The Sword Dynasty

645 White Lotus

Baili Suxue took a deep breath, the real element in the body quickly expanded, and the body's meridian will surge again.

This was the opportunity he had waited for fifteen years. With this spring cutting, Ding Ning and himself were used as bait, and this was the time to get into the Changling Imperial City.The previous verbal confrontation, all attitudes, are for the display of that sword.

Flames began to burn in his cold eyes.

Now that he has successfully exhibited the sword and hit Zheng Xiu to the edge of killing Zheng Xiu, he does not want to have any accidents or waste any time.

At this time, his true yuan was extremely depleted, and a lot of hidden injuries have appeared in his body, but this is when his sword is fullest.

All previous battles were planned and included in the calculation.Now the next sword that killed Zheng Xiu is his authenticity, which comes from the strongest desire deep in the body.

Fifteen years of murderous intentions have been released, and there is no real cold change in the air. However, the practitioners who are closest to this palace are stiff because of this substantive coldness.

In the distance, many people's eyes fell on Huang Daoshen.

At least at this time, only the current Sect Master of the Spiritual Xujianmen could save Zheng Xiu's life.

Huang Dao Shen's heart was extremely bitter.

He only has shots, even if he is very clear in his heart, it is difficult for him to protect himself against Baili Suxue with all his efforts, and he may be killed by Pan Ruoye.

A ring slipped off his wrist and flew out of his hand.

This is a black gold ring, which looks unpretentious, even without any runes.

However, when his true element flowed out of his hand, this golden ring turned into a round door.

The ebony golden brilliance emanating from the ring became a mirror suspended in the air.

The mirror surface is suspended in a few feet before the ecliptic sinks, but it seems to communicate with another world.

Guanghuali exudes a grand voice, and a breath different from this world is madly gushing out.

The diameter of the brilliance emitted by this ring is not more than a foot, but this sound and this breath give everyone the feeling that it seems that there is a huge monster from another world. Squeeze out hard.

Pan Ruoye was covered with blood all over her body, and the meridians in her body were broken in several places. However, at this moment, she stepped forward without thinking, avoiding the flying swords that struck her at the same time, all the remaining power in her body. Between her snorting, she was forced out of everything.

A green leaf was born out of thin air, and it clung to the black ring.

This green leaf is very weak, but it covers the door.


Baili Suxue did not care about these things at all.

In the past many years, he never felt that the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate was enough to be tied with the Minshan Jianzong Sect, even in the era when the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate was complete.

Because some means of communication or hiding the void of the Spiritual Void Sword Gate, in his view, are like stealing light from the wall, stealing the power of the eight realms in advance, using this method to open a mouth and draw out some eight realm talents from it The vitality of communication.

That day, I used my strength to study this method, instead of really becoming the Eight Realms. The inheritance left is not the road to the Eight Realms. Then the peak strength of many generations of this sect is only stopped at the peak of the Seven Realms. .

As for now, he doesn't even care about the power of Zodiac Shen.

Because he just wanted to kill Zheng Xiu, as to whether he would die after issuing this sword, it was not his concern.

He just wanted Zheng Xiu to die!

The murderous intention was transformed into a golden sword light, dazzling, majestic, and immortal, full of the king's breath of the world.

This is the Phoenix killing sword in the Phoenix Breaking Sword.

This is the sword sutra that Yuan Wu repaired. At this time, Baili Suxue used such a sword, not to express more meaning deliberately, just because this trick is one of the strongest swords in the world. .

The real king always only follows his own wishes and never seeks for perfection.

He is such a king.

Therefore, the sword intention of his sword is even more perfect than that of Yuan Wu.

Zheng Xiu hesitated at this moment.

She tilted her head slightly, but she still abandoned the sword that was drifting with the spark in the endless sky. She decided to gamble on her destiny again, and her eyes turned deep blue.

The sound of huge buildings collapsed from her body.

This is the real sound of collapse.

It was her jade palace in the deep sea of ​​Qi collapsed.

For normal practitioners, this is self-destructive cultivation, thereby stimulating all the potential and issuing the final blow as a practitioner.

The air in front of her turned azure blue like her double pupils.

In the perception of Baili Suxue, a deep sea appeared.

The vitality inspired from her body and the vitality she drew brought a deep sea of ​​pressure and weight.

However, Baixue Xuexue did not think he could block the sword.

Because this sword of Yuan Wu can even cut off a mountain opposite Lushan, let alone a sea?

The golden sword light followed his perception and gaze, and easily cut across the blue sea.

This piece of sea was shredded.

Those azure blue spirits were burned directly by the golden sword light, splashed outwards and became the most spectacular fireworks.

Zheng Xiu stepped back a distance of seven or eighty feet in this instant.

When the golden sword light was still wrapped in the softness of the deep sea and did not catch up with her body, countless spider web-like cracks appeared on her crystal-white skin at Qihai.

The aftermath of the collapse of the Qihai Jade Palace seems to cause the collapse of her meridian and body. Those practitioners who can perceive but cannot intervene in this level of battle are horrified and unable to themselves. Zheng Xiu has appeared in all their minds. The hostess of the Changling Mausoleum, the whole body will be broken like a piece of porcelain.

The fireworks are blooming, the vitality is burning violently, but the entire palace is frozen to a near complete silence.

The entire Changling Mausoleum seems to be ready to greet the fall of its hostess, and the whole world seems to have begun to greet the era without the Jiaodong County woman who controls everything.

However, at this time, in her fragile body like porcelain, the sound of countless vigorous rubbing sounds!

Puff Puff Puff Puff...

Among the many tricks in her body, many white sprays burst out!

Baili Suxue's breath stopped suddenly.

It is a kind of pure vitality blooming!

These pure and energetic flavors with a kind of indescribable sacred and vitality flew out of Zheng Xiu's body, like blooming white lotus blossoms on her body.

Her face at the moment is mad and grim, painful and violent.

However, the white lotus covered with her is holy and bright. This contrast is extremely strange.