The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 613 Her Heart

Several grandmasters stayed in midair, watching silently as the swarm of night demon apes hovering into a black hurricane below.

Their perception is always concentrated on the old Donghu monk.

This hard-working monk from Donghu is the only one in the world who can confront the presence of Emperor Yuanwu. Although he closed his eyes and meditated, if they fell down, the old monk of Donghu would still kill when he opened his eyes. The ability to die.

The master who has achieved hard work for countless years is not scarce in the few wars in human history, but the master himself cherishes his life very much, there is no reason to die, no one will Take risks easily.

As time passed, they looked at the old monk's eyes below, and the incomprehensible meaning became stronger and stronger.

Daredevil apes can be called demon beasts, but they are much stronger than all familiar beasts in the world. Their attacks are as fast as lightning, and their flying postures are strange, even able to dodge and quickly in a very small space. Change the direction of travel.

Looking at Changsun Qianxue's indifferent sword, it seemed extremely easy to constantly strangle these monsters, but they, who are also practitioners of the Seven Realms, knew that this kind of relaxation was just an appearance.

They were even able to feel that every flesh in Changsun Qianxue's sword-wielding arm became sour, painful, and stiff.

Chang Sun Qianxue's face was very pale.

Her left hand crushed a pill bottle and swallowed a milky pill in her belly.

A fresh breath soon emanated from her abdomen and diffused towards her whole body.

This breath accelerated the heartbeats of the several masters waiting above.

This is "Return to True Pill".

A kind of panacea made from dozens of extremely precious elixir. Among them, dozens of panacea come from overseas and several have disappeared.

This immortal medicine has amazing qi and healing effects for practitioners. Even in Changling, a few dozen years ago, there were only a few, which belonged to the royal family and the most powerful old doormen.

The other party is the legendary Miss Gongsun family, and it is not surprising to have such a fairy-level elixir. Conversely, even this elixir is forced to be used, which only shows that the other party has been squeezed to the limit.

Either run away or take action. At this time, this old Donghu monk is still closing his eyes and meditating. What kind of opportunity is he waiting for?

These masters are even more incomprehensible.

Fusu's face was paler than that of Chang Sun Qianxue.

One is due to the injury, and the other is that this simple and repeated bloody killing makes him feel more vomiting, and it is difficult to breathe smoothly.

The broken blood and residual limbs of the night monsters gradually piled up, and the thick plasma dipped into the shoe upper, so that he later unconsciously stood on the residual limbs of these night monsters, and these relatively intact residual limbs were in He and Ding Ning and others were stacked on top of each other.

The Donghu monk still seems to know nothing about the outside world like a mud tire. These broken stumps even piled up on his waist and abdomen, and he should be buried slowly.

"You should have never been to Jiaodong County."

What made the several gurus above difficult to understand was that, in such a situation, and when more people or troops to kill him came at any time, Ding Ning still remained calm.At this time, Ding Ning looked at Fusu, who was paler than Changsun Qianxue, and asked quietly: "So you should not know much about Jiaodong County?"

Fusu suppressed the feeling of nausea and replied, "What do you mean?"

"The number of night monsters is too much. I originally thought that the number of night monsters was already one-third of that. It was already very simple." Ding Ning said simply: "The night monsters can only survive on some unique islands overseas. In Jiaodong County, the breeding of night monsters is addicted to drugs, but usually these night monsters still naturally live on those islands. The most important thing is that these night monsters do not eat the food in the sea water. Since ancient times, their favorite food Indigenous people and fishermen on the island."

After a pause, Ding Ning looked at Fusu, who seemed to have thought of something, and then said, "After the Qing Islands, or the Jiaodong County's several cleanups, the population of the island itself is not much, especially most. The island country has become a vassal of Jiaodong County, and it is even less likely to become a food court for night demon apes.

"Why is it so tactful? The reason why Zheng Xiu is called ruthless is that Jiaodong County often sends some prisoners to feed sea beasts, which is one of the reasons." Chang Sun Qianxue said coldly and slightly while mocking, " It’s just that there are so many night demon apes, how can the death prisoners of Jiaodong County be able to feed?”

Fusu took a deep breath and gritted his teeth: "Why should I believe your words?"

Ding Ning smiled faintly, without saying anything, but there was a natural qi flowed out of his hand.

A clumsy and large torture sword with a breath that made the night monster a little scary appeared in his hand, and then he put the sword front on Fusu's white neck more naturally.

The slight qi on the blade of the sword cuts the light blood on Fusu's skin.

Fusu breathed suddenly and looked at Ding Ning, "What are you going to do?"

The few masters in the sky were all cold in their hearts, and their moods fluctuated.

"Since these Daredevil apes are sent by your mother, then I want to see her intentions. Who is more important to kill the enemy and the life and death of his son." Ding Ning looked up, his expressionless cold voice: "Let these Daredevil apes go, otherwise I will kill him."

"You..." Fusu shivered with anger and couldn't even curse shamelessly.

"Don't doubt my determination." Ding Ning still raised his head and said slowly.

"Why does she know that this will happen?" Fusu called out. "What happened here is too fast to be transmitted to Changling. How can you tell her heart even if you do!"

"If some things are more important than the war itself, the speed of message transmission will exceed your imagination." Ding Ning said calmly: "The most important thing is that her subordinates' reactions can often be seen in her heart. . Their conjecture about what she meant was enough to represent many things."

The flames of anger also flashed deep inside the eyes of the several gurus in the sky.

"Are you really that person?"

A guru couldn't help but shouted, "I don't believe that if that person would use such a mean method."

Listening to this voice, Ding Ning smiled slightly, "Do you really believe that a person can be reborn after death?"

Several masters stayed at the same time.

After a quiet moment of silence, the aloud guru went on to say: "But since the Holy One said so today, I am afraid most practitioners in the world will think you are the rebirth of that person, your words and deeds represent that person, Represents Bashan Jianchang. If your behavior is shameless and despicable, there are many people who follow you as usual, follow Bashan Jianchang?"

"Every flower has its own eyes." Ding Ning calmly said: "You say shameless and despicable, maybe someone feels smart, you should understand that when the man died in Changling, many people thought he was stupid and idiot."

Several grandmasters fell into silence.

They refuted speechlessly.

Ding Ning no longer looked at where they were, just at his sword edge.

Blood beads began to appear on the blade in his hand.

Several angry screams rang in the air, and the night demonic apes suddenly scattered in fear, like countless black smoke rising up.

"I just don't understand, if you use such a shameless method, why don't you use it earlier, and wait until this time." Fusu felt the pain on his neck, looked at Ding Ning's eyes, and shouted angrily. .