The Sword Dynasty

604 Sky Eclipse

When he said this sentence, the world was suddenly quiet, and even the breath of Chang Sunxue, the longest man, paused for several hours.

"It's not only Zhao Yaofei who will be in control."

This sentence echoed in Ding Ning's mind. Of course he understood what this sentence meant, and his face was pale.

He looked at Sima Cuo and the lantern-carrying passengers in his car, and at this moment he finally understood why the atmosphere of this train was so strange, and why those coachmen and waiters were clearly far away from the guru. The war is not terrible at all, but it has an absolutely quiet atmosphere.

Because these people are from the guards of the palace, that kind of breath is the so-called royal spirit contaminated by the emperor.

Therefore, this train is called Huang Yong.

A wave of ripples also appeared in the mood of Donghu Monk Gujing Wubo. He felt his heart and looked to the side not far away.

There is also a desolate hill there.

The emperor's servants and chao are already here, but Emperor Yuanwu is not here, but on the hill.

There is an ordinary stone house in a forest on the hill, but it has been arranged very neatly at this time.

Emperor Yuanwu, dressed in ordinary clothes, was drinking tea.

Standing in front of him was a young court lady who lifted the teapot on the small red clay stove to help him make a cup of tea.

When the East Hu monk looked at the hill where he was, he had just picked up the tea pot.

However, in the next moment, he lowered his head and took a sip. The tea lamp slowly fell in front of him. In the space between him and the East Hu Seng, a lot of crystal ripples appeared, and his body disappeared from the place. After these ripples, it appeared directly at the end of the train.

His figure is like a sudden increase of objects in a static picture, which directly fills the eye pupils, making people even feel an unreal uncomfortable feeling.

A bang.

When his body was still, there was a horrible roar in the air between him and the hill, like a long wall collapsed instantly.

This is an elusive realm, or one that cannot be understood by all seven realm masters at the moment.

Even the heaven and earth vitality that naturally scattered on his body were like a dazzling divine light, making it almost impossible for him to look directly at his face.

Ding Ning narrowed his eyes slightly, he looked deeply at the plainclothes man, Emperor Yuanwu of the Great Qin Dynasty, who appeared directly on the back of the car.

Yuan Wu’s face did not change any more than ten years ago, and years seemed to leave no trace on him.

Ding Ning's heart fell deeper into the body, but strangely without any anger and other negative emotions.

He did not expect to meet Yuan Wu at this time.

Chang Sun Qianxue's fists gradually clenched, her body was much colder than the wind and snow outside her body, but she still had uncontrollable cold sweat in her palm.

She looked at Yuan Wu standing in the car.

Yuanwu's facial features and body are very common. Many years ago, she felt that everything in Yuanwu was ordinary. However, such a seemingly ordinary person has stepped to the peak of the world.

At the time of the Lushan Alliance, the masters of the world gathered, Yuan Wu had many scruples, and the Qi was hidden. However, when he sworded the mountain and cultivated it to reveal it, at this time, he only needed to target the East Hu Monk, her, and Ding Ning. The Qi machine is like a mountain at the foot, overlooking the sentient beings.

He glanced at the East Hu Seng and said, "You are not my enemy, how can you serve the widow?"

His voice is ordinary, but very majestic, with a supreme taste, and even people can't help but feel that as long as he said such a sentence, the East Hu monk would not refute or even obey.

Because he is the most powerful and powerful emperor of this era.

Even if he really lost this battle and lost the land of several counties, the Great Qin Dynasty he owned still has more than twice as much territory as other dynasties.

The night owl's breath on the mountain beam also became slightly uneven, and he hadn't met Yuan Wu formally for a long time. At this time, Yuan Wu's strength caused him unspeakable pressure.

However, the East Hu Monk shook his head and looked at the Emperor Yuanwu, saying, "You were injured."

Sima was taken aback by mistake.

Many people in the car shook a little.

After the Lushan Association, the practitioners of several dynasties carried out countless deductions, guessing that the Emperor Yuanwu was also injured in the Lushan Association, but the speculation is only a guess after all, and now I heard this powerful Donghu monk Speaking in person is completely different.

