The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 598

"The ancient gentleman, who governs the world with benevolence and justice, is well-known, you Qin people Yuan Wu stealing the country, Zheng Xiuzi Erfu, do you still care about fame?"

Zhao Ce raised his eyebrows and said lightly.

"what did you say!"

Hearing his words, an angry cry of screams rang from Qin Jun.

Zhao Ce's lips were slightly curled, and there was a sardonic look on his face, but he disdained to see those Qin military sergeants.

"I tell you that, nothing about others, it's only about Bashan Sword Field, it's about Wang Jingmeng and your master's past wartime." The spirit is deep, and the practitioner like a military teacher is immovable, and As before, he just said quietly, "Some things, whether they believe it or not, are facts of existence."

Zhao Ce looked at him and asked, "Who are you?"

The practitioner nodded his head in courtesy and said, "Teacher, but many people are used to calling me a ghost teacher."

Zhao Ce stunned slightly, but he sternly replied: "It turned out to be a ghost sword that had betrayed the Bashan Sword Field in the past. After you never wanted to leave the Bashan Sword Field, you really practiced the practice of Yin God and ghost."

The dialogue between the two was very plain, but even during this war, there was a cry of exclamation and air-sucking inside and outside the city.

The significance of the Bashan Sword Field to the Qin people is self-evident. Even though many records about the Bashan Sword Field were burned after Yuan Wu's ascension to the throne, for the army, especially for the practitioners, many things and many people could not erase Extinguish.

In the most glorious decades of Bashan Jianchang, there was only one traitor, and that was the commander-in-chief.

Legend has it that the sword spirit of the master commander-in-chief is unpredictable, so it is called a ghost sword, and it is said that he became a traitor at Bashan Sword Field because he wanted to assassinate Wang Jingmen.In legend, his talent is similar to that of Wang Jingmeng, because he is too jealous of Wang Jingmeng's talents, and fears that Wang Jingmeng will overwhelm himself in the future, so he wants to assassinate Wang Jingmeng. After the failure, it has been a fluke. Escape from death.

The reappearance of legendary characters often comes with the breath of an era, making the air seem heavy.

However, the expression of Master Changluo is very pale, saying: "The exercises have no points, and the useful ones are used."

This faint attitude made Zhao Ce's face more serene. A feeling of being targeted by a fierce beast spontaneously emerged. He looked at the teacher's network and said seriously: "It is rumored that you are jealous of the king. Out of Bashan Jianchang, but you are not a narrow-minded person."

"Regardless of life and death, why do you know the strength and weakness." The teacher's tone suddenly became sensational: "If I lose to him, naturally there is nothing to say, if I kill him, it proves that he is not as strong as me."

Zhao Ce frowned and said, "It turns out to be an idiot in the sword."

Master Changluo glanced at the master of Zhao Jianlu, and his heart suddenly produced countless complex emotions, but only for a moment, his mood became absolutely ancient, without leaving a trace of ripples.

"Why not kill Yuan Wu?" Zhao Ce couldn't help asking this sentence.

Many sergeants of the Qin army are discolored again.

"Although I escaped to death at Bashan Jianchang, I was seriously injured and I entered the country slowly. If it is the same as the eight realms, I might have to give it a try." The teacher replied calmly.

Everyone heard what he meant.

He confessed that he could not keep up with Yuan Wu, otherwise if he and Yuan Wu were the only one in the world, then he would have to live and die with Yuan Wu to see who was strong and who was weak.

Zhao Ce was silent for a few moments, took a deep breath, looked up at the eyes of the division chief, and solemnly asked, "The former Wang Jingmeng really set a deadline for the battle with my teacher?"

The division commander said coldly: "You should know both of the two things: Sword flying through the lake and burning the sulfur pool."

Jinghu was originally in Zhaozhou, Wuzhou. When Qin Zhao conquered in the old days, Qin army captured Wuzhou, Wang Jingmeng watched Jinghu at night, and gave a sword, the water wave was not surprised, but the reflection of the bright moon in Jinghu was two halves apart. For a long time.

There is a hot spring in Zhaojing Spring City named Sulphur Pool. The water is dim and warm, about tens of square meters. The master of Zhao Jianlu cast a sword on this sulfur pool one day, steamed the sulfur pool water, and even made the hot spring water. Cut off.

These two things have been in the past for a long time, but they represent the pinnacle of sword skills and cultivation behavior in the world of practitioners. Like Yiping Pingshan of Yuanwu in the Lushan Association, they are destined to be passed down in the world of practitioners.

In particular, Zhao Jianlu’s guru burned the sulphur pond water, and it was reported in many later stories that he was dissatisfied with the emperor of the Zhao dynasty at that time, so he exhibited the pressure of the sword, and soon after that, he was taken by the Zhao The emperor set up to kill.

These are old things, and the twists and turns are difficult to clarify. However, the gathering of such characters as Master Changluo and Zhao Ce now makes it possible to sort out.

Especially for Zhao Ce, these things are more important than personal life and death.

"So what you mean is that my master burned the sulfur pool with a sword in response to Wang Jingmeng's sword?" He looked at the division master and asked slowly.

Teacher Luo sneered: "The time between the two things is almost the time when the news is delivered to you Zhao Jianlu. You should know your master better than me. With his temperament, would it be really boring to deliberately To cut such a sword, to deter your emperor Zhao?"

Zhao Ce remained silent for a while, then bowed to salute and said, "I would like to hear more."

"It's simple."

The commander said: "The city where you were in before was only an ordinary Zhao city for Qin Jun to destroy along the way, but no one expected that there would be a sword furnace there, and there would be a guru like that. There are few powerful practitioners like you. Your Master wiped out a Qin army as soon as you shot it. For the Bashan Sword Field at that time, even if you sent many practitioners and troops to kill your city, even if you killed you Master, you strong men fled outside, after all, it was a disaster, so Wang Jingmeng wanted to bet on World War I, if he defeated your Master, you Zhao Jianlu would withdraw from that city, and Qin Jun also left that city, But those of you in Zhao Jianlu can no longer intervene in the battle of Qin Zhao."

After he paused, the master teacher then slightly mocked: "That's the best way. If you change me, you will naturally do like him."

Zhao Ce asked: "What does that have to do with those two things?"

"Wang Jingmeng is different from me. He may think that it is best not to divide life and death, so he first came out with that sword. If your master knows that he is invincible after learning this, this sword covenant will not be compared. But your master has deliberately returned him a sword." Shiruolu bowed his head slightly and said.

Many complicated expressions appeared in Zhao Ce’s eyes, and he began to speak out, but the speed of speech became very slow, “So my Master also thinks that he and Wang Jingmeng meet his opponent, otherwise, according to his temperament, if Wang Jing The sword of Meng is far inferior to him, he will not deliberately give that sword at all. If Wang Jingmeng wins him a lot, he will naturally not go to another sword."

The commander-in-chief said lightly: "You finally understand."

Inside and outside the city, many sergeants and practitioners fell into great shock at this time.

It turned out that the strongest man of the Great Qin dynasty and the master of Zhao Jianlu met his rival, and even agreed on the war period, but only in the future, the master of Zhao Jianlu had already died in his own conspiracy. .