The Sword Dynasty

614 Heart Technique

Ding Ning looked back into his eyes and said, "No one but me really knows the true secret of the Nine Dead Silkworm, and Yuanwu can't. However, in front of so many people, he openly concluded that I was the rebirth of that person, not just Need to find a reason to kill me in that situation. He also wants to see what kind of changes will happen, how many people will be on his side, and how many people will be on my side."

"For him, the power that grows in the dark is like a parasitic tree vine attached to the tree. For his empire and his king’s dominance, it was revealed earlier and uprooted earlier than of course. Free growth is much better."

After a pause, Ding Ning ignored the anger and impatience in Fu Su's eyes and said slowly: "But even if the news itself was shocking enough, even if the news was accelerated by his consciousness, but whether it was wanted to kill My people still want to come to my rescue to know that they still need some time. He needs time, and I need time to let people know where I am."

Fusu stayed awake for a while and immediately sneered: "You need time to make people aware of the actions and passing of these night demon apes, so that those who want to save you can find you. Very good idea...but you have Haven’t thought that in order to save you alone, many people will die because of this, and sacrifice the lives of others to let you live. This is what you Bashan Jianchang called kindness and justice?"

"Don't be so excited." Ding Ning slowly closed his sword and responded calmly: "Our situation is only equivalent to waiting to die at the border of Qin and Chu, even if I don't do anything, after Yuanwu's help, this news It will still be delivered very quickly, and those who do what it will do will still do. All I can do is make them as efficient as possible, and perhaps reduce some danger. If there are many People die on this road, so all I can do is to make them die more valuable as much as possible."

Fu Su's chest undulated violently. He still felt that Ding Ning said these words shamelessly, but when it comes to fighting, he intuitively can't compare with the person in front of him.

"I believe some of the things you said now, such things as resurrection are too slim, and you are not similar to Wang Jingmeng at that time." After taking a few deep breaths, he said very rare and fierce. People think that Wang Jingmeng is stupid because they think that Wang Jingmeng can revenge in eight realms as long as he stays for a few more years. But he killed Changling for the life and death of some people. He would rather die than others. He died for him. So even if Bashan Jianchang is gone, it still wins the respect of the people in the world."

"Correct your several remarks." Ding Ning said very seriously and seriously: "Bashan Jianchang is not just because he won the respect of the people of the world, and his killing in Changling is forced by the situation, if it was like you then. Such people are exchanged, and Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu can accept the exchange, he will not go directly to Changling to die. Some things can threaten him, but can not threaten Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu, the conditions are not equal at all."

"Then you don't want to see my mother's heart, want to see her care about my life and death, do you see it now?" Fu Su wiped and flowed to his collar, and bonded with his collar 'S blood, nodded angrily at the sky, looked at Ding Ning and asked.

"I don't want you to die." Ding Ning said: "I hope her attitude towards you has been the same, especially after the news delivered by Yuan Wu reached her ears."

Fusu chose to shut up. He felt that it was really meaningless to fight against such annoying people, not to mention that he did not win at all.

"You are kind, and I hope you have always been like this." However, Ding Ning did not want to stop here, he then slowly said: "But kindness does not mean to be stupid, to be truly blinded by something. Telling you about her cruelty in Jiaodong County, or the helpless choices of those years, are reminding you that my guess is that you are likely to be abandoned by her. Some things that look beautiful are not as beautiful as you think. If you really want to be the emperor of the Great Qin Dynasty in the future, then you cannot treat things as simply as you do now."

Fusu smiled angrily, "Are you teaching me? You threaten my life, and in turn teach me?"

"I just let you accompany us on a journey." Ding Ning looked at his face calmly and said lightly: "The biggest possibility is that we will die, but you will survive, or we will go through this journey together. , We live, and you will naturally survive."

"Either way, I hope that the road we have traveled will have some impact on your future." Ding Ning looked at the dumb Fusu and continued.

Fusu breathed heavily, wondering how he felt.

There was silence again.

"In fact, there is one of the most important questions you didn't ask, because this question may seem to you to be an insult to Zheng Xiu." Ding Ning no longer looked at him, but looked at the night sky where many night demon apes were flying, softly. Said: "You don't care if you are Yuanwu's son?"

Fusu's body stiffened instantly.

When Ding Ning said the first half of the sentence, he already knew what Ding Ning really wanted to say.

This is the real fear deep inside him.

If that might be true... that's what he can't face at all.

Ding Ning knew his inner feelings at this time, and he didn’t wait for Fusu’s voice anymore, but said quietly, “You are of course Yuanwu’s son, not that man’s son. The key is that even Zheng The sleeves are clear, but Yuan Wuken refuses to believe firmly."

"His cultivation practice has reached the eight realms. Whether it is perception or touch of subtle vitality, it has already been imagined by the extraordinary guru."

Ding Ning looked at Fu Su, who had some blue lips, and then said slowly and clearly: "He can instantly perceive my true bone age, knowing that the distance between my voice and the person's death is at least two to three years, however He still infers that I am not the successor of that person, and is most likely to be the rebirth of that person. Since he believes that there is such a possibility, he will naturally believe that Zheng Xiu may have some means to hide her birth. The key The reason is that he does not believe in Zheng Xiu, and he cannot fully understand Zheng Xiu’s secret."

"If my father really doubted me, wasn't it caused by your shameless means?" Fu Su's body shivered.

"If it is true trust, then any words are useless." Ding Ning glanced at Chang Sun Qianxue, and then said: "You have seen Yuan Wu's reaction before, and heard it with your own ears, perhaps for him You and Zheng Xiu themselves are the stains of his life. His glorious emperor does not allow such dirt to remain. Even if it will only continue to cause rumours. He can tolerate Zheng Xiu because of the existence of an enemy like me. "

Fusu was speechless.

He had countless words to refute, but he could not speak at all.

With a pop, a sip of blood spewed from his mouth.

"Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu are my enemies, but you are not my enemy." Ding Ning still did not look at him, but said softly sincerely, "If you want to live well, maybe you should help me instead."