The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 634

As the strange light fell, a middle-aged man wearing a white jade robe appeared quietly on the other side of the ice road.

His face and figure are very ordinary, but his breath is very clean.

So that his body cannot be transparent like crystals and some clean gemstones, but the feeling of any practitioner is that the whole is transparent and pure to the extreme.

The middle-aged man in bright red armor who arrived here first was Duguhou.

However, he didn't give any gifts when he was beside Dugu Hou, and he didn't even say a word.

Because he is also a prince.

He is Duanmuhou who is enough to stand up with Dugu Hou.

His son was the enemy of Duanmu Jingzong and Li Xixing who had appeared in the Minshan Sword Society at the time.

The two princes of the Daqin dynasty gathered together. When he stood beside Du Guhou, the strange light that fell from the sky and clouds still fell on Du Guhou.

An exceptionally clean breath was eager to try in the surrounding air, and a cheerful smell swept away the haze around the lonely man.

Duguhou naturally understands what the other party means.

He raised his head again and looked straight at Baixue Xue as if standing in the clouds.

On his back, a sword like a peacock opening screen radiated a dazzling glow, and two huge breaths rushed to the top of this ice peak.

When these two huge breaths flowed towards his feet, Baili Suxue just provoked the corner of his mouth proudly. There was a icy breath flowing down the depth of the ice channel under his feet, which was captured on his palm.

A crystal snowflake appeared in his hand.

The crystal-clear snowflake flew out towards the void in front of him.

There seemed to be an invisible lightning in the sky, and the light falling in the flowing cloud was easily torn.

In the next moment, the mountain breeze remained, the absolute stillness disappeared, and everything became the same as before.

As if nothing happened, Duguhou and Duanmuhou were completely quiet, standing still.

The two men's faces are old and well-behaved, and they seem to be only a bit gloomy, but their hearts are like a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčanger, especially the Du Guhou who should not appear here is even more agitated.

He wanted to try Baili Suxue's sword. Originally in his imagination, even if he was not as good as Baili Suxue, it was absolutely impossible to be too far apart, but at the moment he and Duanmuhou still could not force Baili Suxue to shoot.

Baili Suxue has been so powerful that in the killing situation decided by Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu, who will actually hand out the killing sword?


Beyond Jianzong of Minshan, below the slope of the southern foothills, a small shallow lake was formed due to the increasing rain in spring.

This shallow lake, which will disappear in the summer, was originally located within the mountain gate formation of Jianzong of Minshan, and it will not be revealed at all.

However, with the beginning of mountain climbing in Duguhou, some of the vitality that has troubled the outside world's sight has disappeared, and many scenes will clearly appear in everyone's sight.

On one side of this shallow lake, an army is stationed at this time. This army is the Hengshan God-Tibetan Army under the Houshan Xuhou, and several generals headed by it are also famous masters of Changling.

At this time, the generals' eyes crossed the shallow lake and fell in the forest at the foot of the mountain behind the shallow lake. The expression was slight, and it seemed to sense at the same time what was happening there.

Deep in the forest, a thin cultivator was walking.

The cultivator was wearing a large dark black shirt with a bamboo hat enough to cover his face, and could not see the appearance.

Just as the expressions of the generals of the Tibetan and Tibetan army were weak, the soft cloth soles and fallen leaves of the practitioner's feet suddenly made a golden iron-like friction sound, and hundreds of thousands of dead leaves flew out like a snow. , With a particularly violent atmosphere.

Dozens of ancient trees were twisted into flying debris by this dead leaf. With the light of a sword light, preventing the violent breath from continuing to spread out, the figure of Li Hou appeared on a mountain stone facing the practitioner. .

"Actually you?"

Looking at Lihou wearing light gold armor, the practitioner made a sharp female voice.

Hearing this voice, Li Hou couldn't help but lament the strength of the mistress in the palace again.

"I won't go up the mountain, and you won't go up the mountain."

He knew that the other party had no patience, so he looked directly at the female daughter Chen Guo in black and said.

Anyone who releases a sword qi casually has this kind of innate violent momentum, and naturally it is the female daughter of Chen Guo Ji Qingqing who has been scratched.

Hearing Li Hou's words, she snorted violently.

However, before she had spoken, Li Hou said: "I don't want to fight life and death with you, and today your luck is really good. The people of the original Dugu Hou Mansion are here to wait for you with me."

Ji Qingqing's breath suddenly stagnated.

It was at this time that many subtle voices sounded in the forest behind Li Hou.

A frosty mist spread quietly.

Along with the mist that spread out, nine riders were caged in black spiked armor, and like a whole body of cast iron and iron appeared behind Lihou.

Behind these nine riders, there was a tidal wave of gold and iron, and more armored sergeants flooded the open space in the forest.

Looking at the Yujia Jiuqi and the Yujia Army full of sight, Ji Qingqing's violent breath no longer stretched out.

She knew that even if Youjia Jiuqi was all transferred, it would be impossible for her to enter Minshan Jianzong even if she was desperate here.

"Zheng Xiuli expects that I will come to Minshan Jianzong, because Baili Suxue has spoken to me, and I have a reason to come here and work hard for him."

Her eyes passed through the fallen leaves as if in substance, and looked at Li Houhan said: "Then you, even the son can't keep it, why do you come here desperately?"

"There is no eternal hatred, only eternal interests."

Li Hou turned his head to look at the riders in dark black armor behind him, and said: "Li Hou's house is not built up by me alone. Li Hou's house cannot naturally exist for my son alone."

"I really want to kill you."

"I will find a chance to kill you."

Ji Qingqing looked at Li Hou and said two words.

All the dead leaves that landed bouncing off the ground violently again.

Ji Qingqing's figure kept going backwards and disappeared in the forest in an instant.

But the horrific killing intention emanating from her was still entwined in this forest sword, tearing all the dead leaves into powder, and slamming Lihou and the armored armor behind him like a wave.

Countless Mars ignited on the pale gold armor on Li Hou's body, and the real sound like a huge wave hitting the rock sounded on his body. However, he no longer looked at where Ji Qingqing's figure disappeared, and he looked to the height of Minshan Jianzong At the moment, I was thinking about the same problem as Duguhou.

If there is no one who can really make Bai Lisu Xue's shot, then who else has the qualifications and strength to make Bai Lisu Xue shot?


In front of the Zhengshan Gate of Jianzong Minshan, there are many broken bright red armor flowing down the sapphire mountain path along the blood.

Several practitioners pressed the natal sword with their hands and watched the blood flow through the shoe surface motionlessly.

Suddenly, they turned around and stopped breathing.

Two large gray cars appeared on the road behind them at the same time.