The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 603

In the years before the rise of Bashan Jianchang, Changling had many old and powerful tyrants.

Some of these old powerful tyrants were relatives of the imperial family, and the power in the Chaotang was intricate and entrenched, while others were Shengji's power ministers, who controlled the lifeblood of the dynasty.Not only in Changling, some of the county lords of the Great Qin dynasty were once under the control of these old and powerful gates.

For a long period of time, the actual controller of the entire Daqin dynasty was not the emperor of the Daqin dynasty, but these old powers.

These old tycoons are keen to cultivate their own power. Their secret partners even have enemy countries. They care about their own interests over the interests of the entire dynasty.In their view, it was not the land that the royal family gave them, but their land and power that became the entire dynasty.

Because of long-term respect and superiority, even accustomed to use some dark means without following the law, so ordinary people are only crops in the field for them, after wave after wave of cut, no one really Worried about the suffering of the people.

The rise of Bashan Jianchang is due to a group of powerful sword masters headed by Wang Jingmeng, and when Wang Jingmeng and these sword masters entered Changling to promote the reform, the first target was these old powers.

Therefore, the first battle of the Daqin Dynasty was not a battle against Han Zhaowei, but a battle with these old powers.

Only the practitioners of Bashan Jianchang who experienced that period of time know how many brutal battles have taken place and what price they have paid.

Every old tycoon is like a dynasty.

The family of the man in black shirt standing on the mountain was once one of the real rulers of Changling.

When Wang Jingmeng first walked into Changling, the man in black shirt had become famous, and his power was already covering the Changling City like a black moonlight.

Many years later, when Ding Ning heard the name of the man in black shirt again, it was he who killed Wen Houling, a close friend next to Zheng Xiu, by then Ding Ning understood that the horror of the man in black shirt was no longer just Limited to the power of the family, even his entry into the cultivation base was beyond his expectations.

But Ding Ning does not understand, how can such a person stand on the side of Zheng Xiu?

Those very ruthless names at that time were issued by Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu. The leader of this old power and noble doorman has secretly fought with Zheng Xiu for many years.Ding Ning did not expect him to be Zheng Xiu's man.

So he didn't guess at all, it turned out that Zheng Xiu's hidden chess was here.


Long Sun Qianxue slightly looked up at the man in black shirt and asked coldly.

At this time, including the monk wearing a moon-white gown, there are only two more masters here, but she is very clear that the arrival of this man in black shirt means the arrival of terrible forces. Wanting to escape easily is already impossible things.


The man in black shirt looked at her quietly, repeated the three words she asked, and then gathered her hair.

In his dark, long hair, there are many white hairs that are usually invisible.

"There are many reasons for this kind of problem. For example, if the people in Bashan Jianchang are too strong, Zheng Xiu can't do that step even if he is cold. For example, Wang Jingmeng is too strong, such a person is like a god. Compared to him, even if we are strong, it seems that we are only food in the mouth of the gods. Such a person should not exist in the world. He died, but he has left a successor. And it seems that there is He has the same talent, I don’t want to see another god appear."

"But why?"

The man in the black shirt also raised his head and looked at the snow in the sky in front of him, and there was an unabashed sad expression in his eyes. "You ask me why, why are you? Are you for your grandson's family, Don’t you just want to avenge Wang Jingmeng?”

Long Sun Qianxue's brows couldn't help but she couldn't fully understand the meaning of the other party, but she could clearly feel his sadness from the heart.

The man in the black shirt didn’t look at her, and continued to talk quietly. “Between you and Zheng Xiu, Wang Jingmeng chose Zheng Xiu instead of you, but even so, you have to avenge him, not to mention true love. Of the two people, why do I not avenge her?"

Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qingxue were both stunned and couldn't help glancing at each other.

The man in black shirt went on to say sadly: "Whether it is the Gongsun family or my Xiao family, although both Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu ordered the brutal means to directly destroy the door, before that, when the merchants began to change, there was a Zhou family. But he was found guilty of obstructing the change of law. Several principals of the Zhou family were punished, their family property was confiscated, and their families were assigned to Zhushan County. A young lady of the Zhou family was worried and became sick on the way. She was still practicing in Youshan, and when I learned to rush to pick her up, she was already ill."

Long Sun Qianxue's face was pale, and she finally heard the story clearly.

"I have this mountain in my house. I have planted a lot of roses in my own hands, all of which are her favorite colors. I will wait to marry her when the flowers bloom next year, and live with her in the mountain courtyard, but her favorite flower in the mountain She is not yet in bloom, but she is no longer here.

The man in the black shirt turned his head slowly, looking at Changling’s direction with strong disgust, and then said: "When I lost her, the kind of heartbreaking pain you must understand, Wang Tu Baye, at that time I have no meaning. In the final analysis, the family members are intriguing, and there are not many good people, and they die when they die. But she is kind and innocent. How could she die on the way to exile? I was not with her when she died, how painful and helpless was she?"

"So if there are still enemies that must be killed, then it should be Bashan Jianchang first."

The man in black shirt slowly said, "I follow my inner wishes, and it has nothing to do with others. After so many years, who will remember many of the past, even I am only known as a night owl, and who will remember her such a People. But I remember."

Ding Ning had been silent for a long time. When the man in black shirt finally finished speaking, he took a deep breath and said: "This kind of grudge is not clear in itself, only to follow the most intense emotion in his heart. "

The man in black shirt nodded.

He looked at Ding Ning from a condescending position. At this time, the sorrow in his pupils subsided, and all the light shining in his pupils were wise, powerful and confident.

At this time, he was no longer a sentimental ordinary person who recalled the past, but the night owl, the emperor in the dark, who controlled many old powerful forces.

He looked at Ding Ning's eyes, no different from the eyes of the emperor.

"I appreciate you."

He sincerely whispered: "If it weren't for me that I spent more than ten years acting in so many plays, Bashan Jianchang had some trust in me, so I got some news from Miss Gongsun's family, otherwise I would still be unable to Find out where the Nine Dead Silkworm is, and it is impossible to infer that you will definitely appear here with her."


The snow is thicker.

The fluctuation of the killing intention made Changsun Qianxue unable to control the fluctuation of the power of the Nine Nether Hades. Every time the vibration of vitality made the cold accumulate in the high altitude thicker, the falling snowflakes became bigger and bigger.

The gray-black wind and snow and the pale lantern fire seemed to dye the whole world in black and white.

The East Hu monk, who had been quieter than Ding Ning, also moved slightly, reaching for the snow on his head.

Many words were originally boring.

Especially for a practitioner like him, after saying so much, it still depends on who can kill Ding Ning.

So he looked at the night owl and said, "Who killed you?"

The appearance of people like Ye Xiao means that more masters have come quietly and surrounded this world.

But his words were taken for granted.

With him here, who can kill Ding Ning?

He is qualified to speak such words.

However, when he said something like this, Sima's wrong face was filled with strange looks.

Then he said softly and conscientiously: "It's not only Zhao Yaofei who will be in charge of the battle."


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