The Sword Dynasty

658 Red robe and white robe

Fusu saw the blue jade-colored robe of Minshan Jianzong who was on Qing Yaoyin's body, and he also saw that he didn't trim the border, and even had a messy hair like a beggar.He knew that among the practitioners of Jianzong in Minshan, only the god and demon breeder in the rumor would be so neat.

Although the man spent all his energy on studying different beasts, he was actually proficient in pharmacology. He and Tu Tuanjian are good at using drugs and one is good at using drugs.

Fusu knew that the injuries in his body had improved, and it was only natural that the person had taken the medicine.

This kind of medicine is very soft and comfortable, but looking at Qing Yaoyin, Fu Su felt even more painful. He said in all pains: "Senior, do some private grievances require the entire Minshan Jianzong Is it dragged in with the entire dynasty?"

"This is not a matter of personal grievances, it makes sense."

Qing Yao Yin peacefully looked at the painful Great Prince Qin and said: "Wang Jingmeng relies on the entire Bashan sword field. If he wants to steal the country and seize the throne of Yuan Wu, it is also very easy. This is for the faith, brotherhood. And world ethics. However, Zheng Xiu betrayed him, Yuan Wu killed him, and destroyed Bashan Jianchang. This chaotic spouse, the meaning of friends. If father and son, husband and wife, brothers, relatives and friends disregard the truth. Then what kind of world is this? Revenge for the brothers, this is not something that dragged the entire Minshan Jianzong and the entire dynasty, but people live in the world and always have to be reasonable."

Fusu couldn't refute. The more things he knew, the closer he was to the truth, the more painful he was.

Because he could not understand how his father and emperor could do such a thing?

"No one likes fighting."

Qing Yaoyin looked at him and said, "Especially no one likes to fight at the risk of being killed, so you must first understand why people fight like this."

Fusu breathed hard, he saw a monk of Donghu who was sitting like a dead tree, he saw a thousand tombs younger than himself, he saw Dantai Guanjian and Ding Ning, Chang Sun Qianxue .

These people are naturally leaders in the world, but after this series of battles, everyone's situation is extremely poor, it can be said that it looks very miserable.He was even more speechless thinking about the reason why these bright and bright people could avoid this world by virtue of cultivation.

Then he didn't see the baby dragon that had been curled up in Changsun Qianxue's long sleeves, but he saw dozens of snakes in the dust mountain on the side of the side, and looked at the dozens of dragons that originally belonged to Jiaodong County. However, he seemed to submit to these people on his side, and his heart suddenly felt great shock.


Night Owl is not dead.

He is still in a state of persistence.

At this time, there are traces of practitioners everywhere outside these thousand dust mountains. Any practitioner can easily kill him, just as trivial as crushing an ant.

However, it doesn’t make sense to kill him at this time, not to mention that as the initiator of this killing game that may change the pattern of the whole world, plus his identity and the price paid for it, many practitioners will not Let him die cheaply.

Right next to him stood a practitioner in Jiaodong County wearing a yellow robe.

This Jiaodong County practitioner is a very old woman with wrinkles on her face to absorb a bowl of rain. She holds a boney whistle in her hand.

On the sides behind her stood several practitioners wearing the same yellow robe.

Looking at the last few traces of the Teng Snake thrown into Thousand Dust Mountains, her eyes were filled with emotion.

"Are you satisfied?"

She asked the night owl softly.

Ye Xiao could not speak, but there was a look of satisfaction and gratitude in his pupils.

He devoted his life and everything left in his family, and Jiaodong County also devoted many generations of effort.

With so many dragons in battle, even if the people inside are not dead, they should not have much energy left.

The rest of the matter is naturally just the last harvest.

In his somewhat slack eyes, a rich red color began to appear.

A monk wearing a big red robe appeared here before him and the old lady in Jiaodong County.

This is an old man with white hair.

He had a strange look of violence and unbelief on his face.

When the old man appeared in front of him, Ye Xiao's eyes were filled with more satisfaction.

Few people in the world of practitioners like to wear a big red robe.

One is that this color is too warm and flamboyant, and the red itself is very tacky, and too conspicuous. In some battlefields, it is easy to attract the attention of the enemy and become the target of being killed first.

Even in Changling, some magnificent official robes are still dark red or dark red, as well as fuchsia.

However, when Wang Jingmeng entered Changling Tomb that year, the same practitioners who appeared before Wang Jingmeng in the eyes of everyone present at the time were the same Dahongpao.

A violent fire poured out from such a big red robe, which enveloped Wang Jingmeng, and swallowed and burned all the blood of Wang Jingmeng like life, burning the dead Wang Jingmeng without dust. Next, do everything.

Dahongpao is a man of fire.

Sovereign of Lihuozong.

According to legend, when the body of Wang Jingmeng was finally burnt out, Lihuozong was also completely destroyed by some strong men in Bashan Jianchang, but there were too many things to care about in those years. There was news that the fire was only injured but not died. There was also news that he had been killed, but he couldn't prove it.

Now this old man is a flamboyant man.

He is still alive, and naturally did not die in that year.

At that time, he was arranged to make the final shot, burning everything, naturally out of the fear of Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu.

Neither Yuan Wu nor Zheng Xiu knew the secrets of the nine dead silkworms, and had heard some stories about the nine dead silkworms, but even Wang Jingmeng didn’t know if he had cultivated the nine dead silkworms, so in order to be safe, he simply needed a practitioner like him. , Can make Wang Jingmeng not even a trace of blood.

However, something went wrong.

The Fire Master couldn't understand what went wrong. This unknown fear made him a bit violent and uneasy, but one thing is for sure, he must not let the people in this dust mountain grow up again.

For Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu, even if they are not 100% sure, at least they need to make things more secure.

Therefore, it’s no longer enough to be alone.

When Dahongpao appeared, a spiritual practitioner slowly appeared on the hill.

This practitioner is wearing a plain white robe, but because of his body exudes a kind of dead energy that only practitioners who practice Yin Shen ghosts possess, plus he holds a white bamboo stick, so It looks like he is wearing a mourning suit.