The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 619: Thousand Mountains

Compared with the sky, these swords are very small, but like the stars in the sky, they give people a sense of majesty and mystery.

The sword can give people the general feeling of stars, it can only mean strong.

Long Sun Qianxue raised her head and looked at the sword lights, and the Nine Nether Hades sword in her hand automatically whispered.

"How come there are so many swords?"

"How could this be?"

She has not completely escaped from the shocking scene where the old monk Donghu stepped into the Eight Realms, and now she has suddenly fallen into an incomprehensible shock.

"Because familiar."

Ding Ning looked at her beautiful face, looked at the nine-nine Hades sword that naturally reacted in her hand, took a deep breath, and then said, "Because these swords were once the enemies of the nine-nine Hades sword, or comrades, or from In a sense, the Nine Nether Hades sword was once among these swords."

"It's a night owl."

Chang Sun Qingxue reacted, and an uncomfortable feeling appeared in his body, "These are the famous swords of the former dynasty and the old Changling."

Ding Ning nodded.

In every era and every dynasty, there will be many outstanding craftsmen, and many top practitioners will breed many famous swords.

The former Han Zhao Wei three dynasties had many famous swords. After the destruction of the Han Zhao Wei three dynasties, the famous swords of the three dynasties belonged to the Daqin dynasty, and finally appeared in the sword valley of the last Minshan sword society.

There are many famous swords in Bashan Sword Field. After the destruction of Bashan Sword Field, the sword possessions are owned by Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu.

There is something that should not be ignored, but it has been forgotten by others. It is the famous sword of the old powerful and powerful.

The old tyrants and gates actually ruled the Great Qin Dynasty for many years. For a long time, these old tyrants and gates possessed the strongest practitioners, and also spawned many famous swords.

Those who can be selected as swords by powerful practitioners are not mere mortals, especially most of them are cultivated as mortal creatures. Even after the sword master dies, these swords are as if they are branded with soul or tempered In general, there is naturally a combination of the sword master's life and vitality, which becomes the crystallization of the sword and becomes a part of the sword itself.

In the period of the Changling Old Gate Valves, the Gongsun Family was the leader of the old powerful gatekeepers, and the Nine Nether Hades Sword was the strongest and most fierce sword in the era of the old powerful gatekeepers. The hilt sword killed many practitioners, and fought or fought with many swords.

Although no one has ever been able to turn the Nine Nether Hades sword into a life sword, close contact or fighting with these swords also leaves a trace of vitality in these famous swords in the Nine Nether Hades sword.

At this time these vitality imprints sense each other, which is what Ding Ning said is familiar.

Undoubtedly, whether it was Zheng Xiu’s help or Ye Xiao’s own work, most of the swords of the old monarchs, and many of the famous swords left behind belonged to the hands of Ye Xiao today.

These swords showed their strong and mysterious power under the urging of the night owl after the life of those sword slaves, and formed a sword array that even the elder Sun Qingxue could not understand.

Dong Hu Seng's brows were also deeply wrinkled, and three wrinkles appeared on his skin like an old tree.

These swords fly in the air in sequence, forming a mountain shape, but in his perception there are thousands of mountains overlapping one another.

Each of the heaven and earth vigorously drawn by the sword formed a mountain.

He can feel that this sword array is not a killing array, but a puzzled array of traps.

As for the crisis, practitioners of any level have a unique perception.

Now the East Hu monk has reached the eight realms, and the communication with the vitality has reached the stars, and the induction with the surrounding heaven and earth has been meticulous. You can even see the life and death trajectory of many creatures from the many remaining vitality. In his perception world, there are some Things flow faster than normal, and some things become slower than normal. Whether it is fast or slow, it is different from usual, which is equivalent to changing the boundary of time.

When the East Hu Seng told Ding Ning when he broke the border, he didn’t just say that he saw a lot of things he couldn’t perceive. The reincarnation of life and death of souls.

As for "seeing God", it means that reaching the eight realms is like reaching the realm of a god, completely changing the world and looking at the world with a vision.

With his power, he can kill many Seven Realm Grandmasters, he can escape and the Thousand Armies can't stop him, and he has no scruples in the world.

But even so, he still felt extremely dangerous.


His hands waved upwards, and the staff he held became bright and transparent, but he didn't see his lips open, but the staff struck the air, but it made a strange and clear roar, like a Buddha chanting.

Different cultivation methods have different enlightening visions. When Emperor Yuanwu used his full strength, a huge and dazzling beam of light fell, but at this time when he used his full strength, there were countless subtle and graceful in the sky, but no dazzling Light stars are scattered like countless scattered flowers.

But the real sense of power comes from his own body.

An invisible but real force is constantly expanding from his body, just like his entire body is constantly expanding.


The falling tips of the swords suddenly encountered resistance, not directly rubbing against the air, but directly colliding with the diamond wall, making a direct sound of hard objects.

A truly transparent vajra wall appeared between heaven and earth.

This in itself is a means for defensive monks in Donghu, but in the hands of Donghu monks at this time, it is no longer just defense.

In his firm gaze, the invisible but real vajra wall squeezed out quickly at a terrifying speed.

Those swords kept shaking, because of the unique connection between mind and spirit, all the seven slaves of sword slaves who had fallen down on the ground were bleeding, and they instantly reached the dying edge.

Every capillary hole in the night owl's body hair is bleeding.

He felt the terrifying power from the eight realms, and everything in his body reminded him that he might die at any time.

Instead, a slight ridiculous smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. His body could not bear it, but his strong will made him raise his hand and give it a firm grasp in the void.

Many blood vessels on his forehead emerged from his skin, shining, and then ignited a real flame, like a rune of gold and red.

His thoughts imprinted on those famous swords also burned.

Every famous sword rune struggling in the air was bright, burning a golden and red flame.

Puff Puff Puff Puff...

All the famous swords shattered like paper swords in the air, but all the strength of the vitality still condensed into a sword shape and fell with more powerful power.

In the perception of Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qingxue, the body was extremely huge at this moment, almost flooding the East Hu monk outside this world, and these swords pierced countless holes.

The diamond wall was broken, and countless invisible swords that had lost their tires fell.

Each sword fell to the ground with the real weight of a mountain, and a smoky dust of hundreds of feet was raised.

The East Hu monk put his staff on the ground in front of him, and the storm was spinning outside of them, but he couldn't get in.

It has been a long time since there was no sound. Fu Su, who was the weakest, only felt that his consciousness was torn apart by two forces, and he spurted blood again, fainting.

That puff of dust stood in the air, supported by the power of vitality, and did not disperse at all.

Ding Ning looked around, there were really thousands of mountains outside. Some of the vitality of the glow continued to shine on the top of the mountain like a subtle lightning, constantly making the tops of these dust mountains dim and white, like Qianshan twilight.

This is what he is most worried about.

People who live only for revenge are always the most terrible.