The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 647

"Is it really that hard to kill someone?"

Ye Xinhe thought about the news coming back from the border of Qin and Chu, thinking that even the night owl did not hesitate to lock the man at the expense of his life, he felt that what Yuan Wu said should be true.In addition, he also calculated thousands of shots at this time, but still allowed Baili Suxue to escape his perception, he sighed inexplicably and said in his heart.

The huge dragon body fell from the sky and smashed into the imperial palace. The coldness finally radiating from the body swept the entire imperial city.

The royal palace was dilapidated, and many practitioners shivered and shivered in the cold, not knowing where to go, like a dream.

"Can you escape?"

Pan Ruoye looked at Baili Suxue, who was supporting herself with one hand and walking in the wind and wind in the streets, and said softly with difficulty.


Baili Suxue said it very simply and confidently.

Pan Ruoye felt the qi and blood flowing in his body, and his mouth became more bitter. "If you go on like this, you will lose it."

Baili Suxue, of course, knows better than Pan Ruoye that his burning of vital energy will make Qihai to the point where the lamp is dry, and even most of the meridians have broken because of the continuous wars in the front. Here, it is burning and shrinking like a wick.

However, his face was still so quiet that Pan Ruoye could not understand it. Hearing Pan Ruoye's words, he just looked ahead and responded: "The so-called waste is not waste, it's just a question of whether I can make a sword. As long as I live, It’s just as useful to make a sword yourself."

Pan Ruoye admitted in his heart that he said something reasonable, but she couldn't help but shook her head slightly, saying: "There is also Huang Zhenwei."

"Not only Huang Zhenwei, but also Shen Xuan." Baili Suxue glanced at her and said.

Pan Ruoye said: "I don't mean that."

"You mean that." Baili Suxue said: "You said Huang Zhenwei because you think we can't hide him, he has the ability to find us, but he won't."

Pan Ruoye froze, "Why?"

She couldn't understand this sentence at all, because the majestic force that fell like a mountain from the air obviously came from Huang Zhenwei. At the last moment, Huang Zhenwei and Ye Xinhe joined forces to kill Baili Suxue.

But Baili Suxue escaped Ye Xinhe's perception at the cost of Yulong.

If Huang Zhenwei, like Ye Celen and others, stood on the side of Bashan Sword Field, why did he just shoot?

"He didn't have much murderous intention in that blow." Baili Suxue said casually and naturally: "I can feel it."

Pan Ruoye spent a few hours of interest and couldn't help but ask, "So what about Shen Xuan?"

"When he returned to Changling from Zu Mountain, I knew which side he was from." Baili Suxue said more naturally, "As a red man cultivated by Zheng Xiu, he should have been earlier than Ye Xinhe himself. It’s only right to appear with Huang Daoshen. He didn’t show up, either he escaped directly, or he did something else."

Pan Ruoye took a deep breath, she looked at Bai Suxue in shock, and finally understood how he had prepared to complete such an assassination.

"It's really only one step away. No one thought that those lotus seeds would have that effect. Every year, Jiaodong County retrieved many elixirs from overseas, but many of them disappeared. Now I think they are added to those spiritual veins. Here," she said thoughtfully.The calmness and nature of Baili Suxue made her no longer even care about the surrounding situation. It seems to her that at this moment, she is not in a chaotic city with killing opportunities at all times, but with Baili Suxue in Minshan Chatting in an unusually calm place.

"She took advantage of Wang Jingmeng's blessings and got some things left over from the Great You Dynasty." Baili Suxue mocked: "She herself has no such means."

"Great dynasty?" Pan Ruoye felt like talking to Baili Suxue, as if her own knowledge had become shallow.At the same time, she also felt that her eyelids were extremely heavy, her body was particularly cold, and even numb.

She knew that Baili Suxue deliberately told herself something that should be particularly fascinating for practitioners, so as not to wake up once she slept.

"Since the Dayou Dynasty was finally defeated by people, the Yudi who was once invincible in the world were eventually killed in the imperial city, and the nine dead silkworms fell outside. Of course, there is a powerful opponent that can destroy the Dayou Dynasty."

Baili Suxue said it naturally, "Although these are hardly recorded in the classics, they are almost something that can be thought of without guessing. What Wang Jingmeng got at the beginning of his practice is not actually a legend. The inheritance of the Yu Emperor, in fact, is the opponent of the Great You Dynasty... Some inheritances of the sect gate that destroyed the Great You Dynasty. In addition to the ancestors of the sect gate, there are many other ancestors of the sect gate. Things in the imperial palace, including the nine dead silkworms."

"The reason why I know this is because I am Wang Jingmeng's best friend, and I even got some things from the Great You Dynasty, including this ghost dragon." Baili Suxue felt Pan Ruoye's shock, but he It is still natural to say that, "Zheng Xiu was Wang Jingmeng's lover, and she naturally knows many secrets of the great dynasty."

"Nine-dead silkworm can really come back to life and make people reborn?" Pan Ruoye's body trembles. This extreme shock dispelled the sleepiness and forcibly raised her spirit.

Bai Suxue simply shook her head, "I don't know."

Pan Ruoye looked at him hard with wide eyes, and his expression at this time looked like an innocent girl.

"So far, Zheng Xiu may still resent him. He resented him for not telling her the secret of the Nine Dead Silkworm. In fact, he didn't even tell me, because in his view, the Nine Dead Silkworm is dangerous and unpredictable."

Baili Suxue said lightly, "This kind of thing that has great temptation but does not know the consequences, the best way is naturally not to touch, so although I did not have any contact with him later, but I want to use his Man... He should have tried it when he was about to die. As a result, only he knew it."

"Are you really not upset and disappointed at all?"

Pan Ruoye looked at Baili Suxue, who seemed very peaceful from beginning to end, and finally inexplicably asked this sentence.

"I dragged most of her strength to Changling and Minshan, and I finally understood what the use of the spirit lotus growing out of her mouth was, and distinguished the enemies of many people, in other words In terms of things, she likes to keep one hand the most, and this time I know all her backhands, and after this battle, how will she get along with Yuan Wu? Even if you don’t kill her directly, what do you think of her situation?” Bai Li Suxue narrowed her eyes slightly and said softly, "It seems to me that things have been completely developed for the one who is in our favor. Now I can't understand only two things. Why did Ye Xinhe help her heartlessly, and She still has the confidence to destroy the Dachu dynasty soon, why?"