still flying in the air as a flying sword at this time, but his hand was silent with a blue sword.

The blue long sword is intertwined with Yunxia, ​​and fog and rainstorm are constantly forming in Yunxia.

He is the person closest to Zhang Kuangdao, and was most likely to stop Zhang Kuangdao, but his sword did not fall to Zhang Kuangdao, but to these Qin masters who were covered by Xishan Jianpan sword.

The power contained in this cyan sword is even more than the natal sword that he has cultivated for many years.

The cloud mist of the cloud on the sword continued to spread with his sword. In the perception of these masters, it was like the cloud rain in Wushan in the distance was all drawn, like a dragon dragon rushing into this cramped space .

Several loud violent sounds.

All the Qin masters trapped in the sword of Xishan sword responded, but they did not aim at Zhang Kuangdao and Lianbo, but all used their strongest defense.

Because they are both unusual practitioners and are all masters of a generation, they are well aware that with this wave of swords, they will not have enough time to rush out.

Zhao Xiangfei has arrived.

There was a loud bang.

Zhao Xiangfei has already appeared in the area blocked by the sword of Xishan.

She didn't aim at anyone, just like a falling meteorite, slammed into this area and hit the ground.

She is faster than anyone in this room, and by the time she arrived, the piece of pottery in her hand had been completely inspired.

Countless golden ant-like light surges have been completely connected into a golden light curtain, the sword gas of Xishan sword plate, the sword gas of Lianbo that sword, and the remaining Qin masters in this blockade are fully defensive The bursting power of the body impacted and cut on this golden light curtain, and instantly shattered the golden light curtain, exuding more terrifying power.

A golden blaze spawned from the area blocked by dozens of silver swords.

Lianbo's sword intention, the cloud rain that his sword generated like countless dragons running through the space was instantly crushed by countless golden lights, and evaporated to invisible.


He first sprayed a blood mist in his mouth, unable to hold the long sword in his hand, and flew backwards.

Then came the silver swords with dozens of handles on the ground.

Like a mountain, these small silver swords flew back in various poses,

Zhang Kuangdao's hands holding the Xishan sword plate instantly rang numerous bone cracks, and the diffused golden light hit him, and then his body rang numerous bone cracks, and the whole person was bathed in blood mist oozing from the flesh and blood Among.

There was a violent bombardment in Jinguang.

It's like a huge ship hitting a thick cliff, every impact brings a sense of shaking.

Xiang Yan came to the edge of the golden blaze produced by the explosion at the moment when the silver swords collapsed.

He looked dignified to the extreme, Jin Ge waved forward dozens of times in an instant, cut a golden light that rushed to him, his body barely stabilized his body in the tremor, and between his palms Blood.

Jin Guang's outburst was only a brief moment, and then it began to disappear, and it seemed to shrink toward the inside.

The whole space gave people a feeling of burning red charcoal, and even the vitality of heaven and earth seemed to be burned to ashes, fixed in the air, and then flaking toward the inner layers at this time.

The figure of a Qin master was first revealed.

This is the Pangyu Drum under the seat of Fanghou Mansion. His background is also very prominent.

Jin Guang passed by, and his figure emerged from the air. His clothes were not messy, and the sword of his life was burning like a torch in his right hand.

Seeing such a figure, Xiang Yan's pupil narrowed, his face dimmed to the extreme.

However, in the next moment, the Master Qin made several explosions, and several blood holes appeared on his arms at the same time, and blood spurted from his body. His entire body fell like a mountain, and he fell back hard On the ground.

Jin Guang shrank to the front of Zhao Xiangfei.

Zhao Xiangfei's figure appeared.

She was standing, but her original white jade-like hands were covered with many cracks, and some drops of crystal blood flowed out.

Only two people can stand in this area.

In addition to Zhao Xiangfei, the other one is Wei Wugui.

Xiang Yanshen took a deep breath, even though the result was very beneficial to him, but the picture still made him feel terribly thrilling, and even made him chill in the body constantly.

He also never thought that this instrument can bloom such power.

Wei Wugui's robe has also been stained red.

However, most of them were not the blood of him, but the blood of the practitioner who had always followed him.

The practice of the practitioner under his seat is definitely above the midstream among these gurus, but at this time the injury was the heaviest, so heavy that he was about to die.

Some people betrayed, while others guarded by death.

"This is not a matter of life and death."

Wei Wugui supported the general who was about to die with one hand. His eyes did not turn to Zhao Xiangfei, but to Lianbo and Zhang Kuangdao.

"It's because we have too neglected a question... This kind of thing like Xishan Jianpan is only because of a transaction of a Liling monarch, how could it appear in your hands. Just as a Wei person, I became the prince of Daqin, I I don’t understand what you are dissatisfied with? I don’t understand why you can ignore my gratitude to you from the Great Qin Dynasty."