The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 644 Flying Together

"I feel ironic."

Baili Suxue did not rush to shoot immediately.

Zheng Xiu needs time to adjust interest rates at this time. He also needs some time to control some real elements in his body.

Under the circumstances of the surrounding practitioners, any forcible shot that cannot be smoothly turned around may cause death.

Looking at Zheng Xiu, who was full of mockery because he stabbed him, he also laughed, and then said, "He is more than this sword spirit in his body, and you still have to rely on him to stay Don’t you think it’s ironic about the things in your body?"

These words of Baili Suxue are pun. Anyone who knows Zheng Xiu and Wang Jingmeng's past knows that these words are really vulgar for Baili Suxue's identity. However, at this time, against the enemy, everything can be done. Baili Suxue will use it to hurt or irritate the other party.

His method has obtained corresponding effects.

Zheng Xiu was completely angry.

"When all those who dare to laugh at and ridicule me die, no one dares to laugh at and ridicule me again."

The anger in her eyes burned wildly, with hair like countless poisonous snakes dancing behind her, and the pale sparks ignited on her hair tips, and even her perfect face became grim.

The extreme anger has prevented the true elements in her body from unreservedly expanding violently.

Suddenly, in the hundreds of feet area centered on her, many pale stars appeared, little by little, like the entire starry sky was drawn down.

In this area, except for these practitioners, all creatures died quickly.

The flowers and grass withered and turned into ash, and even the underground insects turned into mulch silently.

This eternal cold star power can't resist even practitioners like Huang Daoshen.

The skin surface of his body and the flesh and blood of his body felt extremely tingling, and then he subconsciously retreated.

A silver dome enveloped Zheng Xiu and Baili Suxue at this time.

His gaze fell on the two men in the dome like a solidified.

This is an almost god-like battle, and even practitioners of his level cannot intervene.

The air was filled with utter breath.

Baixue Xue's complexion became dignified.

This kind of breath is not inferior to those of Zhao Jianlu’s practitioners. Although Zheng Xiu never fought desperately in the battlefield with Han Zhaowei in the old days, he did not doubt Zheng Xiu from Jiaodong. Practitioners who stand out from the county will not desperately.

A person like Zheng Xiu will be terrible if he loses his mind and explodes all his power.

However, without any hesitation, he directly used a trick that had already been prepared.

His movements did not seem to change at all, but he simply pulled his sword forward and out.

When completing such a natural and smooth movement, there is no sword in his hand, but when the last stab, as in the previous time, he has an extra pure ice sword in his hand.

The front end of the ice sword burst like a volcanic eruption with a terrifying amount of vital energy.

Even though the world's vitality in the air had been disturbed like a hot porridge at this time, a clear sword sound still sounded. This sword sound was extremely sweet, even covering all the other sounds at this time.

Two sword lights appeared in the air.

The two Qingyue sword lights have an elegant meaning that is difficult to describe in words, and cut the starlights like two transparent wings flying.

The edge of the transparent sword gas naturally radiates multicolored glow, with a warm and joyful taste.

Pan Ruoye and Huang Daoshen's breathing stopped, and both were waiting for the result of the sword's intersection.

However, what made them difficult to understand was that the sword of Baili Suxue did not smell like jade, and the power of this sword was not as good as the power of his sword above.

Baili Suxue can handle so many powerful sword moves, why is there such a sword at this time?

What makes them even more incomprehensible is that they saw Zheng Xiu's complexion suddenly turn gray.

The starry sky is shaking.

This represents a dramatic fluctuation in her emotions.

There was a crackling noise.

The starry sky formed by the light of those tiny stars was directly cut by these two sword lights.

Only the seemingly calm and paper-like picture caused a wave of unimaginable power.

The rest of the surrounding temples suddenly shattered, and even in the palaces farther away, there were countless huge waves like the slamming of huge waves.

Numerous cracks appeared on the ground under Zheng Xiu's feet.

In the following moment, the space behind her also seemed to be torn, her whole body knocked backwards, and the aftertaste carried on her body directly smashed the study room behind her.

The patio where she often stood, including the long table case in the study room behind her and the wall behind her, were all exploded into pieces.

Her body flew upside down among these debris, and many wounds appeared on the body like white porcelain, and her gorgeous and majestic tunic was infiltrated with blood.

Both Pan Ruoye and Huang Dao Shen couldn't understand it at all. The practitioners who were continually receded by the aftertaste of the vitality were even more shocked. I don't know why this happened.

In this moment of confrontation, Zheng Xiu should clearly win.

Such a result is like violating the rules of power itself.

"Biyihuangfei... defeated by the sword he created for you, don't you feel ironic?"

Baili Suxue's voice rang, accompanied by the wind-like sound made in his body.

Many people instantly understood why this happened.

Since the spring of Chu Chu, Zheng Xiu has been cutting his heart, but Baili Suxue is the same.

Bi Yi Shuang Fei... This trick is not only a good name, but also contains a beautiful pursuit of the love of the heart and the love of a lifetime.

At least in terms of the former Wang Jingmeng, this is the case.

In his eyes, Zheng Xiu is his perfect companion and the object of his imagination.

So he believed her and trusted her.

He thought she would do the same.

No matter what Zheng Xiu thought, he was so sincere.

So he deliberately created such a sword, representing his mood at that time and his expectations for the future.

Baili Suxue used this sword to cut Zheng Xiu's heart.

From the beginning of the verbal confrontation, Zheng Xiu will fluctuate in his mood because of his appearance and his words, and he knows that this sword can succeed.

A boom.

Zheng Xiu's feet landed on the ground, and the luxurious uppers on her feet all burst. Although she was forced to control her figure and did not fall to the ground, she spit a few mouthfuls of blood at the moment of landing, spitting blood continuously, even The body arched.

All peripheral practitioners knew that Zheng Xiu's body was extremely poor, but at this time it was exceptionally quiet, and no one even dared to take the lead.

Because everyone knows that at this time Baixue Xuexue still has the ability to shoot.