The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 642

Zheng Xiu looked at Baixue Xuexue, the flame in his eyes gradually extinguished, and turned into indifference.

She finally understood that any topic in the past could not shake Baili Suxue in the slightest, because the other party simply did not shake for anyone and anything.His state of mind is always perfect.

Just like now, even if there are too many practitioners gathered inside and outside the palace, they can't affect Bai Lisu's mood at all.

Because Baixue Xuedu seems to be nonexistent.

He was full of killing intentions and his mood was perfect. He only cared about the small world where he and she were.

"There is an old saying in Changling that three-year-old sees old."

Baili Suxue looked at her ruthlessly and said, "The old saying is that people are actually very difficult to change. If you think I was wrong with you at that time, you will be the right person. I will Wrong, but it’s a pity that you still let me say that I am dead, and it becomes the kind of person in my judgment. How can you make me stand up to it?"

Baili Suxue's face was calm when he said this.

From the beginning appeared to her to now, he laughed, ridiculed, disdain, indifference, but not much anger.

Because she doesn't deserve his anger.

She was the kind of person he had spotted.

She is not his friend, how can he be angry?

So although his face at this time was extremely calm, the tone of his voice was also fluctuating, but anyone could feel that the sarcasm and disdain in these words were stronger than ever.

I look down on you.

No matter what kind of existence you become, whether you were a genius in Jiaodong County or a queen of the Great Qin Dynasty, I look down on you.

"You have been waiting for an opportunity to kill me, but have you ever thought about it. I also need an opportunity to see everyone in Changling." Zheng Xiu was also not angry, but said quietly: "You come here with great fanfare Kill me, Changling is so chaotic now, all the small fish and shrimp will emerge, and I can see who is standing on the side of Bashan Sword Field and who is standing on my side."

Baili Suxue quipped: "The key is that you can live."

Zheng Xiu said without hesitation: "I can live."

Baili Suxue said with a sneer: "Even if you can really live, let the Changling people show their true intentions. What's the use? People who oppose you will either be killed or escape to become a big inverse like Baishan, your king. Tu Baye, how much power can your Daqin dynasty have to conquer the Quartet?"

Zheng Xiu suddenly smiled.

She smiled coldly, but it was full of a thrilling force, "If I tell you that Chu Chu can win soon, what will Chu Chu be inevitable?"

Baili Suxue frowned suddenly.

Everything in the past, including the current life and death bureau, could not have any impact on his state of mind. However, Zheng Xiu's remarks caused a huge wave in his heart.

He suddenly realized that Zheng Xiu's last few words were only intended to bring out these last words.

The battle of Qin Chu, in the eyes of everyone, was a foregone conclusion. The million troops of the Qin dynasty were retreating, and the only fruits in exchange were trapping Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qianxue and others.

The Daqin dynasty was defeated in the battle between the two dynasties. Even if he couldn’t kill Zheng Xiu today, Changling and the Daqin dynasty also suffered a great deal of defeat, and Xishan in the evening.

However, Zheng Xiu said at this time that Chu Chu will soon win, and Chu Chu will be inevitable.

He couldn't think of what caused this possibility at all, but he felt Zheng Xiu's confidence.

For practitioners like him and Zheng Xiu, the influence of mood is more important than the fluctuation of some real elements.

The battle started when he appeared in front of Zheng Xiu.

His words disturbed Zheng Xiu, but with the export of such a sentence, Zheng Xiu's state of mind swept away and became perfect, and the whole person's momentum reached its zenith.

At this moment, a pall of sparks suddenly appeared in the sky.

Like in the endless void, opened an indifferent eye.

This kind of frontal battle is very rare for Zheng Xiu. In most of the battles in the past, she only controlled the star energy to fall into a sword remotely, so the star fire sword she condensed was originally filled with nothing but silence. Outside of indifference, it feels at most insidious and strange.However, at this time, her star-fire sword had more things that she didn't have, and she also had an upright king taste.

"Steal my Minshan Jianzong things against me, don't you think it's ridiculous? Do you only know about stealing in your life?"

Baili Suxue said blankly.

He knew that Zheng Xiu's powerful sparks at this time, in addition to Zheng Xiu's perfect state of mind at this time, half of them came from Minshan Jianzong's continuation of God's tactics.

When he said this, a practitioner appeared behind the stone path where he stood.

This practitioner has a very ethereal taste, even close to the breath he had stood on the top of Minshan Mountain.

This practitioner is the zodiac of the spirit-deficiency sword gate.

After Qi Jinshan Qi Zong and Yi Xinyi Yi Zong judged the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate, he naturally became the lord of the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate.

At this moment in this city, in addition to Zheng Xiu, he is also the closest to the existence of Baili Suxue.

When he appeared, the power accumulated in his body came out crazy, and the terrifying vibrating energy even made the ground of the entire palace tremble unsteadily. However, the light blue sword light that this power melted into was Lian Ling is nowhere to be found, clearly pointing to Baixue Suxue, but it makes people unable to capture.

Everyone has a need. The appearance of Huang Daoshen did not make Baili Suxue's heart feel any extra thoughts.

Faced with these two enemies, he didn't care about the pale sparks falling above him, but backhanded and pointed to the sword and cast a sword.

A light blue sword light was forced out of the void, showing a real shape in the air several feet behind him.

At the same time, a golden sword light burst from the fingertips of Bai Suxue, beheaded on this light blue sword light.

This golden sword is dazzling and dazzling, with a king's breath stronger than Zheng Xiu's starfire sword at this time, a breath that is difficult to be strict.

Unbelievable light radiated from the eyes of Zodiac Shen.

In an extremely harsh crackling sound, his body stepped back uncontrollably for more than ten steps, and all the ground he stepped upon shattered into powder.

A light blue natal sword appeared in his hand.

At this time, the powerful breath on this sword lingered, and in everyone's perception, it was still like a giant mountain.

However, the tip of this natal sword was cut severely by Baili Suxue.

This sword is the sword style of Yuanwu's Broken Phoenix Sword Classic.

However, Baili Suxue even used it easily!

The realm of Huang Daoshen and Baili Suxue are very close. This sword directly cut his life sword. Naturally, he also used Baili Suxue's full strength. Naturally, Baili Suxue could no longer have the abilities to deal with Zheng Xiu. That spark.

The pale spark was close to him.

The cold and powerful meaning of death has been so oppressed that many gem-like grains appeared in the air around his body.

But at this moment, a cyan tender leaf broke into this place and fell on that spark.