The Sword Dynasty

646 Beheading

Baili Suxue's eyes flashed violently. In an instant, he had thought of countless possibilities, and then he wanted to understand the reason.

"It turns out that the Linglian, which has absorbed so many spiritual veins from Changling, has such an effect." He looked at Zheng Xiu and said.The white lotus covered with Zheng sleeves only appeared for a moment. Those sacred and vital flavors that were difficult to describe with words quickly recovered Zheng Xiu's body and were absorbed by her body.The amazing aura ran in Zheng Xiu's body, repairing her damaged blood vessels at a terrifying speed, and bonding her nearly fragmented body in this simple and rough way.

This kind of taste, if Ding Ning and Li Xixing and others would have known each other here.This taste is very similar to the Bu Lao Spring in Zu Mountain. It is not just a cure, but a holy taste that reverses life and death.

Almost all practitioners in Changling knew that after Yuanwu ascended the throne, Zheng Xiu used various methods to lead the remaining spirits of the entire Changling to the depths of the palace and to her study.Xue Wangxu and her grievances in Baiyang Cave are involved because of the spirit of Baiyang Cave.

Everyone knows that these lotus spirits are born from the spirit veins that she attracted, and they mature to produce lotus seeds, but no one knows that these spirit lotions bathed in the aura and the mysterious starlight drawn by her array formation Lotus seeds will be useful.Many practitioners speculate that it is used for refining medicine, which plays a vital role in breaking through the eight realms from the seven realms. Of course, some people think that this is related to healing, but it is the same as the eternal spring and even the eternal flowers in the ancestral mountain. This is an amazing thing that has never been recorded in the practice books. Who would have thought that the Qihai Jade Palace could be repaired after it shattered?

Zheng Xiu did not answer at this time.She won the bet, and her body did not disintegrate completely and instantaneously. However, the pain of this kind of body that was almost broken and reborn was unimaginable by people who had not experienced it personally.The aura that wandered in her body was like a sledgehammer continually hammering her flesh and bones into mud and reuniting.

Baili Suxue took a deep breath.

Only a line.

Or that Zheng Xiu had been killed by him, but now he is alive.At this time in his perception, he had felt a particularly dangerous atmosphere approaching, if he did not go, he would stay in this palace forever.

But he said something to Zheng Xiu."If it wasn't the magic circle you arranged, these spiritual veins were not always subject to the irrigation and fusion of the sparks that fell from the patio. I am afraid that these lotus seeds can also be used by Yuanwu?"

When he said this, a huge force in the sky had fallen towards him.This force is very ethereal, giving people the feeling of being clean and bright, but it is extremely heavy, like an invisible giant mountain pressed down.

"Let's go." Baili Suxue glanced at the yellow road behind the road, and his figure appeared beside Pan Ruoye.Pan Ruoye was already unsteady, and fell to the ground, sitting in the pool of blood flowing from his body.He naturally picked her up and held her in his arms.

A loud noise.

A bleak dragon chant sounded in the sky. The dragon hovering in the sky fell like a black meteorite, and the body shattered the town's invisible giant mountain. At the same time, numerous flying swords and The flare of the impact of the weapon, the extremely hard ghost scales on the body had shattered in many places, the shattered scale armor and the dark black dragon blood spattered down like rain.

Huang Dao Shen and Bai Li Su Xue's eyes touched and took a breath. He was the most stable person in the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate. At this time, he understood the meaning of each other from Bai Li Su Xue's proud and undeniable gaze.In addition to Baili Suxue, Minshan Jianzong also has many powerful masters, such as Dantai Guanjian, Qingyao Yin, such as Ren Tugeng, if he still has to reluctantly try to block Baili Suxue at this time. With Pan Ruoye's escape, Baili Suxue died here, and the five ancestors are only his ancestral spirit sword gate, and it is impossible to resist the revenge of Minshan Jianzong.

So he was speechless, only to watch silently.

The figures of Baili Suxue and Pan Ruoye appeared in the head of Yulong Dragon. Once again, Yulong lifted a dragon chant, and in the process of rushing to the sky, its body was once again hit by many flying swords and charms. The flesh fell.

Scale armor and flesh fell to the ground, splashing a puffy cold current.

Goose feathers and heavy snow floated in the sky, and the dark black frost covered the practitioners' perception.

Seeing this ghost dragon turned into a black shadow in a very high altitude, escaped from the Changling tomb, but at this moment, the terrible gas engine in the perception of Baili Suxue finally arrived at the Imperial City.

There was a loud bang.

A figure is like a shooting star, shooting from the side of the imperial city, breaking through the cold fog and snow, and going straight to the blue sky.

In front of this figure, there is a piece of wood-like sword, or a piece of wood itself.

Under the sky dome that all practitioners looked up to, this piece of sword and his body looked very small compared to that figure of the dragon.

However, the vitality spewing out of him, and the power carried by this sword piece, were extremely huge in the perception of all practitioners under this sky at this time.

This piece of sword took the chopping style and chopped towards the ghost dragon.

Jian Qi and Yulong's body immediately touched, making a sound of gold and iron impact.

In the next moment, a rainbow appeared in the sky.

The rainbow in the world is red orange yellow green blue blue purple seven colors, but this rainbow is mainly dazzling gold, mixed with pale, dark black, bronze and other colors.

Gold is the suffocating pure Lei Gang, and those pale, dark and other colors come from the body of the dragon, which is the luster emitted by the vitality of its bones, flesh and meridians.

All the practitioners who looked up to the sky were shocked and speechless.

The practitioner who walked up to the blue sky like a meteor stepped on the void, cut off the head of the dragon with a sword, and reached out to take the dragon head of the dragon in his hand.

At the moment when the sword film burst into horror, Lei Gang, everyone already knew the identity of this practitioner.

He is Ye Xinhe.

One of the top practitioners of the Bashan Sword Field in the past was also his anti-Ge attack in the Lushan League, pitting the most powerful masters in the world.

Tao Shenjian, one of the strongest famous swords in Bashan Sword Field, has been chopped by Yuan Wu in order to match Yuan Wu's performance, but this piece of sword seems to be the essence of Tao Shen Jian, still perfect. Fused with his vitality, carrying his strength.

The dark dragon blood spilled like a waterfall from the neck of the broken dragon.

Ye Xinhe squeezed her lips lightly and once again enjoyed the thrill of attracting attention and turning around the moment.

However, his brows were still slightly frowned. He looked around and looked down at the streets of Changling.

Although this sword directly killed Youlong, Baili Suxue still escaped his sight and perception with Pan Ruoye.