The Sword Dynasty

622 Simple

Whether it is the middle-aged man in the blue robe in the sky, or the strange and cold power that emerged from the ground at this time, it is obviously because of Ding Ning, but at this time neither of these two sides showed any interest in Ding Ning. Killing intention.

The most direct killing intention comes from the underground. With the continuous uplift of the ground, the killing intention refers directly to the middle-aged man wearing a blue robe.

This middle-aged man in a blue robe was not a weak man, and he instantly felt that he was naturally killing.

The two killing intentions intersect in the air like substance, but Ding Ning and others seem to stay outside, irrelevant.

There was a loud bang.

The continually uplifting ground in front of Ding Ning and others finally cracked, accompanied by a gust of wind, and the tens of tens of square feet of land turned upside down like the fallen leaves in the water. In these cracks in the soil, there were constantly different The tombstone appeared, rising upwards.

These tombstones are appearing more and more, giving people the feeling that they are endless, and they are also forming a giant mountain formed entirely of tombstones.

Dantai Guanjian had never known the identities of the two parties before, but kept vigilant, but did not intervene, but at the moment when he saw these constantly emerging tombstones, his heart was moved, and he wanted to understand the representatives of these tombstones. Who is it.

The middle-aged man in the blue robe had a silver long sword in his hands. The rune on the silver sword was like a moon palace, and the vitality flowing between the runes was like a real white cloud flowing.

When he saw these tombstones, his complexion became even whiter than these white clouds. The original respectful expression of Ding Ning and others suddenly turned into a panic. A cry of exclamation sprang from his lips and teeth. The silver light bar in my eyebrows suddenly expanded like a silver vertical eye to be opened.

Six silver sword lights flashed on both sides of his body at the same time, and then spread like a peacock screen, spreading into thousands of silver feather-like sword pieces.

Tens of thousands of sword pieces made a terrifying sound in the air, forming a huge waterfall of light, blasting towards the ground, but at the same time, the body of this middle-aged man in a blue robe seemed to violate this The law of nature is the same, forcibly reversing the falling trend, but flew out into the sky above at an amazing speed.

He wants to escape.

Originally he wanted to pretend to be a person on Ding Ning's side, but the underground person simply wanted to kill him, and the identity of the underground person made him unable to refute at all, and could not make Ding Ning and others believe him again.

The ends of the tombstones were filled with black smoke and floated.

Above Ding Ning and others are all floating tombstones.

Then these 10 million silver sword pieces collided with these tombstones.

Countless bursts of sour teeth sounded. These tombstones were suspended in the air and kept shaking, and countless silver fires exploded on the surface in a flash, like ten million stars were disillusioned.

The middle-aged man in a blue robe was twisted in the air, shaking out countless shadows.

He found that it was impossible for him to withdraw from the same path, and escaped from the dilemma of Qianshan, which was enough to lock the eight realms. People's offensive, even if he is lost in these thousand mountains, at least he will not be killed immediately by these people.

However, he ignored a little.

The man in the underground really had no choice but to take him at the moment, but there was a different presence in the field from all the sword masters in the world.

Dantai Guanjian raised his head.

He reached out his sword.

It was like a gesture of pure sword, as if nothing had been done, but the middle-aged man in the blue robe in the sky screamed in horror.

The coolness of his chest and back revealed that a cloud of blood had flowed out of his chest and back at the same time.

The sword light in Dantai Guanjian's hand disappeared.

Because it is so fast, no one can see clearly what the color of his natal sword is.

"You killed him." Chang Sun Qianxue looked at the middle-aged man in the blue robe that fell like a meteorite in the air, and said to the Guantai sword.

This is like nonsense.

The middle-aged man's heart was broken, and even if he didn't die immediately, he might fall apart from falling from such a height.

But Dantai Guanjian understood what she meant. He used a sword to deal with those masters before, but only pierced the opponent's sea of ​​qi, and let the opponent lose his combat power, but he kept his life.

"Peacock Ling, this is a man from Du Guhou."

Dantai Guanjian glanced at her and explained: "But he disguised himself as the Liuyun Sect, Liu Guanzong lord Chen Guanhe and Lin Zhuojiu are old friends, and also died in the battle of Changling for Bashan Jianchang. "

Not killing is the mercy of the strong to the weak, and killing is that this person's behavior is too mean.

If this unknown man in blue robe came to assassinate Ding Ning directly, Dantai Guanjian might save his life. However, he wanted to find a chance to kill Ding Ning in exchange for trust. This is what he could not tolerate. of.

The elder Sun Qingxue nodded, "Peacock Ling is only qualified for the most important characters in Duguo Mansion, so the choice of Dughou Mansion is to become our enemy?"

Ding Ning did not respond to anything.

Most of these Houfu made their choices in the three years before Yuanwu took the throne. After more than a decade, most of them will not change the choices of the year. This is foreseeable.It was just that he couldn't help but think of the loneliness in the Minshan Sword Society. He didn't know what choice the young man would make if he knew his true identity.

The tombstones floating above his head disappeared silently, and black air flinched towards the ground.

His eyes naturally followed the shrinkage of these black qi to a young man who had just appeared, as if formed by the shrinkage of black qi.

The young man’s stature is low, the most important thing is that he is not angry at all, so that people do not feel any blood flow, just like a cold body, but no one body has a strong breath.

"You are Yan Ying's disciple."

Ding Ning looked at the young man and said.

The teenager lowered his head slightly, as if shy, but nodded, saying, "Yes."

Then the teenager seemed to be a little tired, but without a word, he sat down with Ding Ning on his knees and buried his head deeply.

Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qianxue glanced at each other, then he couldn't help but asked curiously, "Don't you ask who I am?"

The young man replied, "Anyway, you are the person Yuan Wu will kill at any cost. I don't care who you are, as long as it is possible to kill Yuan Wu in the future."

Everyone heard the emotions in the speech of the thin boy.

He has a respected master.

But his master was dead.

He was killed by Yuanwu in the Lushan Association.

He wants Yuan Wu to die, it's that simple.