The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 641

"Good choice, then follow along."

Jing Liuli did not pause, and naturally walked past the solitary solitary side, said this to the young man who didn't know how much courage to make such a decision, and then looked up at the ghost that was close to the Changling Palace Long Heiying, then said: "Master has said a word, no matter what the origin, people who don't know how to walk their own way can't go very far on the path of spiritual practice. Deciding whether you will become a king or not depends on how much power you have. And it depends on whether you are surrendering to live."

Solitude alone.

He also glanced at the ghost dragon and admired it again in his heart.

The figure of the dragon like the dark mountain finally landed above the palace. The huge dragon body covered the light in the sky. With the natural shock of its vitality, it began to snow in the sky.

An astonishing number of practitioners gathered around the palace.

The practitioners in Changling have their own choices. After the emperor Yuanwu’s business for more than ten years, most of the practitioners in the practice place chose to allegiance to him.

Countless colorful sword lights gathered together, weaving into a dazzling rainbow around the imperial city.

This scene is extremely spectacular, the murderous is very terrifying.

When the figure of the dragon was slightly lower in the air, many charms and sword lights broke out, leaving countless strange light paths in the air.

The miserable green meaning in Youlong's eyes has faded.

It began to spit crazy.

As the weird dragon chanted from its body resounded through the sky, whether it was between its breath, or the fluttering beard and horns, or the patterns on the body's extremely hard black dragon scales, they began to surge. There was black frozen gas.

In the sky, there were boulders flying all over the sky, and then these boulders continued to form huge ice blocks and fell crazy.

These ice cubes and the heaven and earth vitality and sword light blooming on the ground impacted each other. Most of them did not fall to the ground, but continued to explode in the air. The fine broken ice slag generated by these explosions quickly froze again, all on the ground In the line of sight of the practitioners, the shadow outside the dragon is getting bigger and bigger, just like a giant ship that is becoming bigger and bigger, sailing in the air.

There is frost intentionally frozen in the tiles, and the coldness that is many times thicker than the frost in the world does not know how many bricks and tiles become crisp and abnormal.

Empress Zheng Xiu, like many other times, stood behind Lingquan under the patio of her study.

She can perceive the approach of the dragon without looking up. Except for her, those practitioners who can prevent this dragon from approaching are all in the area of ​​Minshan, not to mention beheaded directly in the air.

In fact, the Yulong does not need to land directly. With its vitality covered, Baixue Xuexue can easily enter the palace and can appear in front of her at any time.

In the eyes of almost everyone outside, she should also be hidden.

She can escape.

But no one knew what she was thinking.

She just stood here indifferently, waiting for the arrival of Baili Suxue.

There are many metal puppets on both sides of the stone path leading to her study, all of which are organ instruments.

Behind the walls on both sides or in the shadows between the courtyards, there are many practitioners waiting.

Suddenly, her perfect eyebrow jumped slightly.

The air on the stone path appeared a little illusion, like the space was twisted by a strange power, and a door appeared.

A practitioner in Jiaodong County, hidden in the shadows, felt that he had to take action.

However, he found himself unable to move.

The blood in his body was frozen, and then died quickly.

The organs in the stone road that would normally be touched due to slight fluctuations in vitality did not move, because even the vitality flowing in the runes inside was frozen instantly, not to mention those organs.

Silently, Baili Suxue's figure stood on the stone path.

A layer of hoarfrost spreads along his feet. On the ground that is only tens of feet away from Zheng Xiu's body, the hoarfrost no longer advances, as neatly cut by someone.Some faint sparks were burning on the frost line.

No one moves, even the most loyal dead.

Because this time Zheng Xiu spoke.

She looked at Baixue Xue and asked indifferently: "How does it feel to be here?"

Baili Suxue was too lazy to look at her face, just looked at the burning spark at the edge of the hoarfrost, and responded slightly coldly: "I feel very good."

"Do you think there is nothing wrong with yourself?"

Zheng Xiu silenced for a while, looked at him and said.

Baili Suxue frowned, and finally looked up at her, but did not speak.

"People are always changing." Zheng Xiumuran's eyes are jumping with a complex flame. She slowly said: "A person's life, from young to old, whether it is a person or a mentality, how much will be produced Change? When you first learned sword, did you have the same thoughts and person as you now?"

"I was very young at that time, and I was a young girl who had just entered Changling. I was carrying a lot of things you could not imagine."

"A lot of times, I don’t know how to choose and how to do it myself."


There might be more powerful people coming outside the palace, but Baili Suxue was not anxious. He listened to these words of Zheng Xiu patiently, and then laughed sarcastically, "You say these, do you mean It's because of me that I forced you to become such a person in the end?"

"I don't worry or care about what other people say to him, but you were his best friend."

Zheng Xiu's complexion was originally very fair and white like white porcelain, but when she said this at this time, her face became paler, and even the flesh and meridians inside seemed a little transparent.

"I will worry about what you say to him."

She looked at Baili Suxue, and said softly but extremely coldly: "When I haven't figured out what kind of person I want to be, you have told him that I am not a good spouse. The judgment you made is too early. "

"Your thoughts are chaotic, so your reason is also chaotic." Baili Suxue shook his head and said: "You mean no matter how many wrong things you did, no matter how bad you were, until the end You decide to be a good person, all the previous things no longer exist? Moreover, you haven’t changed yourself, but you are afraid that the bad things will be exposed and become worse...You are here because of my few Sentence?"

"Everyone has their own reason. You don't think it's because of you, but if it's not because of you, he may have no doubt about me at all, or maybe I will decide to be the one he wants." Zheng Xiu's chest fluctuated violently She looked up at the sky and said slowly and seriously: "The trajectory of many things is only changed because of some small things. In your opinion, I killed him, but in my opinion, it may be this His best friend."

Baili Suxue rarely laughed.

Even if he laughed, he only showed a slightly cold smile.

However, at this moment, listening to Zheng Xiu's words, he laughed, and laughed loudly.

"You have said so much, you want to firmly kill me, you want to arouse your fighting spirit completely, and make your sword intention more perfect, but it only reveals a little... Your own heart has always been messy. Until today , You are still regretting. You are still thinking that without me, you and Wang Jingmeng can still be the most perfect fairy couple in the world." Baili Suxue looked at Zheng Xiu mockingly and said sympathetically: " I really feel sad for Yuan Wu."