The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 643 Life-saving sword

The tender green leaf is very different from this spark.

One is pure silence, and the other is extremely fresh vitality, like unlimited possibilities.

This tender green leaf was in front of the trail of this spark falling, and at the same time it seemed to cover Zheng Xiu's eyes and cut off her connection with this spark.

The pale and cold star fire fell on this young leaf, and the light shone the blue young leaf completely transparent. However, what shocked all the practitioners who saw it was that no spark could penetrate this young leaf. The flame spread like a waterfall along the edge of the green leaves, and fell between the surrounding imperial palaces.

Many hard stone walls and even the gold and iron used for decoration in the imperial palace were burned silently by this spark into pale ashes, and fluttered like thousands of butterflies.

"Why do you betray me?"

For the first time, the depth of Zheng Xiu's eyes ignited anger, and she turned to look at a palace on the left and said directly.

A crackling sound.

The palace exploded directly outside, the whole building was torn apart, and the blue vitality inside expanded outward, like a big tree.

Dozens of screams of excitement spread along with the figure rushing outward.

None of these practitioners ambushing outside this building had any prior awareness of the presence of such a powerful practitioner in this temple.

Pan Ruoye's figure appeared in the center of blue vitality.

The blue vitality that exploded in the collision was not lost, but the pieces were condensed, like countless green leaves suspended outside her, full of a breath of life.

Looking at such a picture and feeling such a breath, even the eyes of Baili Suxue were surprised and admired.

He was very aware of the strength of everyone around Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu, and he also felt the arrival of Pan Ruoye, or Pan Ruoye deliberately released a ray of Qi to let him feel.But he must have not been able to possess such power before long.

At this moment, Pan Ruoye slightly raised his head and answered Zheng Xiu's question: "You should understand where my practice comes from."

"Don’t forget, even if your master is Ji Qingqing, your master is also I found it for you, you can even be regarded as an orphan girl I raised, everything you gave me later." Zheng Xiu looked at her coldly and said slowly, "Anyone can betray me, but you can't betray me."

Pan Ruoye looked at her cold face with porcelain light and said, "How do I become an orphan?"

Zheng Xiu said coldly: "It has nothing to do with me."

"But I doubt it."

Pan Ruoye looked down at the ground and said, "I can't even find out if I go all out to check my life. Even if it really has nothing to do with you, but what you did to my master has made me doubt you... You should understand that my master always regards you as the best sister."

Zheng Xiu lips slightly raised, just want to say something.

Pan Ruoye has continued: "I don't want to be used by you like Master in the future."

"Even if it was given to me? But kindness is kindness. Even if there is no reason to betrayal, everyone will consider it for their own future, but even if you have the same practice that Ji Qingqing and I wanted, the state of mind and sword you have If the meaning is not perfect, then you still cannot be my opponent."

When Zheng Xiu said this, she reached out her right hand and clicked to Pan Ruoye.

Her hands were now cleaner than the whitest white porcelain in the world, but when she extended a finger, her entire right hand became the darkest night sky like black, only the finger pointing to Pan Ruoye was crystal clear White to the extreme.

The space rippled before her body, and the air was filled with transparent ripples visible to the naked eye.

A ray of condensed silence meant to penetrate through the depths of her body from the depths of her qi sea.

A bunch of pale beams of light came out from the fingertips, and with a bang, the blue vitality outside Pan Ruoye's body was like a thousand green leaves.

A stern cry burst out of Pan Ruoye's mouth.

The green leaves outside her quickly turned into dark yellow withered leaves and red leaves like maple leaves in late autumn. The strength of the vitality changed three times in a blink of an eye, and there was a stronger force between the transformations, but still Unable to stop the power that seemed to be drawn from the depth of Zheng Xiu's body.

Her body was like being hit by a huge and invisible giant fist. She was blasted out of this burning vitality and broke several courtyard walls in succession. The most terrifying thing was that she was branded in her heart. A pale mark.

This mark is like an active white candlelight, constantly jumping on her forehead.

Just a blow, Pan Ruoye’s multiple fractures in her body looked extremely miserable, and this mark is still consuming the vitality in her body. She must lose amazing vitality to fight against it, otherwise it will be burned into the brain by this flame go with.

However, at this time Baixue Xuexue didn't even pay attention to her.

People like him naturally know how to choose at this time.

He narrowed his eyes slightly.

Draw a sword, draw a sword.

When he pulled the sword out, his hand was empty, but when his body instantly crossed the space of tens of feet and came to Zheng Xiu's body, he already had a transparent and pure ice sword in his hand. .

Zheng Xiu's body was immediately covered with a layer of transparent ice.

Even Zheng Xiu was directly frozen and imprisoned by the power of this sword, and it was impossible to dodge.

The blow that hit Pan Ruoye had already used her full strength. At this moment, it was the best time for Baixue Xue to kill her, and even the zodiac Shen could not stop it.

However, at this moment, Zheng Xiu's left ring finger moved slightly, as if he was invoking an invisible silk thread.

Deep in the sea of ​​air in her body, there was a heavy object pulled by the Buddha pulled by this thread, and then flew out of her left hand.

Baili Suxue's pupils shrank, and there was a strong alert in his heart.

In his intuition, this is a sword spirit.

Can make him such a sword master who is already invincible in the seven realms like the old monk of Donghu feel strong warning. Who else in the world?

He can only be sure that this strength does not come from Zheng Xiu.

There was a crackling noise.

The voice was very low, but first appeared on the ice sword held by Baixue Xue, and then appeared on his arm holding the sword while Baixue Cedar loosed the sword.

His sleeves cracked.

A deep rift appeared on the lower edge of the arm, from which blood poured out.

Baili Suxue retreated with his arms, and his energy immediately sealed the wound.

The sword gas that hurt him was still spreading backwards in the air. The pale gray and gold were mixed, and the air was extremely straight. It made people look inexplicably a little trance.

The strong ice outside Zheng Xiu's body shattered into powder, and a plume of blood appeared in her almost transparent lips.

"This is his time sword."

"You tried to get revenge for him, but you probably wouldn't have thought that at this time, I saved one and hurt you... but instead he left me with a sword spirit."

"Don't you think it's ironic?"

She mocked Baili Suxue, who looked back, and laughed.