The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 654 Friends

Especially in the period of the You Dynasty, which once dominated the world, the Yulong is a symbol of invincibility like the Yudi.

It is recorded in any classics in the world of practitioners, including the dragon that has already appeared in Changling and has not yet grown to the extreme. In addition to the use of the word "terrible" to describe the appearance, the accompanying adjectives are often all Words such as "spectacular" and "gorgeous".

Its scale armor is like a black crystal formed in the millennium of black ice, and its fingers are like cold iron that has been tempered for thousands of years. Even the lines on the edge of the scale armor are like natural runes, and they are practicing. There is a unique sense of beauty and profound mystery in the perception of the person.

In the earliest records, the earliest ancient people found the principle of spiritual practice from the Tao of Heaven because they had to fight against powerful beasts. There were practitioners, and many of the practitioners’ methods used the power of heaven and earth. The earliest Many are based on the research and study of these exotic animals.

Therefore, in the expectation of everyone present, this cocoon emerged, which can be called the existence of a new ghost dragon. Even if the body is very small, the appearance must be amazing.

However, the reality is indeed amazing.

Because something that broke out of the cocoon at this time... amazing ugly.

The former Xuanshuang insect was like a hairless caterpillar, but the current Xuanshuang insect cannot be said to be a worm or a dragon.

It also did not have any scales on its body, but the epidermis became dark black, shining with a layer of fluorescence.

It has a pair of horns on the top of its head, but the corners are dark red and very short, which is a little too thick compared to its body.

It has fleshy wings and four claws, but a pair of short flesh wings and a shrinking pair of front claws, and a pair of too thick back claws, are extremely different from their body proportions. Coordination, not to mention that its tail is a long arrow.

Regardless of the unique and powerful breath that lingers on its body, in terms of appearance, it gives the first impression of anyone present, its appearance is like a child who wants to pinch a dragon when pinching mud, but It's not easy to squeeze anything at all.

"You are ugly."

The voice of Chang Sun Qingxue still lingers in everyone's ears, she rarely speaks like this, so Ding Ning couldn't help laughing at this time.

He looked at this "dragon" who was still in a daze state, and couldn't help laughing: "At least not all places are ugly, and his eyes are pretty."

Thousand tombs are the most serious ones, without blinking.He frowned and looked at this "Yulong" look, listening to Ding Ning's words, and finally could not help but burst out laughing.

The eyes of this "Yulong" are pure red, which is the same bright red as the ruby ​​under the sun, bright and eye-catching.

Looking at its eyes alone is indeed pretty.

It's just matching its dark skin color, and the pair of short and thick corners on the head, which makes people laugh at all.

When Qian Tomb's laughter sounded, there was a chirping sound in the air. It was with its inhalation, all the remaining cocoon silk was swallowed into the abdomen by it, and the chill in its body became more intense.

Up to this time, it seemed to be a little unconscious, and it was not clear what was happening in front of her. It was just that when his eyes and Ding Ning looked at each other, it was a shock to the body, apparently still retaining the memory of Xuanshuang insect, and was very afraid of Ding Ning. Subconsciously, he came to Changsun Qianxue's side.

It was only close to Chang Sun Qiangxue's body because of his natural fear of the nine dead silkworms in Ding Ning's body. However, at the moment of approaching, he felt a kind of intimate and satisfying breath.

It immediately got closer.

The baby dragon is still confused and uneasy, but the two living snakes in the sky are completely mad.

This is a nature in nature.

They were so stunned by the breath of this young dragon that even Jiaodong Jun lost control of their medicine and unique howling. They wanted to escape the first time, but they could not get out of this magic circle. Begging and conquering heart.

The monsters that followed them hidden in the wind and rain did not have the unique perception of these dragons when they met the king. They still wanted to hunt down. In the next moment, they were reversed by these two snakes. Torn to pieces.

The king is the king.

Qing Yao Yin frowned and looked at this picture. He was not dissatisfied, but even he was a little shocked.

This young dragon is indeed very weak, but it combines the power of Changsun Qianxue's Nine Nether King Sword, but it has a powerful aura that cannot be matched by the ghost dragon he cultivated in the cold mountains of Minshan.

Can it completely deter and control these dragons?

Could it be that the Dragon and the Nine Nether Hades sword are considered the orthodox of the Great You Dynasty, and are they complete?

"You can try to think about it."

Qing Yao Yin took a deep breath and said to Chang Sun Qianxue: "Something like it may not completely understand our words, but they have their own unique ways of judging, which can learn from our tiny movements and emotions. Change and judge what we need them to do. The longer they accompany each other, the less they will understand mistakes. And your Nine Nether Hades Sword naturally makes it awe and close, just like its commanding sword, so In fact, I don’t really need any unique elixir or means to help you tame it."

Changsun Qianxue nodded, looked at this young dragon who wanted to stick to her but didn't dare, and looked at the two snakes in the sky, and said, "Since these two snakes are so afraid of you, you I took these two snakes."

The young dragon looked at Chang Sun Qianxue for a few moments, looked at her face and eyes, and finally seemed to understand.

In the following moment, to everyone's surprise, it disappeared directly from Chang Sun Qianxue's side, and then came to the top of one of the two Teng Snakes at a speed as fast as the Dantai sword watching The sword light left a faint band of light in the sky!

As soon as it landed on the head of the snake, the body of the snake and another snake that was maddening not far away beside it softened at the same time, and fell down with a soft wind and drizzle.

In the next moment, this young dragon suddenly returned to Changsun Qianxue's side, his head like an invitation, and all the ruby-like eyes were full of excitement.

Qian Hui narrowed his smile, and his eyes began to slowly fill with a dignified look.

Although this young dragon was so ugly that he couldn't help but laugh, it was shocking enough with the means to deter Jiaolong and the speed just now.

"Give it a name?"

Thinking that he had a name, he couldn't help suggesting it.

Dantai Guanjian looked at this young dragon and couldn't help but worry that it was so small and so black, would it be directly called Xiaohei.

"The God-given thing comes from a friend, just call it a friend." Ding Ning said.

Everyone has no objections.

This baby dragon was originally what he brought out in the Minshan Sword Society, and belongs to him.And everyone understands why he chose such a name.

This comes from friendship.

Baili Suxue spent all her energy and needed a ghost dragon, because he was Wang Jingmeng's friend, he killed Zheng Xiu to avenge Wang Jingmeng.


Qian Tomb suddenly raised his head and said this.

In the sky outside the thousand mountain formation, I remembered the sound of huge wind and rain and the hissing sound of the snake.

"So what is this gift, is it a hatred?"

The elder Sun Qianxue said slightly.

Hearing her words, Dantai Guanjian couldn't help but shook his head, thinking that if the people in Jiaodong County knew that the snake that had spent hundreds of years of hard work falling into this formation, they would be deterred instead Become an enemy, I don't know how I feel.