The Sword Dynasty

630 The Enemy of a City

Hengshan Xuhou frowned and looked down at Ye Celen, saying: "I will not be merciless today."

Ye Ce sneered and looked very charming, "I don't need you to show mercy."

Hengshan Xuhou looked at her expression, a flash of strange color flashed in his eyes, said: "Since it is so, please."

Ye Celen slightly raised his head.

The sky above Xuhou Houshan's head is naturally sky.

At the moment, the sun was thick and there were no clouds in the sky, but with her eyes, there were nothing in the sky, but suddenly there were countless crystal raindrops.

These crystal raindrops are not like human things at all, and people do not feel any wetness at all. When falling in the air, it is completely contrary to the laws of nature. It is not only that the speed of falling is too fast. The speed of the imagination, and the end to end, just like someone holding the ends of these drops of water and pulling it towards the ground into a wire.

Only in this moment, these ten million drops of crystal raindrops have become ten thousand thin lines.

The tip of the thread is like a thin needle, and the thinner it is, the more penetrating it is, not to mention the continuous thin thread, and the vitality forces drawn from all directions continue to converge toward the tip of the thin needle.

There was a loud bang.

With a deep roar, the air masses around Hengshan Xuhou's body exploded, with his body as the center, the stone slabs on the ground of the roadway around tens of feet, and the courtyard walls shattered into powder.

His hair danced wildly, and his entire body doubled outwards like a demon. Not only did the thickness of several buckets of sword light walk around him like a dragon in the exploding air and dust.

Thousands of rain lines penetrated into the vitality that exploded and exploded around him, and the tips of the rain lines burst, but in the subtle time that only he and Ye Celi can perceive, these thin lines also seemed to be his sword. Like the light, it wrapped around his sword lights.

It was only for a moment, there were countless thunderous roars on his sword lights, and those rain lines broke and flew out.

These rain lines are stretched by a drop of crystal raindrops. It is hard to see with the naked eye. At this moment, they are broken, and a trace of it is even thinner. However, when it splashes out, this broken line of rain will become a large crystal. Splashes.

In this street, it seems that countless people are pouring water between the world with a bucket.

Countless huge drops of water fell from the sky, washing the dust in the sky and breaking the black tiles on the roof. Pieces of broken black tiles splashed from the roof. When they fell to the ground, the ground was already a layer of water.

The cracked black tiles stirred up many waves in this layer of water.

Black is the core, and thousands of water flowers bloom in this alley.

Ye Celiang in white dress and white skirt turned around and walked out of the alley.

Her shoe surface was not wet, just like the heavy rain in Changling that day, she walked from the stormy waves of the Weihe River, her body floating on the water.

Hengshan Xuhou stood still. His body was still surrounded by a terrible blaze, and his body was still more than twice as large as usual.

"Hou Ye?"

The courtyard door behind him had been completely broken, and several practitioners appeared behind him, looking at Ye Ce-Leng's back while sipping.

In their view, the sword of Fang Cai was Xu Hou's intention to break Ye Celen's sword. Ye Celen had already blatantly turned it back on. Is it true that he only fought with a sword and let her go?

But what allowed them to breathe at the same time was that at the same time as their low drinking sounds, with a puff, Hengshan Xuhou spewed out a mouthful of blood.

His mountain-like body suddenly shrank like a leak.

Hengshan Xuhou's body became as normal as usual, but his face was pale yellow, and all the water in front of him was scarlet blood.

He looked at Ye Ce-Leng's floating back, and his heart and eyes were extremely shocked.

"Cloud Water Palace..."

He suddenly understood what.


From the night before, there was a strange spark falling in the sky, and there were military newspapers from the guru-level characters who spent their life and energy quickly returning to Changling. Changling looks quiet, but even ordinary people in ordinary streets and lanes know that there are unusual Big things happen.

When the great changes occurred, some people in Changling were originally the objects of special attention, and among these people, Ye Celang was definitely the first.

Therefore, many people may not know the behavior of Hengshan Xuhou, and do not know what he is going to do when he goes out of the government.

When Ye Ce-Leng blocked Hengshan Xuhou and used a sword against him, in the eyes of many people, Ye Ce-Leng had completely become the enemy of Changling, or the dead.

The streets and lanes of Changling are well connected, but there are tall turrets at many intersections.

These turrets monitored all the movements in Changling.

At this moment, when the water was flowing outside Xuhou's house and Ye Celian turned and left, a general's vest was soaked in cold sweat on a corner tower nearest to Xuhou's house.

Both hands of this long-held general tremble, but as Xu Hou said, sympathy and respect are one thing, and position is one thing.

This general naturally did not want to abandon Changling, and did not want to be the enemy of the Great Qin Dynasty.

So after a moment of hesitation, he shot.

He is the owner of this turret. He knows better than anyone the real reason for the establishment of these turrets.

These turrets were originally the product of an amazing idea.

When some powerful enough shadow energy gathers through some crystals, the generated light beam can cause some unnatural strong distortion of the heaven and earth energy, and then these light beams can be projected to any corner of Changling like moonlight.

This is "Yin Yueyue".

All the people who walked on the Changling Tomb actually hung a sword that appeared at any time.

This charm was once refined by the craftsmen of Bashan Jianchang, and was separated after the upheaval before Yuanwu ascended the throne. However, after the Lushan Alliance, practitioners all know that this charm has been successfully refined.

In the depths of each turret, the extremely stable magic circle has been inlaid with the most critical runes.

As long as the general’s order was given, Fu Jingli would release the cold and violent vitality, flooding the entire magic circle, and then the Xuanyue-like sword light would rise from the corner tower and head towards the night. .

The power of this "yin yueyue moon" will not reach the Seven Realms, but it will not be lower than the Six Realms. What it really fears the Seven Realms practitioners is that it will continue to come, and the attacked practitioners are tired of coping. , Cannot be hidden.

All the turrets of the turret are connected, and the Yin Qi produced by Fu Jing will continue to flow into the turrets of the turret closest to the practitioner.

In any corner of the Changling Mausoleum, Yinyueyue will continue to kill until this practitioner is exhausted, or killed.

There was a finger-like gray spar in the general’s hand. At the moment when the true element in his body poured into the gray spar, he turned the gray spar toward a metal plate in front of him. The center shot.