The Sword Dynasty

627 Dead Letter

"I am really disappointed."

When Zheng Xiu converged with the spark and walked back to the depths of her study, a young man stood by the pond and looked at the man in the chair under the eaves in front.

With a grunt, the carp in the pond spit out a bubble.

The carp in this pond is very fat, and the three colors of red, white and green are not only bright, they are not messy at all, they are extremely valuable species, and the tails are pure white, with only a red sarcoma on the forehead.

The value of these carps even exceeds the humble courtyard itself, and it cannot be obtained by money alone.

Those who can surpass money in the world have power.

This young man was previously named Li Xin, and now he is called Fang Xin. This courtyard belongs to him.

So before, he felt like a young and energetic practitioner, but now he is standing with his hands on his back, which makes him feel very powerful.

He looked at Fang on the seat, angry, and his eyes were aggressive.

The weather in Changling has been warm. These koi sinking to the bottom of the pool in winter are already playing happily, flapping splashes, but the Fang on the bamboo chair is still chilly and covered with a thick blanket.

"What are you disappointed?"

Listening to Fang Xin's questioning, Fang Shi's face was not so turbulent. He was still the same as usual. If nothing happened, he said with a trace of laziness.

"Why pretend."

Fang Xin sneered, took a letterhead from his sleeve, and said in a cold voice: "Since you have accepted the arrangement, I call you a father, why do you secretly write a secret letter to your distant relatives, telling Hou Government affairs?"

Fang Shi listened to these words and looked at the domineering young man, but he did not speak for a moment.

"Are you here for a restful life?"

Fang Xin looked at Fang Shi, who was no longer speaking, but thought he was afraid. He looked at the letterhead in his hand and said: "Daily life, are you dissatisfied? Anything you want, even if it is a beautiful maidservant, Is there anything that will not satisfy you?"

Fang Shi looked at him, still silent.

"It's impossible for you to know these little actions. I still ask you not to do this."

Fang Xin used a little force to shatter the letterhead in his hand, and the debris fell in the pond beside him.

The koi carps are pretty, but they are so crazy that they thought they would eat them and swallow them up.

"I think something is wrong with you."

Fang Xin turned and walked out of the courtyard, but just then, Fang's voice rang.

Fang Xin felt a sudden shock.

Huo Ran turned around, looked at Fang Shi, and said in a deep voice, "What is it?"

"My father and I fought this Fanghou House. And I still have a younger brother. Even if I really recognize your son, this Fanghou House will not be your turn." Fang Shi smiled and said : "And if you really want to recognize me as a father, you have to bow down and ask for peace every time you see me. Where is there such a domineering son like you in the world."

"Do you want me to bow down and please please?"

Fang Xin's eyes narrowed slightly and he smiled.

Fang Shi looked at him, just looked at it and didn't speak.

"Just like you are a waste person?"

Fang Xin's smile completely disappeared, and his face was instantly filled with chills. "Even if your father can survive this war, I am afraid that he will not be transferred back to Changling for life, and you say your brother? He dares to return to Changling. What? If he appeared, he would be killed before entering the city."

"So please be awake."

After a pause, Fang Xin looked at Fang Shi mockingly, and then said: "You only rely on me, Fanghou Mansion still exists, just because the Queen Mother needs to give those princes a face, and Fanghou Mansion needs to be maintained. If you then Trying to do something that upsets everyone, maybe your Jinyiyu food will disappear at any time, and the food given to you may be inferior to the next."

He is a member of the Li family and belongs to Li Xiang's confidant. At the moment, he is in charge of the Fanghou Mansion. The words and deeds are naturally the momentum of the big men. At this time, the threat of this small courtyard seems to fall into the midwinter.

"So there is one thing you still don't want to understand."

However, listening to his threats, Fang Shi laughed like he looked at a poor worm.

"You probably don't understand why Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu have consciously targeted our Fang family since the beginning of Lushan Association."

