The Sword Dynasty

612 Waiting

"Except for the duel that beats the weak to the strong, any other battle is bullying and bullying. It is shameless."

Ding Ning said this, there was blood spilled on him, but he didn't notice it, just looked at the night sky calmly.

Looking at his expression, no one would think that there was only a seven-level master who died under such a simple attack.

Fusu was uncomfortable, but he was speechless.

Because Ding Ning said very reasonable.

There are too many night demon apes, and the sky is full. I don’t know how many there are, and there are seven realm masters hiding inside. Such a battle is inherently unfair, not to mention that the seven realm masters attacked first.

The night monster apes hovered in anger and kept falling.

They are gathering more and more in a space of dozens of feet, and the density is getting bigger and bigger, forming a black tornado around Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qianxue. The black hurricane is all red eyes And white fangs.

Chang Sun Qianxue's movements are extremely stable and concise, without any excess, and she uses the true element to the extreme. Every time she wields her sword, she will bring up dozens of transparent and pure sword qi, breaking up from the sky, cutting the first time. Fallen night monster ape.

These black hurricanes hovered outside her and Ding Ning and others, but there was no way to really pose a threat. Only the blood waves formed by the broken flesh were continuously generated, flowing like red streamers in the swirling air.

In the center of the hurricane, there was a smelly, unpleasant breath, and the air was sucked up, making it difficult for Ding Ning and others to breathe.

But at this moment, there was a breeze Xu Lai, the black hurricane fluttered outward, expanded a little, and a practitioner wearing a green shirt floated down.

"Chongtian Sword Academy Yan Jing, I would like to ask Mr. War, if I win, please let the prince leave."

This is obviously a master of the Seven Realms, his hair is very messy, and his clothes are not trimmed, but his eyes are clear and the mirror is transparent. He looks at the earnest bow and salute, and there are countless images of the night demon ape hovering outside. Zhong seemed strange but respectful. When he said such words, a lot of energy flowed out of him, instead of being killed, but purely released.

The strong breath in him was declining.

This is not a real depravity, but it is by releasing the true yuan and the vitality of heaven and earth in your own body, so that your true yuan power is reduced to the level of only six realms.

The guru's tone was also extremely humble and used the word "beggar", but this is the fact. If Ding Ning was the rebirth of that person, no one could be proud in front of him that day.

The power of the six realms, even if Ding Ning has been seriously injured, but only with the perfect sword intention shown before, the chance of winning this practice from the Chongtian Sword Academy is slim.

However, for this practitioner, this is an opportunity for Fusu to leave safely.

Looking at the humble guru, Ding Ning bowed his head as a gift, did not say any extra words, just said a word, "Nuo!"

In a simple word, there is a certain kind of temperament that cannot be reached by the Seven Realms, and the practitioner of the Chongtian Sword Academy suddenly feels excited.

He took a deep breath and gave birth to a sword from his chest.

A yellow bamboo-like natal sword appeared in his hand, across his chest, and said: "Please."

The crackling sound of "chi".

His natal sword disappeared from his hands, but in the space between him and Ding Ning, suddenly burst out dozens of yellow lightning, and the tip of the lightning even burst, which is even more difficult to prevent.

Although his attitude was extremely humble and humble, his shot was merciless and even exceeded the usual limit.

Ding Ning was short.

The rough sword body of the big punishment sword appeared in his hands, stabbing from bottom to top.

There was a sigh of stun, as if a bamboo pole under the water had hit a rock heavily.

The yellow thunder light collapsed, and the yellow bamboo-like natal sword flew out obliquely, pierced the chest of an unavoidable night demon ape, and then flew out into the night behind.

The master of Chongtian Sword Academy's body turned into a streamer and receded back. His eyes were full of shocking and incredible light, and his left hand clenched his right wrist.

His right wrist had been broken, and the force impacting on his right arm was still deep into his body, hitting his inner organ.

He knew the sword Ding Ning had just cast.

This is simply a style sword of his Chongtian Sword Academy!

This is the skill of his master's sword, and his own subtlety cannot be compared with the secret sword used by him. However, the other party only broke his sword with a simple sword like his master's sword at a glance. A sword hit his wrist with a sword.

Ding Ning received the sword and swallowed the blood flowing back into his throat.

Fusu's lips were trembling and his face was white. He was not disappointed because he couldn't get out of trouble, but he could also feel what a sword like Ding Ning represented.

In the sky, there are several guru who can come from these night monsters, and do not cause these night monsters to attack.

They were all deployed by Queen Zheng Xiu, some of them came directly from Jiaodong County, and they were the emissaries of these night demon apes. However, at this time, Yan Jing was defeated by Ding Ning, the masters kept In silence, he did not immediately join the battle.

The eyes of Donghu's bitter monks haven't been opened yet, and the combination of these people may not necessarily be the opponents of Chang Sun Qingxue, Ding Ning and Donghu's bitter monks.

They need to use these night demon apes to expend more power from Donghu's bitter monk and this grandson.


At night, Sima was lying in a warm car by mistake, and his body was covered with soft brocades.

A medical officer took care of him very carefully.

The train he was on was already retreating to Yinshan.

The vast majority of the army of the Great Qin Dynasty also began to retreat in an orderly manner. Under the mad pursuit of the army of the Great Chu Dynasty, the naturally advanced army will always remain on this land.

In the place where the battle that had tempted Ding Ning and others happened before, a black owl still stayed at the top of the hill.

He looked at the direction of the night demon ape flying, and the flame of hatred was burning deep in his eyes. This flame seemed to be burning his own soul, so that his body would be burned to death if he did not go there.

But he is still waiting.


In the dark, one practitioner after another hurried behind him, Shili and then waited with him.

These practitioners carried heavy sword boxes on their backs.

This kind of sword box is specially used to store many swords. In order to avoid damage caused by the blades hitting each other, the inside is separated by a unique wooden grid, and the sword body is fixed so that it cannot be moved.

A large number of swords are to be transported, and these swords are often only the standard long swords used in the army, and these sword boxes are usually used in the army.

However, the sword boxes on the backs of the practitioners who came at this time were constantly emitting a variety of sounds, and there was a sigh of sorrow and praise in the air, or cheering.