The Sword Dynasty

623 Thousand Tombs

"Of course you can come if I want it."

Ding Ning looked at the strange boy carefully and said, "Although I don't know how you know that the man was our enemy just now, without you, it might take some effort, but you have never seen me, how are you? Will you have confidence in me? You should understand that this is a large formation that allows you to enter or not to exit. Do you have a way of breaking the law?"

"I didn't break the law." This young boy was obviously not very talkative, and he had a unique local accent. Even listening to Ding Ning's words seemed a bit difficult, so that he spoke slowly, "I am confident of Yuan Wu And I have no confidence in myself."

Ding Neng was shocked.

Even he couldn't understand these two sentences of the young man.

"What do you mean?" Long Sun Qianxue frowned, and asked directly.

"I have never seen anyone stronger than my master, but Yuanwu killed my master, so he is stronger than my master. Since he was here, he will kill you at all costs, of course you are The most threatening person to him."

The young man’s head still hung on his knees, and he didn’t lift it up. At this time, his back looked a little bit sad, "And I know that I can’t surpass my master, and I can’t kill Yuan Wu in my future. ."

Dantai Guanjian was stunned for a while. He thought that the young man had a very reasonable sentence in the first half of the sentence. This shows that this young man is really smart and extremely extreme, and he can reach this place across the mountain. Both courage and state of mind are extraordinary He can't help but frown, "How do you know that you can't exceed your master in the future? You should be the youngest seven realms in the world. Perhaps more precisely, you are probably the spiritual world." The youngest seven realms in history. Not to mention that your masters are extraordinary, and your master is also one of the strongest people in this world. Now that you are so young, there should not be many opponents in the seven realms. "

Listening to such sincere words of consolation, the black-robed boy buried his head deeper and slowly said, "You don't know, the reason why I can reach the seven realms so quickly is because in a sense, I It’s the master’s life."

Dantai Guanjian froze.

The elder Sun Qianxue didn't even think it would be such a reply, and could not help but stunned.

Ding Ning pondered, thinking with his head hanging down slightly, he roughly figured out why.

Some of the most powerful ancestors of the Daqi dynasty practiced yin, gods, ghosts, and ghosts. They were very different from the rest of the dynasties in the world. That was what Yan Ying did in his own vein, and he practiced in Qiantou Mountain. Some previous rumors and the shot of this black-robed teenager, practitioners of various dynasties generally believed that Yan Ying, the first master of the Daqi dynasty, had turned the most sullen Qianqian Mountain into a mortal creature.

After he fell, the Qian Tomb Mountain was naturally passed on to his disciple, the black robe boy in front of him.

This black robe boy had moved this mountain to the palace in the chaos of the Daqi dynasty before. To the outsider, it was equivalent to Yan Ying will condense his amazing life force His natal creatures were passed on to his disciples, and his disciples depended on some mysterious means of their sect, and could perfectly control Yan Ying’s mortal creatures.

However, the real reason is that during the course of his practice, Yan Ying melted a lot of vital energy to his disciple.

In many years of cultivation in Qian Tomb Mountain, Yan Yingyang raised his disciple, not that Qian Tomb Mountain.

"I heard that Emperor Qi sent your Master's body back to your Qian Tomb Mountain." Ding Ning raised his head, glanced at the black-robed boy, and said.

"Our sect has a unique secret technique. I borrowed the power of my master to reach the Seven Realms." The black robe nodded and felt very uncomfortable. "But the practice is a gradual thing. I feel like I have reached the Seven Realms directly. I haven't traveled through several realms, and how can I get the next eight realms. If I can't even reach the eight realms, I can't beat Yuanwu any longer on the road of the seven realms."

"I don't have a choice. I'm not more talented than my master. If I don't choose this way, I'm afraid I will slowly cultivate to Yuanwu's old death, and I can't keep up with Yuanwu." The black robe boy slowly said: " I can only rely on others to kill Yuan Wu."

Everyone went silent.

Ding Ning saw the shoulders of the black robe boy shook slightly. He knew that although there was no cry at this time, the black robe boy was crying.

Although this boy in black robe is already an awe-inspiring master of the world's practitioners, he is too young after all, only a child in terms of age.

In Qianshan Tomb itself, there were only two of him, apprentices and apprentices. When Yan Ying died, the black-robed boy was lonely.

"If I can live out this formation, I can escape. I will help you kill Yuan Wu, I can kill Yuan Wu."

Ding Ning said for a few moments in silence.

This sentence may sound a bit like coaxing a child to help him kill his life, but when he heard this sentence, the boy in black robe turned his head and wiped tears on his knees.Such naive and childish movements made it impossible to connect him with the youngest guru.

Then the black-robed young boy raised his head, looked at Ding Ning, and said, "It seems that you are really different from other practitioners. I want you to be the same as Yuan Wu said. It was the rebirth of that person... but you In addition to the nine dead silkworms, there seems to be a horrible thing hidden in her body. What is that? You obviously have a very strong natal sword, is that another mortal?"

"Ling Shi's practice is really extraordinary." Ding Ning smiled gently and explained carefully, "That's not the mortal thing, it's the immortal medicine, from Zu Mountain."

"It's weird, very similar to our strength." The black-robed teenager froze, then said subconsciously.

Ding Ning originally thought that he would continue to ask what the immortal medicine is because of curiosity. Hearing this black robe boy said, he was stunned.

"But it seems to be fundamentally different. It seems to be the product of a certain change." The light in the black robe's pupil flashed violently, trying to perceive, and said.

Ding Ning frowned slightly, chewing the meaning contained in his sentence, and said nothing for a while.

"These swords are also the remnants of the ancestors of the senior practitioners, and then they were distorted by the mortal energies of the following practitioners. A single handle is nothing, but with so many people gathered together, it is really powerful."

At this moment, the young man in black robe was afraid of Ding Ning's abandonment, and then said, "I may not be able to get to the Eight Realms, but our Qianqianshan practice can also be used in this way...If there is a future, I may Can create an army."

The last part of this sentence is difficult to understand, but the young man in black robe didn't give everyone time to think, and his eyes fell to the ground on one side.

The large piece of mud on the ground turned over, and many large pieces of mud lifted by the power of this black robe stood like graves.

On a piece of land where his eyes fell, there was a corpse of flesh and blood, which was the seven-level master who was killed by Dantai Guanjian.

A black gas suddenly appeared in the air, vaguely like a black tombstone sinking and falling on the body of the seven-level master.

A heart-wrenching scene appeared.

The guru sat up slowly and straight.

"There can't be all the original strength, but with my life and energy, at least part of it." The black robe turned around and looked at the shocked Ding Ning and others.

"There was a ghost Daoist in the Great You Dynasty, saying that there is a method of fighting corpses, and your means of Qianmu Mountain is similar to this." Ding Ning calmed down and asked the young man in black robe, "What is your name?"

The black robe boy thought for a while, as if the Master had not given himself a name in memory, and he thought for a second, he said: "Thousand tombs."