Yuan Wu raised his eyebrows slightly. There was no trace of anger on his calm and majestic face. He nodded naturally. "This can't hide from you, but you still can't be an opponent of few people."

The East Husband thought for a while and then said: "Not necessarily."

Emperor Yuanwu no longer spoke out. He glanced at the East Hu monk from a distance, and there was a soft sound in the air. His eyes seemed to change into two bright swords, striking the face of the East Hu monk.

The Eastern Hu monk stood motionless, like a tree that had died for thousands of years, and even the wooden stick in his hand did not move.

Two bright sword lights suddenly disappeared one foot in front of him.

But after the two sword lights disappeared, the East Hu Monk took a step forward and took a step forward.

The wooden staff in his hand was lifted, and there was a thud.

In the void in front of him, there seemed to be a terrible force colliding with the wooden stick in his hand, making a sound like striking the invisible giant clock.

Without any stay, his wooden stick followed, and the figure of Emperor Yuanwu on the chariot away from him was turned into a phantom, and the real body had appeared behind him.

Emperor Yuanwu was already holding a bright yellow long sword in his hands, and he slashed straight down towards the back of East Hu Seng.

The vitality in front of his sword tip exploded, forming a crystal flower in the air, while the dazzling bright yellow light on the sword seemed to be too late to bloom.

The speed of this sword has exceeded the cognitive limit of the Seven Realm Masters, and it is as powerful as the sword that killed Yan Ying in the Lushan Association.

However, the wooden stick in the hands of the East Hu monk still had time to appear in the right place and knocked on the sword of this sword.

At this moment, it was like the Emperor Yuanwu divided into two, and at the same time, he took a sword at the Donghu bitter monk from the front and the rear, but the old Donghu monk also completed two in a flash. In the first instance, the emperor Yuanwu was blocked in the front, and then the emperor Yuanwu was smashed.

At the same time, huge dust waves surged from the front and back of the old monk of Donghu, accompanied by countless substantive bright yellow lights.

The figures of Emperor Yuanwu on Che Qiang and Donghu Monk suddenly disappeared and disappeared like a dream bubble, but then, the real body of Emperor Yuanwu had already returned to that chariot.

His brows were frowned, his eyes flickered, and it was in such a hands-on, concentrating on what was a crucial issue.

"Unexpectedly, you are already so strong."

The vast majority of the people present had not recovered from the shock of this moment. He fixed his eyes on the East Hu monk, took a deep breath, and said, "You can't be quick, your quick It’s direct, it’s about turning the whole body into your own world. In such a cramped world, you can keep up with the speed of the widow, but you can’t have this kind of comprehension with the sword...not even the widow. Only one person ever Can use the sword like this."

"That should be because of you?"

Emperor Yuanwu’s eyes fell on Ding Ning’s body, and his eyes contained countless temptations and incomprehensible meanings, “You got his Nine Dead Silkworm skills, but how can he inherit his understanding on swordsmanship ?"

Ding Ning did not answer his question, but nodded solemnly to the East Hu Seng in front of him, then stretched out his fingers, a few thin natal sword qi radiated from his fingertips, leaving several lights mark.

Most people couldn't understand his movements at this time, but several of the masters in the field were breathless for a moment, feeling a mysterious and powerful unknown road.

This is a trick.

The dull eyes of Dong Hu Monk also became brighter.

These light scars fell in his perception, and it was a sword move that only he could realize at the moment.

This trick and the skill he cultivated and the state at this time are perfectly matched, and even have a strong restraint on Yuanwu's sword.

He knew that due to the emperor Yuanwu's personal conquest, the opponent at this moment was already too strong for them, so Ding Ning could not have reservations, and must do everything possible to find a chance to win.

"Sky Eclipse!"

Emperor Yuanwu’s pupils contracted sharply, and he drank the name of the sword, but even he could only feel part of the sword’s meaning, and only knew the name of the sword.


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