The Sword Dynasty

652 Surprise

Everyone here hopes that Baili Suxue can succeed, but they have no eyes through time and space, so they cannot know everything that has happened in Changling.

"So his plan is to use himself first to attract most of Zheng Xiu's strength to Minshan Jianzong, then he uses the dragon to enter the Changling Palace instead?" Ding Ning took a deep breath and looked at Qing Yao Yin Said.

Qing Yaoyin nodded and looked at Dantai Guandao, who was still uncomfortable: "If everything goes well, it should be like this, so Minshan Jianzong does not need to leave anyone."

Dantai Guanjian said heavily: "But the plan is a plan after all, since he can enter the palace with the help of a dragon to assassinate Zheng Xiu, and it is the chance that Yuanwu is not in the palace. Even if Minshan Jianzong does not need to keep people, he should have more Bring some people together."

Qing Yaoyin looked at Dantai Guanjian, but only smiled bitterly, and didn't speak, but everyone understood that the question of Dantai Guanjian was actually very simple, and the rest of them understood the answer.

The most difficult thing for Zheng Xiu to deal with is not her behavior, but her strategy, her ubiquitous eyes, and a lot of news from different channels.

If the whereabouts of Dantai Guanjian and Qing Yaoyin cannot be determined, her killing cannot be launched, and Baili Suxue cannot get the chance to assassinate her by entering the palace.

This game was set by Baili Suxue from the beginning, but not by Zheng Xiu. Baili Suxue first had to give Zheng Xiu a chance to kill him before he could get the chance to assassinate Zheng Xiu.

This is a very simple cause and effect, but care is chaos, so Dantai Guanjian is a little confused at the moment.

"Of course there is another important reason."

Qing Yaoyin glanced at Ding Ning and Changsun Qianxue, and said, "Because it is as important to him as Changling is here for him."

Ding Ning has an experience that no one in the world of the practitioner has, and a magnificent life that no one has experienced, so he often feels calm.However, when he heard Qing Yaoyin's words, his heart was shocked, and he even felt very ashamed.

Long Sun Qianxue can understand his mood at this time.Because in a sense, she and Baili Suxue are the same kind of people.

"Mistakes and misunderstandings have nothing to do. The point is that you don’t want to lose friends, and friends don’t want to lose you."

She looked at Ding Ning and said.

The people present, including the Donghu suffering monk who was close to San Gong at the moment, can be regarded as the old people of Changling, and they were more or less involved in the changes of Bashan Sword Field and Yuanwu ascension, Except for the Thousand Tombs.

He is a true junior, and even his master is strictly a master in the Bashan Jianchang era, but he did not participate in that battle, so for these past, Qian Qian tomb is not special at the moment Strong interest.

Instead, his attention was more on the present situation and the weird cocoon in Qing Yao Yin's hands.

"So what will happen to this cocoon in the end?" He asked, looking at the weird and powerful frost energy rippling on the cocoon.

"No one can be sure what it will become." Qing Yaoyin thought about it seriously and said, "I have been in the belly of Minshan Mountain for more than ten years. I can get close to the body of the dragon and can be used as a substitute for the dragon. It was only this kind of black frost bug that tested some elixir's reaction to the ghost dragon, and this kind of black frost bug was the only one that had such a change, and the result happened to be the Nine Nether Hades. Sword. But if I were to judge...must make a guess about it, then it is most likely to become something similar to a ghost dragon."

"Yulong similar things? Another Yulong?" Even Qian Qian tomb was taken aback.

Although he is a junior, but he has ruled the entire world of the emperor's mount and the dragon, he has heard in countless stories.

In many legends, not to mention the terrifying giant dragon, the eight descendants of this dragon and several dragons, were given to the eight gods by the Emperor.The eight gods created the armor for themselves and their mounts by melting the swords of the world's strongmen, and they were all symbols of invincibility at the time.

All kinds of classics clearly describe the fact that the terrifying dragon is terrible because although it can summon the strength of heaven and earth strength equal to the peak of seven realms, less than eight realms, the amount of heaven and earth vitality accumulated in its body is more than Ordinary Seven Realm Masters don't know how much.

This is like a seven-story guru with dozens of times wider seas and meridians than ordinary people.

He can naturally use some powerful swords without hesitation and without worrying about the loss of true elements, he can naturally have more than one enemy.

The most important thing is that the physical strength of the dragon and the density and hardness of the dragon scale are unimaginable. It is naturally like a strongest armor.

In the records of the ancient books, the thirty-three state rebels who rebelled against the Dayou dynasty at that time did not know how many strong men were lost, and finally killed the eight god generals and the ghost dragon, and finally successfully killed the ghost emperor.

"Yu Di's ghost dragon has accumulated hundreds of years of cultivation, and it is not comparable to these young creatures now." Looking at the shocking appearance of Qian Tomb, Qing Yao Yin shook his head and said, "But with Nine Nether Nether Wang Jiansuke, this ghost insect changed so fast, but it was unexpected. In the short term, the external phase of this ghost insect after transformation may be very different from the dragon, the strength may be quite different, but the long-term Words, but I am afraid there is more potential."

After a pause, Qing Yaoyin explained very seriously, "Because Youlong is like the most powerful monsters recorded in our spiritual books, their practice is based on the natural accumulation of years. It may not be able to change their true power, but it can slowly make their bodies stronger, and the armor is naturally thicker and harder, the body is tougher, etc. This is not like our practitioners are constantly going up, They are described in a rough way, as if growing horizontally."

Thousand tombs understood thoroughly, but his mouth could not help but open wider, and there was a lot of shock in his heart.

Qing Yaoyin's meaning is obviously that the thing hatched in this cocoon is not as strong as the ghost dragon he made in Minshan Jianzong, but the accumulation of spiritual practice is faster than that of Minshan Jianzong's ghost.

With the growth of the years, what is in this cocoon, will be stronger than the pure blood dragon?

In the past, there was only one ghost in the former Emperor. It was regarded as a symbol of supremacy and appeared in many totems, but now there are two Minshan Jianzong.After all, he was a teenager, so he couldn’t help but temporarily forget his current situation. He couldn’t help but think about it. If both of these dragons had grown up, then they wouldn’t have to use the remaining masters of Bashan Jianchang. You Yulong and those of Minshan Jianzong, I am afraid they are enough to fight against Changling, right?

Qing Yaoyin looked at the flash in the young man’s eyes, and easily saw through what he thought, and then he shook his head, knowing that since Baili Suxue needed to use the dragon as a shield, he would force it into the palace. I am afraid that a ghost dragon is difficult to survive.

This ghost dragon from the sword ancestor of Minshan came from the treasure trove of the former royal palace. It was a complete dragon egg and the bone blood and crystal nuclei among the remains of the ghost dragon at that time.

If that ghost dragon died, the dragon would disappear.

As a practitioner who has been studying this kind of thing for half his life, he naturally has some regrets.

Now this cocoon in hand is an absolute surprise.


During their conversation, the several snakes in Jiaodong County were still lost in the Thousand Dust Mountain, and they dared not go down but could not fly out. Impact sound.

At this moment, the emissaries of Jiaodong County found out that they could not control these snakes, and suddenly a sharp whistle sounded.

The panicked and chaotic snakes seemed to have been completely lost in their minds, and became extremely violent. They no longer collided in the air, but flew down to the place where Ding Ning and others were below.

Qing Yaoyin’s face didn’t change. He didn’t even look at the shadows of the sky falling like giant pillars. He quickly took out a pill bottle and dripped all the liquid medicine in it. On the cocoon in his hand.