"In fact, the real reason is not because my brother left Changling before the Lushan League, and annoyed Yuan Wu, nor was it because my cultivation was exhausted and lost the value of use."

Fang Shi looked at Fang Xin, who was stunned, and mocked, "The real reason is that our Fanghou Mansion is too strong, because my brother is so important that even Wang Jingmeng at that time thinks that there are so many in Changling The last promising practitioner among the practitioners. Together with me and my father, our Fanghou House will be much stronger than other Hou Houses."

Fang Xin swallowed a slobber unconsciously. He hadn't had time to ponder the deep meaning in it, but somehow his heart began to show chill.

"Although you are the Li family, you are naturally trusted by Li Xiang, but after all, you are too young and too stupid."

Fang Shi looked at the young man sympathetically and slowly said, "So probably you won't want to understand that Yuan Wu can tolerate the night policy coldness. One is to balance some forces in Changling, and the other is because the night policy is cold. Practicing overseas, in fact, it was not fast for Xiu to enter the country, and he continued to help him to hunt for elixir to kill some sea beasts. He also suffered a lot of hidden injuries. Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiuzai Most places are different, but one thing is the same. They are jealous, and jealousy may really threaten them, or even surpass their practitioners."

Fang Xin was more shocked as he listened, and he calmly said, "What does it have to do with what I said now?"

"Yuanwu asked my brother to go to Lushan to die before breaking through, and let me repair in Lushan to the end. All of these, our Fanghou House endured it."

Fang Shi said with emotion: "Even if you are allowed to use some of the strength of our Hou Mansion, even if you are allowed to be in front of me, even if my brother is away from overseas, these can be tolerated, but let my father die at the border. , This is too much."

"I sent that letter to my distant cousin because my brother had been there a few times when he was young, and it is very likely that he would revisit the old place. After all, even I don’t know where my brother went to practice. Send the letter there, maybe He will know some news."

After a pause, Fang Shi then looked at Fang Xin who was pale, and said, "In fact, I want to let him know some news of Fanghou Mansion, there is a simpler way, but before I felt that the sacrifice was too great , Or not necessary."

Fang Xin couldn't understand the meaning of Fang Shi's words, but he just felt cold and began to feel fear.

"Some people can bear it because I am still alive, and this Fanghou House seems to be the same as before, but if I die, many people will not be able to bear it. And there should be no hidden things about things like my death. Come on, my brother should be informed."

"what did you say!"

Fang Xin cried out in silence.

Fang Shi smiled, full of sarcasm.

"You..." Fang Xin took a step back unconsciously.

"You probably want to ask me why I feel that it is necessary now. It's very simple. You cut off even the letters I sent. And you probably haven't had time to know what happened on the battlefield over Yinshan."

Fang took a deep breath, glanced at the cheerful koi in the pond, and inexplicably felt happy, "The only pity is that if you really just respected me, even if it was just face, If I can get through, maybe I will spare you a life. It’s just that you have always treated me like a waste, you don’t know, in fact, I can kill you at any time. Because your practice is too weak."

When his voice sounded like this, Fang Xin's cold hairs exploded, and with a stern cry, his body flew out frantically.

However, at this moment, Fang Shi's body shot hundreds of energies out.

These energies are extremely complicated, but they are cohesive and powerful, just like pieces of broken blades.

These strengths come from the Lushan Association.

It is a showdown with the strongest powerhouses, the power of those strongholds piercing him.

These forces are nailed into his body as a dagger with a handle, so that he can't be repaired and can't be removed...because at the same time, it is like pulling out hundreds of daggers stabbed in his body at the same time, his body will be Suddenly there were hundreds of wounds that were difficult to heal.

Fang Xin's body was swept by these energies. In the stern cry, his body suddenly cracked into countless pieces, and the disgusting white and bloody luster glowed in the sunlight.

In the harsh sunlight, Fang Shi was too dizzy, but he was satisfied, and he closed his eyes with a smile.