The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 621

The old monk of Donghu only admired.

He knew that Ding Ning would definitely become the greatest existence in the world of practitioners, but the premise is that he must survive in the siege of thousands of mountains.

"Actually, just make a break."

The Tantai Guanjian, who had been silent for a long time, listened to the conversation between the old Donghu monk and Ding Ning, and did not dare to interrupt him. Until now, he no longer asked Ding Ning any questions. Know who is the enemy and who is the true friend."

"Don't be too concerned about the life and death of others."

Looking at Ding Ning, who began to be silent, Dantai Guanjian said earnestly: "No matter life or death, it all comes from fate, but in the end, it comes from your own choice. Sometimes the most fear is that there is no room for choice."

After a pause, Dantai Guanjian looked at Ding Ning and added: "Reluctantly living is not necessarily happier than dying."

Ding Ning smiled reluctantly.

He understood the meaning of Dantai Guanjian, but his mood could not be relaxed.

When he stepped into Changling many years ago, what he wanted to be was the center of the world, and the world was due to him. Any big event revolved around him, which might make him feel inexplicable excitement and vanity.

However, when so many lives and deaths are really experienced, carrying such a heavy weight, the idea will naturally change.

Ding Ning did not have any hatred for the night owl that caused the siege of Qianshan. Even if some things were just accidents and a good starting point, war and change did indeed cause many people misfortune.

"You have taught many people to use swords. At that time, Changling used the word "perfect" to evaluate your sword."

Dantai Guanjian looked at Ding Ning, whose smile faded quickly, hesitated a little, and then said seriously: "Maybe you can make me stronger."

Everyone in the field knew what he meant.

In such a dilemma, if there is a way to improve his strength in a short time, everyone will have a greater chance of surviving.

One's true Yuanxiu behavior and perception of heaven and earth's vitality cannot be strengthened in a short time, unless it is at the juncture like the East Hu monk.

The only aspect that is likely to quickly improve a person's combat power is the comprehension of the sword sutra and sword intent.

If you can maximize the power of sword moves, then this person's combat power is likely to be greatly improved in a short time.

This is impossible for others, but it happens to be possible for Ding Ning.

What Dantai Guanjian said is a fact recognized in the practitioner’s world. The person at that time had never publicly accepted his disciples, but in many stages of his practice, he had pointed several swordsmanship separately, and those few were In the future, he has become a famous master in the world, and the most well-known one is the head of Ye Ce Leng Ye.

However, listening to the words such as Dantai Guanjian, Ding Ning shook his head, "In fact, there is no true perfect sword meaning, because there is no one, anything can achieve true and absolute perfection. Defects always exist, but some If you do your best, it will naturally cover up this flaw."

Dantai Guanjian could hear Ding Ning's feelings, but he couldn't understand and frowned.

"Jianyi Jianyi, focusing on, the meaning comes from his own heart, so the key lies in his own faith."

Ding Ning looked at his confused eyes and said softly: "Most of the practitioners' records contain a story. A famous old lady always recites a Qigong practice as a sutra. She is not very literate or even misread. I have read a lot of words and I don’t know many of them at all, but she has memorized them for decades, but she has naturally refined the truth. One day, a practitioner walked by and saw her reading wrong and felt unbearable. Patience explained it and corrected many of her mistakes, thinking that the old woman would work harder, but in the end the old woman went backwards instead."

After a brief pause, Ding Ning looked at the Yantai Guanjian with some light in his eyes, and then said: "There are many versions of this story, but the expressions are all the same. Your sword will go The ultimate speed is actually perfect. If it is missing, I am afraid it is the last confidence. You don’t need my advice, you just need a person like me to give you affirmation, make you believe in yourself, even in your heart. The last trace of doubts is gone."

"It's already extreme, as long as you are in the deepest heart and firmly believe that this is already extreme, your sword will be faster."

Ding Ning smiled faintly, looking at Yantai Guanjian, whose eyes were changing again, and said, "If this is instruction, is this an instruction?"

Dantai Guanjian's mood fluctuated violently, and the air outside him produced ripples, but only in the next moment, his face became absolutely calm.

Then he got up and deeply saluted Ding Ning, who was still sitting, and said softly, "This is the most useful advice."

Donghu old monks sighed together.

At this time the sky was pale.

The whiteness is not because it is close to dawn, but the glow produced by some powerful energy disturbance.

Ding Ning and others all looked up except Fusu who was unconscious.

This means that someone has arrived.

Those who can bring such weather, who can come at this time, are naturally the masters of the Seven Realms.

Is it a strong aid, or is it the beginning of a new war?

Ding Ning took a deep breath and waited calmly.

Dantai Guanjian's eyes gradually became calmer, still as modest as usual, but in the eyes of the Donghu monk, he already had a very different breath than before.

The white glow is getting brighter and brighter.

When forming a white cloud that attracted a lot of night light and became bright and shiny, a figure appeared in the gap of thousands of mountains above their heads.

This is a middle-aged man wearing a blue robe.

He didn't see any swords on his body, but the skin on his body was like a moon, exuding a bright and radiant light.

The middle-aged man's facial features are very soft. The most striking thing is that there is a silver bar between his eyebrows, as if he opened a silver vertical eye.

The middle-aged man fell down. He looked at Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qingxue. The look in his eyes became more and more respectful, and his emotions seemed to be more and more excited. It seemed that he would salute before actually landing.

However, at this moment, Ding Ning's eyebrows flicked slightly, and there was a muffled sound deep in the ground in front of him, and then a series of dry branches and broken sounds sounded, letting the Buddha have something to break into pieces.

The ground suddenly swelled up and there was something huge under the ground trying to drill out.

The Donghu old monk was a little surprised, Dantai Guanjian frowned slightly, and until then, there was a hint of coldness in his perception that made him feel extremely unpleasant.

The middle-aged man, who had not yet landed, did not expect such a change at all, and his face suddenly became slightly stiff.