The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 616

For the few gurus, the determination to eradicate an imminent and powerful enemy of the eight realms for the Great Qin Empire even exceeded the preservation of Fusu. However, at the moment when this sword light, too fast to be described by words, appeared, The master guru shouted in exasperation, but all avoided the sky.

This is a natural deterrent.

"Dantai Watching Sword!"

The guru whose sword light was intercepted shouted the first, and only shouted the name of the person. The tone contained complex agitation.

The two sword lights disappeared, showing a sapphire figure.

The man who appeared was handsome and with a breath that did not fall on earth, he stood with his hands down.

Only one person in the world has such a fast sword, and only the Minshan Jianzong practice that he has built can forcibly change the circulation channels of many celestial energies, breaking open the resistance of the air, and the energies of the naturally converging heaven and earth change while condensing. A strange driving force brings unimaginable speed to other practitioners.

This is Minshan Jianzong's "Gapless Sword Classic". The entire Minshan Jianzong was only trained by Dantai Guanjian to practice such a technique.

This person is naturally Dantai Guanjian.

In the loud applause of the master, Dantai Guanjian didn't go to see the man, but instead looked at Ding Ning, with an unspeakable emotion, he said first, "Long time no see."

With the exception of Chang Sun Qianxue and Ding Ning, everyone else was stunned, and they couldn't understand the meaning of Dantai Guanjian.

In this moment of silence, Dantai Guanjian took a deep breath, then slowly said softly, "I didn't expect it was you."

Fusu froze.

In his consciousness, Lingxu Jianmen and Minshan Jianzong were the two pillars of the Great Qin Dynasty, and Dantai Guanjian was naturally one of the most important characters supporting the Great Qin Dynasty. He could not imagine that Dantai Guanjian stood still Dong Hu Seng and Ding Ning and others.

He is very close to Dantai Guanjian, so he can clearly see the subtle changes in his expression.

Dantai Guanjian looked at Ding Ning, just like looking at an old man who had been familiar for a long time.

Among these people, Ding Ning is most aware of the feelings contained in these two sentences at the moment.

Although he was still wearing a black scarf until this time, he knew that such a method could not conceal many of his unique atmosphere, not to mention that he did not deliberately conceal it now.

"I saw the sword that you only resisted for her. The sword was really perfect."

Dantai Guanjian looked at Ding Ning, and still didn't care about the few gurus. What was shocking was that his voice shivered slightly. "Is Yuan Wu saying true?"

Ding Ning smiled bitterly and responded softly: "Is it true that you should have judged already, otherwise why would you shoot?"

Dantai Guandao: "There should be many battles next, I don't want to be distracted."

Ding Ning nodded, his lips moving slightly, and said something in a voice that only he and Dantai Guanjian could hear.

Dantai Guanjian took a deep breath again, squeezed her lips tightly, and stopped talking.

"Dantai Guanjian, do you want to betray my great Qin dynasty with your enemies?"

Looking at the dialogue between Ding Ning and Dantai Guanjian, and then feeling the more subtle changes in the vitality of the East Hu monk, several masters in the sky were even more disturbed, and the former master who screamed loudly screamed again. .

I almost felt that this sentence was a bit harsh, and that the inner master was not strong enough, and then the master shouted coldly, "This is what you mean, or Baili Suxue, or the entire Minshan Jianzong!"

"The news should not have reached Jianzong, which is naturally my own meaning." Tantai, who calmed down, watched the sword as usual, with a humble look, saying: "But I think if I changed Brother Baili, I should Will make the same choice."

Hearing such a response, the anger in the hearts of several masters in the sky disappeared instantly, replaced by a coldness from the heart, so cold that even their hearts and Qihai seemed to freeze at the same time.

In particular, the former master who scolded Dantai for watching swords even had an unreal sense of vertigo.

If Minshan Jianzong completely betrayed... What about the Great Qin Dynasty?

The guru dare to ask in anger, but at this moment he dare not think about it.

Dantai Guanjian slowly raised his head, looked at the night-demon apes dancing like demons, and looked at the figures of several guru looming in the night-demon apes, saying, "I don't want to kill the ring, so I hope You can leave."

When he said this, his sapphire-colored gown wobbled slightly in the wind, and his face looked very humble, but his identity and words themselves were extremely proud.


Several grandmasters changed their faces at the same time. Before someone's crackling screamed loudly, several sword lights illuminated the night sky completely, all toward the still-closed East Hu monk.

All the irritable night demon apes in the air also roared down.

These several masters are all aware of the terrible situation of Dantai Guanjian, but they do not believe that Dantai Guanjian can stop them from killing the Donghu monk with one person.

For them at this time, even if they paid the price of both jade and jade, even if Dantai Guanjian could kill them all, before they died, they must let the Donghu monk die.

Of the several sword lights, the fastest and brightest one is pure white, as if condensed directly above the head of the old Donghu monk. When the vitality converges sharply, the white light appears in the air like stardust In general, it even spilled onto Dantai Guanjian.

This sword comes from the Heart Sect.

The Xinjian Sect has always been one of the most powerful places of cultivation in Changling. Among them, the guru is naturally the top strongman in this world.

However, in the next moment, the figure of Dantai Guanjian disappeared.

The white dust falling like stardust on him was hidden in the ghost image when his body disappeared.

Not only his body, but also the body of the old Donghu monk beside him became a faint ghost image.

He can't be fast enough to block all the sword lights, but he can take the East Hu monk fast enough to bring out the range where the sword lights fall, and then his counterattack.

A crackling noise.

The air in front of the Master of the Heart Sect was transformed into a terrifying killing intention. The figure of Dantai Guanjian appeared in front of him, and the sword light in his hand pierced his sea of ​​qi.

The master of the inner sect seems to be able to clearly perceive every movement of the Dantai sword watching, but whether it is the flow of true yuan or the body's reaction, it can't keep up with the speed of the Dantai sword watching at this time.

When that crackling sound reached his pinna, his sea of ​​qi was already penetrated.

True Yuan and Heaven and Earth vitality flowed out of his abdomen with the scattered sword energy.

The eyes of this grand master of the heart were extremely wide, and the world in front of him was madly rotating, because at this moment his entire person was like a leaky skin bladder, flying extremely chaotically in the air.

The figure of Dantai Guanjian faded in the air again.

When he appeared again, his figure appeared behind a guru in Jiaodong County, but his sword light had penetrated the air of another guru beyond tens of feet.

There was a loud bang.

The true element in the master of Jiaodong County exploded towards the back.

Dantai Guanjian took the defensive for the first time, with the sword on his chest, and his figure flew back.

The true element of this guru of Jiaodong County was almost exhausted, and his face was pale and decadent.

There is also a master who stabs at the sword and skimms, and his body brings out a rainbow in the air.

Dantai Guanjian landed at this time, and his face also became pale. Rippling tremors appeared on the sapphire-colored robe. Obviously, the counterattack just consumed his large amount of true yuan, which was not easy.

However, piercing the air of the two gurus instantly, forcing a guru to explode nearly all the true elements and the world's vitality in order to protect himself. Such a record is beyond description, except for fear.