The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 653

Dantai Guanjian took a deep breath, looked up, and looked at the shadows of some dragons in the sky.

These snakes are difficult to cope with, especially after the storms and huge waves they set off, the insidious Jiaodong County people often also control some small animals that are very small and hard to be perceived.

These strange beasts, because of their own vitality and these winds and rains, are as deadly as the flying swords that some practitioners deliberately hide.

But he is not worried about the attack of these beasts at the moment, all he needs is to calm down his chaotic emotions.

Minshan Jianzong spent many years arranging a nether cold abyss suitable for the survival of a young dragon under the mountain's abdomen. It was an absolute secret to successfully incubate the dragon egg left in the treasure trove of the former great dynasty. Dantai Guanjian did not know.

But he is very clear that Qing Yaoyin has entered the Seven Realms twenty years ago. During these two decades, he has not spent his energy on Kendo, but has been studying pharmacology, studying animal storage and changing monsters. s method.

Even if the dragon had been successfully hatched twenty years ago, but the time of 20 years is too short for a dragon, and it is no different from the baby in the human swaddle, since Baixue Xue launched this The Bureau wants to use the dragon to enter the Changling Royal Palace. That Qingyao Yin has cultivated various beasts in the mountains of Minshan to test various elixir for so many years, must have the means to make the dragon grow quickly.

After all, Thousand Tombs are young minds and have a strong curiosity for anything unknown.

He had no combat power at this time, and naturally he didn't have to worry about the terrifying appearance of the flying snakes flying up and down. He just looked at the cocoon in Qing Yao Yin's hands without blinking his eyes.

The liquid dripping from the bottle in Qing Yao Yin's hand is a very bright vermilion red, sticky like a result of the melting of some kind of jade, but it has an amazing penetration, and does not need Qing Yao Yin to use any With the help of True Element, it can easily penetrate into the cocoon silk.

This is a short process, but the wind and rain in the sky and the huge bodies of several snakes have already arrived.

Qian Tomb looked at Qing Yao Yin, who was still slow, and Wutai, who kept his sword still. He couldn’t help but think about how quickly the changes in this cocoon would not be able to cope with the situation at hand, not to mention how the changes were still unknown, now Don't take action alone, is it really waiting for these Teng snakes to open their mouths and swallow all of them?

At this moment, he suddenly sensed some strangeness, and his eyes fell involuntarily to Qing Yaoyin's sleeve.

However, this change was faster than where his eyes landed, and a sharp howling screamed like a direct sound in his mind.A golden flame of light had flown out of Qing Yaoyin's sleeves, shooting through the wind and rain without hindrance, and had fallen to the head of a headed snake.

Compared with the huge head of the snake, this ebony flame was like a drop of rain falling on its forehead. However, with a pop, the head of the snake and the whole body were shocked. It seemed to be hit by a giant hammer in the head, and then a forehead and jaw burst a blood mist at the same time!

This Teng Snake was not dead for a while. Its huge body was stirred in the wind and rain like a mountain, and the world's vitality poured out of the body. It suddenly formed several huge waves and exploded in the air.

The wind and rain are chaotic, and the disordered and unshaped water waves are scattered everywhere.

A water mass fell on the body of Qian Tomb, wetting his black shirt.

His eyes widened, but his pupils contracted violently. He could feel that the golden flame seemed to be a living creature, but he couldn't see what it was. "What is this?"

"Six-winged gold cicadas, one of the fastest worms in nature and the fastest in the world."

When Qing Yaoyin's voice sounded, the golden flame had penetrated the head of the second snake.

A large blood flower spreads in the sky, making the blood more intense.

This kind of bloody gas that exploded in close proximity finally made the rest of the crazy crazy snakes feel terrified. They reacted the most directly. The whole body shrank, hiding the head between the body, whether it was Their bodies are still surrounded by their vitality, and they all become a ball.

The wind and rain are meat balls.

Looking at that terrifying and scary Jiaolong, the tortoise shrank into such a ball. Qian Tomb was inexplicably funny. He couldn't help but laughed out loud.

At this moment, everyone's attention returned to Qing Yao Yin's hands.

A clear cutting sound came from the cocoon in his hand.

A small crack appeared in the cocoons formed by countless cold silks. The living creatures that bit the cold silk from inside swallowed the cold silks directly, and in the next moment, a terrible aura appeared.

With a slight buzz, the dark golden flame instantly reached the front of Qing Yao Yin and stopped.

It's a thumb-sized cicada. The whole body is made of black gold. Except for the six wings on the body, it looks like a normal cicada.

But at this time anyone can feel its vigilance and hostility towards the things in the cocoon.

The thing in this cocoon that hasn't really appeared yet has obviously made it extremely nervous.

As for the snake in the sky shrunk into a ball, the body was even more frightened to stiffness, the violent bloodthirsty breath disappeared, and even the vitality of the body did not dare to be released outside.

The wind and rain and the huge waves in the air directly dissipated. They were stiff in the air, and there was a feeling of not knowing whether to escape or fall.

Not daring to flee even to escape, this is a kind of inborn fear of higher existence in the same race.

For the true ghost dragon, these dragon species can only be regarded as food at most.

Everyone in the room looked at this broken cocoon in Qing Yaoyin's hands, and knew that Qing Yaoyin's previous inference was correct. The things that broke out of this cocoon, even if they were not real dragons, were only on the surface. The difference.

"It doesn't matter."

Qing Yaoyin looked at the extremely nervous cicada, nodded, and said this peacefully.

The cicada seemed to be able to directly understand his words, understand his mind, and flew back to his sleeve.

"Need your real element."

Qing Yaoyin looked up at Changsun Qianxue and at the same time took out a silver pill bottle. While dropping all the medicine in this pill bottle cautiously, he nodded at Changsun Qianxue.

Long Sun Qianxue looked at his eyes and understood how to do it, forcibly squeezed out some vital energy from his body, and wrapped those medicines into the cocoon.

The cocoon in Qing Yaoyin's hand jumped suddenly.

It was a captivating emotion, and at the next moment, with a pop, a wave of gas rushed out, and the bulging cocoon suddenly collapsed into a piece of paper.

This is the official appearance of a king who can let Jiaolong surrender. Everyone is looking forward to widening his eyes, but at the next moment, everyone is stunned.

The elder Sun Qianxue was silent for a while, and couldn't help saying: "You are ugly enough."